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UNITED NATIONS IB Program at Walker Valley High

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This is one of many Letters to the Editor that were never published in Bradley County.

Tuesday, April 19th at the 530 pm Bradley County School Board
meeting a concerned, informed citizen with three children in the County
school system. I was denied my rights to address the board about a vote they
were about to cast that may affect my children and many children in the
community. The International Bacculaureate Program is about to be initiated
in our schools with little to no debate with the public, whom will be relied
upon to foot the bill. This program is set to be implemented in one of our
local schools initially, Walker Valley High School! No discussion as to the
facts of this program or where it originated nor the negative impact it may
have upon the minds and psyche of our children. This is another attempt to
indoctrinate my children and yours with moral, spiritual and social values
that I may,for the benefit of my children,not see it as a good fit and
could potentially unravel their existing spiritual structure, further
influencing their thought processes in an already influential social
environment of High School.
If I had been given the opportunity to voice my concerns in a public meeting
I would have told them this before a vote was cast. 1) Costs- In a school in
Wooster Ohio, (graduating an average of 5.5 students per annum) is costing
them annually around 1 million dollars for their IBP (International
Bacculaureate Program) just to maintain the program. IB training costs are a
tremendous burden on any school budget, 1) certification of teachers costs
about $ 1500.00 dollars per teacher to be trained 2) Application fees in the
neighborhood of $ 43,000 dollars, up $ 6,000 dollars from a year ago.3)
Teacher training varies from $20,000.00 to $ 60,000 annually.4) Salaries and
benefits for the “extra instructors”, 5) Reimbursements for IB evaluation
visits at $3,500 per visit, 6) Stipends for the CAS and EE Directors at $ 5
to 7,000.00 dollars, 7) Books and materials for the required courses, 8) IB
coordinators are reccomended at 25 per district.9) Postage to ship material
and recieve materials from all over the world at $ 5 to $ 7,000.00 annually,
10) Salaries for substitute teachers for missing teachers in training, 11)
Test fees per test taken, the national rate and it increases frequently at
96.00 per test as of September 2010, 12) IBDP student registration fees at
$141.00 dollars, 13) Annual authorization through world school, fees of
$10,000 dollars, 14) IB online courses through Pajoma.15) Rumored a 10 year
contract, although specifics of a contract are not widely known. The list
can go on and on!
In review of current data on the IB website and other sources I have seen
the percentage of schools that are publicly funded that have accepted the IB
program is around 93 percent. This is quite a difference in the data given
out at the board meeting by Dan Glasscock. This reflects a lot of tax dollars and the
funneling of alot of money out of our community and into a “Global
Community”. Many of the trends I have seen when IB is implemented in
schools, many students simply move away or are divided by an
over reaching school board attempting to manipulate the environments of our
children. Student buy in after implementation has been low based on the
demands on top of their current curriculum and the reality that their school
workload has just been increased tremendously, thus the 5.5 students
graduating from an IB program at substantial cost.
This program has a tendency, at least in my opinion and my review of the
system to take over a schools current curriculm and further burden it with
the heavy responsibility of accepting this program, because of demands and
time placed on teachers to fulfill the stringent, required oversight that
they are bound to contractually. Despite the stringent courses nationally
the graduation rate is around 60 percent. This is not a reflection of a good
program, this tells me the kids are becoming disinterested and are probably
dropping out or failing at a high rate. As one spokesperson of IB has said
about their program mission statement ” It must be made very clear that the
program does have a major role to play in the school and that intrinsic
values espoused by the IB program are relevant to the whole school”.
“Candidate schools must recognize from the start that this goes way beyond
holding the traditional “annual United Nations celebrations”.
Among the concerns besides cost and curriculum “take over issues”, you also
have the realization that this is a United Nations Program with subsequent
funding and oversight provided by UNESCO. I know this is tough to
swallow and the UNITED NATIONS has no business in our schools. The United
Nations is an international agency that advocates for social justice (what
is yours is theirs), does not follow or recognize or feel that they are in
anyway bound by the Constitution of our country, they practice
collectiveism, pluralism and believe the way of Karl Marx and Socialist
around the world. They also believe in collective human rights and do not
believe in presonal rights or inalienable rights as given us in our
Constitution. As a way of business, IB representatives participate regularly
in UNESCO meetings and allows UNESCO to be the “foot soldiers” for this
takeover of our school system. IB schools are positioning themselves to be
“social engineers” and our own Bradley County School Board is allowing our
children to be “experimental rats” in a Socialist, Facist, Marxist program
with the use of International, Federal, State and Local tax dollars to
indoctrinate our children with “Global views” with Socialist fibers running
all through this program.
To quote Peter Vardy speaking on “Values Education” at the IBO International
Conference in Hanoi, “The IBO needs to stand for a broader approach, in
particular it needs to engage with 1) religious beliefs, 2) ethics and
values, 3) issues of truth, helping people to become fully human” He went on
to say “we need to be helping our young people to be compassionate , caring,
ethical individulals. “This means we will be helping them to make a
distinction between what is right or wrong, just or unjust, true or false,
good or evil.” Dr Ian Hill wrote in a 1996 report to UNESCO of the
international Commission on Education said, “understanding and tolerance of
cultural differences and pluralism is obligating us to an environment of
protection and sustainable development. Dont know about you but I think
instilling values in my children is my job!
We are in trouble Bradley County! Our values, morals and spiritual beliefs
as we know them are in jeopardy! We have invited the “devil” into our
community and we are now going to pay the price for that joint venture. If
you have spiritual concerns, you better, if you feel our children will be
indoctrinated, they will, and with no american values instilled in their
education, free of personal liberty and inalienable rights. We are at a
crossroads! I ask where is the outcry? Where are the Patriots of years gone
by who have witnessed communism first hand and if we were in a different
time and place would be marching on the school board grounds denouncing this
Socialist United Nations invasion on our children and in our school system.
I am dumfounded at the lack of rage, perhaps I am overestimating the
American Spirit, but I love my country and I can no longer just sit back and
watch as she is brought to her knees by a leftist regime that is well intent
on destroying this country from the inside out. People of Bradley County,
this is no longer something you are reading in the papers happening in
another country or nation, this is happening in your back yard with your
children as the target. Will you make a choice to defend your sovereignty or
do we continue being sheep as if to slaughter.
My rights to speak out last night were taken away but your right remains intact.
Lets contact our schoolboard and ask them to not pursue a contract with this
socialist society. We can make a difference, but if you do not speak up, they
will win the battleand our children suffer. Ask the board why they would not
allow a concerned citizen to debate this issue that will take millions out of his
pocket and threaten his way of life. Ask them why they are allowing the United Nations
to come into our schools with this agenda. Stand up Bradley County! Lets be
true patriotic Americans and fight this plan for our schools. Ask them to
withdrawl support for this IB program and its many negative aspects that are
supported with over 60 percent of our Counties budget. Citizen input should
never be squelched by a few who think they know best, lets remind them that
they work for us and as elected officials they should listen to us or be
replaced at the next election.

