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The Southside Development “Gang” On the Move

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HB 1554-The new bill that the Honorable Kevin Brooks, our 24th District Tennessee State Representative, has so gladly and with much fanfare brought to us on a gold covered chariot is ramping up. (Now it really didnt come in on a golden covered chariot) but it is beginning to show its ugly head here in Bradley County. This bill that we were amended to from the Metropolis of Chattanooga as a part of their Agenda 21 “Climate Change Growth” is being touted as Brownfield Redevelopment for our downtown area and is very much a part of the bigger picture of Agenda 21 for our town. The more I am finding out about this bill and Bradley County being amended to the bill by Mr Brooks, the scarier it becomes.

Briefly, I will attempt to tell you a little bit about this bill as I understand it. Southside Development has begun and are on the move! The elusive SouthSide “gang” moves to spend loads of your money and evades exposure! Who are those guys anyway? The bill is to provide the funding and direction to “clean up” the downtown area from “brownfields” or from dirty development over the years, waste, oil spills, asbestos etc. The downtown area and the 90 plus acres (thats alot of your property) in the downtown area that has been targeted for clean up is being funded in a sneaky way of using your tax dollars that Mr Brooks has touted as a “free bill”, “no cost to you” bill, the TIF (Tax Increment Financing)! The one thing that did not get mentioned was that through a series of new sales taxes, use of old sales taxes, future property taxes, manipulation of existing property taxes using the TIF, multiple long term bonds, interest from those bonds, property tax value increases this project will be funded for “FREE”, yeah right!

The property around the downtown area will recieve an initial property tax assessment (the EAV), a bid to clean up the properties, the property cleaned and resurfaced then the downtown property will be re-valued at a signifcant increase, then difference will help pay for this monstrosity of a bill, a bid to a “favorite construction bidder” from I would suspect a list of construction donors that have given generously to the respective campaigns of the sponsor of this bill and its amending State Representative ( the bids have not gone out, is only speculation but will be interesting to see who gets these contracts for redevelopment), EMINENT DOMAIN, yes Eminent Domain will be used to gobble up the properties in and around this 90 plus acres, a fair market value offered and off you go. If you can stand to hang around in the downtown area and are wealthy enough to pay the new increased Property Tax, and can afford the new property value you can buy one of the properties from one of the opportune realtors who bought the property from their friends at a deep discount. Then the infrastructure, the high rises, the schools, the water, the sewer, the bridges, parking garages, the high speed rail, the offices, the Mayors new community center with his name splashed all over it, and to think this will all be free! Wow, dont be fooled, you will be paying for this, folks!

Then the property value in and around the area will go through the roof! And just think, a few short years prior the value of the land that was taken from those citizens was worth near nothing and were paid a pittance will watch as their once humble homestead will sell to developers and be resold at huge profits! What a loss for those poor souls. BRADLEY COUNTY this is a racket and is going to destroy the quiet and quaint town we used to know. I can hear the naysayers now, its the Jobs! Its for the kids! Its for our future! The FREE MARKET is being disrupted guys, the huge corporations are getting the pass here, not your local businesses. As the businesses move into town and you will not see this posted on any Chamber of Commerce website, but when the free market is rendered vulnerable and useless, we will suffer great loss and see even more jobs lost. The Recovery Act that is being hailed as the “hope and change” that saves America is not working. Billions upon billions have been pumped into our local economy over the last two years and what have we gotten? Not the 8% unemployment, but near 10 %. In April we were at 9%. What is happening is this plan and the billions we are recieving of “your tax dollars” in Bradley County is setting us up for complete collapse.

We are bragging that we have a balanced budget in Bradley County and we are doing nothing more that borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. for instance, if I want to balance my home budget and I go borrow X amount from my neighbor, get a loan to pay off my car, recieve food stamps to feed my kids, and then say some of my debt will be income because eventually I will pay it off right? Is that really a balanced budget? You see the point. We are broke in this County and we continue to spend as if we are not. What do you see wrong with this picture, exactly, its in the headlines every day, Greece failing and many other countries economies collapsing. We have got to stop this demise and it is up to you.

