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Obamacare Healthcare Exchange seizing bank accounts to pay premiums, fines

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Obamacare Healthcare Exchange seizing bank accounts to pay premiums, fines

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Recent trending of this story is breaking the airways right now with great magnitude. Vast masses of people are becoming aware and many are showing outrage as once again a runaway government is attacking it’s people and this time where it hurts the most, their purse or in this case banking accounts.

Reportedly the Obamacare Healthcare Exchange is erroneously  debiting bank accounts in Washington State and across the nation, levying fines, suspending drivers licenses and placing liens on homes till their Obamacare debt is paid.

Initial reports are confirming that many are having their monthly premiums debited from their checking accounts not once but multiple times a month and having fines deducted from their accounts  placing financial hardships on many Americans. 

Take for instance the Bruner family on the news video below from Washington…

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Common Core: P20 SLDS, a tracking system for your child

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Common Core-P20 SLDS, a tracking system for your child

SLDS means: Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems.

SLDS is a citizen tracking program, and a grant program, that rewards states financially for participating.  It’s also called P-20, which stands for preschool through age 20 (workforce) tracking.  I see citizen tracking as creepy and Orwellian.  What do you see?

The federal website shows, here– 


— that SLDS was presented as a financial prize to states, a grant, under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  It sounded good, but in reality, its purpose –besides the uneven redistribution of taxpayers’ money– is to track citizens (students).

The assumption was that everyone everywhere would approve of citizen tracking and would want to be tracked.  A secondary assumption is that the government’s holding detailed, intimate information about its citizens would never be used against anybody wrongly, and that none of this has nothing to do with…

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Civilian renters now welcome to live in Fort Hood housing

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Civilian renters now welcome to live in Fort Hood housing

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By: Staff report, August 4, 2016 (Photo Credit: Fort Hood Family Housing)

Fort Hood Family Housing is now open to all renters, military or otherwise.
The privately-run housing community on the Texas installation this week announced it has opened up its doors to interested and qualified civilians, in addition to military members.
It follows several other military housing communities that have been opened to non-military renters.
“Our first priority is, and always will be, taking care of service members and their families here at Fort Hood, but we are equally excited to welcome all renters into our community and invite them to make their home with us,” said Mack Quinney, project director for Fort Hood Family Housing, in a statement.
Applicants can apply for homes with two, three or four bedrooms in a community with 24-hour emergency maintenance, walking and biking trails, basic utilities, trash and recycling pick-up, and community center amenities including a splash pad and fitness center, according to a press release from Fort Hood Family Housing.
Select homes start at $995 a month with utilities included up to an established baseline. Twelve-month leases are available. A background check is required for all non-military applicants.

Civilian renters can now apply to live on Fort Hood, Texas.
Photo Credit: Fort Hood Family Housing
Fort Hood Family Housing manages more than 5,500 homes on Fort Hood; about 89 percent of them, or 4,875, are currently occupied, said Staci Murphy, a spokeswoman for Fort Hood Family Housing.
There are 49 non-active-duty residents living on Fort Hood, most of whom are retirees or Defense Department civilians, she said, adding that the community was opened to retirees and DoD civilians last October.
So far, there is just one civilian with no military affiliation living on post, Murphy said.
And while civilians with no affiliation with the military can apply to live on post, they will not have access to facilities reserved for those with military IDs, such as the commissary, post exchange or post gyms, Murphy said.
Residents will have access to amenities offered by Fort Hood Family Housing, as well as on-post schools that fall under the Killeen Independent School District, she said.
For more information, visit the Fort Hood Family Housing website or call (254) 220-4799.
BCNN note:
Civilian renters on a military base may put our soldiers in grave danger. Contact your local and state representatives to stop this practice as it does not bode well for those protecting our country.

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