My account of this is documented in the YOU TUBE video titled Agenda, Donny Harwood
it will pull right up!

TACIR, Do Fear!

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TACIR! Do Fear!
Cleveland City Mayor Tom Rowland re-appointed to the tyrannical TACIR. Mayor Rowland served previously as Vice Chairman and was appointed by Governor Don Sundquist. Today, Governor Bill Haslam appointed Mr Rowland for a second 4 year term. Governor Haslam praised Mr. Rowland and said “I believe your participation is certain to leave a positive impact on this board and the work it does. TACIR appointments rotate between the Governor, Lt Governor and speaker of the House of Representatives, if that is true then the Mayor got lucky and was appointed two times in a row by the Governor.
From the TACIR website it defines its mission. “The Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations was created to monitor federal, state and local governments recommendations for improvements to the Legislature.” It adds, The commission serves as a bipartisan forum for the discussion of intergovernmental issues and may initiate studies resulting in legislative proposals and CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS. Did anyone catch that? Amendments to the Constitution, just in case the constitution limits anything they may want to do to you! The commission responds to requests for technical assistance from the general assembly, state agencies and local governments.
Rowland went on to say that TACIR has been involved in Cleveland and Bradley County with many projects to include annexation, URBAN GROWTH AREAS, regional jail concepts and regional water supply, among others.The commissions next project is the ongoing debate over water access to Georgia from Tennessee waterways.
State Representative Kevin Brooks, 24th district says he is well aware of TACIRS role in bridging communications between local, state and federal governments, he applauded Rowlands appointment. It is becoming all to familiar to see Mr Brooks name every where there is a smart growth, sustainable community or Agenda 21 issue. His actions should be monitored carefully. After all recently he guided a missle into our community called the “Brownfield” redevelopment project via the HB 1554, that is going to run people out of the downtown area in droves, grab all the downtown land by eminent domain, buy the land from poor downtowners at market price and sell to his buddies to develop relatively dirt cheap, then see a huge increase in your taxes and everyone makes a huge profit off your dime, your tax dollars, then we are stuck with loans, bonds and cost of infrastructure in the 100s of millions if not billions, thanks, but no thanks Mr Brooks and Mr. Rowland. It is time you get called out by your constituency for what you are turning our town into.
Mr Brooks went onto to say that TACIR is one of the most prestigious BRANCHES of state and local governments and to be Vice-Chair speaks highly of Mr Rowland as he is elected by his fellow commissioners (I think he meant to say Councilmen or perhaps the Governor who does the appointing.) Elelcted? No, he is appointed there is no election and if there were an election, Im sure your constituency would have a say so in their election process. And by the way, I have never known TACIR to be a Branch of Government, Mr Brooks this to the best of my knowledge is not a “branch of government” merely a commission formed by a few elected officials that consults the branches of government. Rowlands election, er, appointment to the Vice Chair position is not only an honor for Mr Rowland but for the Cleveland Community as well, says Mr Brooks. Hey I have a novel idea and concept, lets have a mayor that wont raise our taxes and balance a budget with perhaps a surplus. Now that would really be an honorable step in the right direction.The Banner also describes the “other position” Mr Rowland holds and that is as a member of the Homeland Security Council under Haslam, another far reaching organization, I will discuss in another blog.
TACIR has gone on record as supporting the BCC 2035 Joint Strategic Growth Plan. At first glance we thought that TACIR may have a hand in the delivery of the Expensive and expansive Growth Plan but now I am seeing it as perhaps a catalyst and initiator. Mr Rowland should not have the power of a King and call all the shots from a Vice Chair position at TACIR, at the very least this growth plan should have been discussed with the taxpayer and allowed their input and perhaps the facts to be discussed and maybe the vote to approve been left up to the people of Bradley County as they will be bearing the burden of the cost of this multi-billion dollar project. The mayor has said the TACIR report reinforces the work we did on the BCC Strategic Plan, he is referring to an 82 page report giving recommendations on how to resolve many issues in Bradley County, among them water problems and implementation of the Agenda 21 inspired Growth plan.
Recently , according to the website the General Assembly “may wish to appoint a land policy study committee to address the states interest (catch that, the states interest) in land use issues. Let me remind you Mr Rowland you are supposed to be the gatekeeper and keeper away of the bad stuff that may hit Cleveland, your “interest” or the states should not be about what you are going to do with our land. He goes on to say “The BCC 2035 Plan recommends an oversight committee to pursue implementation of this LAND USE policy. TACIR also states that one significant land use issue is that comprehensive planning is optional for local governments in Tennessee. Does this sound optional to you? The Mayor just ranted that it was essential, Corey Divel our County Planner has given presentation after presentation on land use, we have international laws dictating our land use, we have had recent rezoning requests and its going to be optional, don’t think so! Lets just say that it is optional, and they do actually decide to give the taxpayer an option, then lets put it up for a vote, majority prevails.
We keep hearing that “sprawl” is ruining our county, sprawl is eating up our farmland and taking our valuable resources, I hate to inform anyone but these are lifestyle choices of FREE AMERICANS making decisions, purchasing what they want with what they have where they want and when they want. Now, the government is concerned about that land you are inhabiting. Why are you so worried what I am doing with my land. Why should the government have a say so over where I buy land and build a house. Stay out of my personal life, you have no constitutional right to be there.
The TACIR Organization just had a conversation with the State Attorney General about land use and had a pretty open discussions about your land, frankly, a really frightening conversation and TACIR saw fit to have it on their website for all to see just in case you decide you want to tell the Government NO to taking your land, the conversation was a series of questions that he gave his opinion on and it went something like this.I pulled this from the TACIR website:

<a href="http://www.tn.gov/tacir/Growth/AGopinion.html#10_012&quot; title="TACIR website"

*Attorney General Opinion No. 98-239: Constitutionality of Certain
Provisions *

1) Is it constitutional to place the burden of proof on the party
challenging the growth plan?*

a) According to the Attorney General, it is constitutional to place the
burden of proof on the party challenging the plan because these are "matters
regarding the creation and expansion of municipal corporations and are,
within the broad constitutional authority vested in the General Assembly in
these matters."

2) Is it constitutional to place the burden of proof on the party
challenging an annexation?

b) In the opinion, it was concluded that it is constitutional to place the
burden of proof on the party challenging an annexation since federal and
state courts have held no equal protection or due process argument can be
made if the annexation statute is properly followed, unless there is some
proof of invidious discrimination.

3) Does a growth plan, by designating different areas as urban growth,
planned growth or rural areas, constitute an illegal "taking" of landowners'

c) Inclusion in the urban growth area, planned growth area or rural area of
a growth plan does not constitute an illegal taking of a landowners'
property under the federal or state constitution according to the opinion.

4) Is withholding funds or grants under this statute unconstitutional?

d) The Attorney General noted in the opinion that it was not aware of any
federal or state constitutional provisions that prohibited the withholding
of grants and loans under Public Chapter 1101.

Question #3 posed to our State Attorney General by TACIR I am assuming, is what scares me most about the statement, according to the AG the "taking of your land" does not constitute an illegal taking of landowners property, WOW! The AG says it is ok via the BCC Strategic Growth Plan to take your property! If you had any doubt about the intentions of the growth plan taking your property, now you have the answer.This is such a travesty and warrants people standing at the courthouse steps demanding a more appropriate answer and accountability by our City Mayor to explain this issue. This scares the bejeebies out of me and should scare you, especially if you are a homeowner.! It worries me on so many levels and it worries me that our community has so many people so closely aligned with such a powerful, tyrannical one minded, socialist think tank, highly regulating and land hungry giant known as TACIR, you scared? DO FEAR!

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