OBAMA- “Gettin Down on The Farm”

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President Obama signs his 89th executive order and it is an eye opener and noone seems to know about it or care!
The National Archives defines an Executive order this way; Executives Orders are official documents, numbered consecutively, through which the President of the United States manages the operations of the federal government.
The Presidents Executive order 13575 is designed to begin taking control over all aspects of the lives of “rural dwellers”, roughly 60 million Americans who live in rural America. Why didnt we take notice? We were hit full throttle with a picture of a weiner from one of our Congressmen. Yes, while Mr. Weiner was showing his Weiner, America was getting the big Governement Weiner put to them. While we were trying to find out just who Mr Weiner was showing his thang to, the President hit one out of the park for his Socialist Team called the “wag the dog Socialists.” Although it was not a Dancing With The Stars Finale the President did manage to sneak one by you yet again, while we slept. (Ok, no more Weiner references, I think!).
In Section 1 of EO 13575 it states the following and this is a re-cap of an earlier blog! But since Glenn Beck is now reporting this incident, uh, Executive Order I figured it at least warrants one more look to clarify its connection to Agenda 21. While section 1 essentially draws out a map for Federal Regulators to basically come into your countryside, your farm and possible residence and tell you exactly how to live and what to do with your land to make it more sustainable. Everytime I hear that word I automatically refer to my childhood when my mom would make me take a bath, so that I could wash away a weeks worth of dirt off me. I feel dirty right now as the governement tries to force me and many others in America and Bradley County to do something we really don’t want to, sort of like kissing your sister.
The Government realizes we got a pretty good thing going on out in the “country”. Most “city folks” I know want to be in the rural areas “out in the country” while most people “out in the country” wouldn’t think of leaving. We are pretty self sufficient, for the most part, we can produce our own food, if need be, hitch up a horse or the tractor and provide our own transportation into town and by golly can even dig a well and a septic tank and not even need to pay for water or sewage. My dads property is way out in the country and he would often rely on a gas stove which he filled up once a year or so, burned an oil lamp and managed to have an electricity bill of around $20 dollars. Pretty much not relying on nobody but himself for his food, safety and shelter. A pretty nice arrangement and he didn’t need the Federal governement to tell him how to run his small farm. Now that is what the Federal government calls “unsustainable” and we consider that living off the land, go figure!
This Country thang must be capitalized upon and quick! The Federal governement is on to your lifestyle and boy is it fixin to change. The Government and Mr Obama now realize that “though rural communities face numerous challenges, they also present ENORMOUS ECONOMIC POTENTIAL!!!” Uh oh the jig is up as we used to say out on the farm or was that what I learned when I moved to the City, either way its over! They not only sympathize with your plight of living out in the country although I can gaurantee you there are very few on the farm that would raise their hand and volunteer to leave but the president has noticed the “enormous economic potential.” of being out in the country. Obama is fixin to get down on the farm, down on it so hard he will strangle the life out of it in the name of Social Justice. Oh lord we are in trouble, the Federal Government realizing there is a goldmine of opportunity awaiting discovery in those thar hills, I just channeled my father seriously, sorry! “The federal Government has an important role to play in order to exxxxxxxxpaaaaand acccccessss to the caaaaaaapital neccccccessary for eccccccoooooonnnnoooommmic ggggggrrrrrrowth (the extra letters were purposeful to add emphasis, you either get it or you don’t, alright) promote innovation, improve access to healthcare and education,and expand outdoor recreational activities on public lands. Did you hear that load of crap and hogwash? The President wants to educate you bunch of stupid rednecks (partially his words not mine), get you some healthcare, provide youn’s with a school or two, send some broadband internet capability your way and build you a park on your land, well it was your land until the Prez decides to call it activities on “PUBLIC LAND.” Catch that slip? This gives new meaning to the song, This land is your land, this land is my land, which by the way someone told me the other day that was originally an socialist song. But he said on public land, that his land now, not yours, public means land you pay for with your tax dollars and all the neighbors get to come visit, go home at the end of the day and then armed Forest Rangers get to pull a gate across the road and you go back to your new city home in a brand new highrise equipped with an envogue coffee shop, an overcrowded community pool and an overcrowded laundromat, really! Think it wont or “aint gonna happen?” This is the “big sustainable community plan for a New World order. “ Dang Donny here you go again, conspiracy theorist, mentioning the NWO! Oh you had me till you mentioned that! Now you are off on the dark side and I can no longer read your blogs! Ok fair enough! I know its hard to believe and I can tell you that a great chunk of my younger life I heard George Bush number 1 mention the New World Order more than once and if I remember right signed several treaties along with the Mr cigar toting Bill Clinton as he formed the Presidents Council on Sustainable Development and actually got Agenda 21 to the mainstream and included and invited the United Nations into our country.
Now if this isnt a stroke of genius by probably the saddest example of a President we have had in a long time, but let me show you a few deal makers that are on the Council and you tell me if we are not in for a very entertaining ride:

Read this lineup and weep!
Tim Geitner-Dept of Treasury
Robert Gates- Dept of Defense
Ken Salazr- Dept of the Interior
Gary Locke- dept of Commerce
Hilda Solis- Dept of Labor
Kathleen Sebelius- Dept of Health and Human Services
Shaun Donovan- Dept of Housing and Urban Development
Ray LaHood-Dept of Transportation
Steven Chu- Dept of Energy
Arne Duncan-Dept of Education
Eric Shineski- Dept of Veterans Affair
Janet Napolitano- Dept of Homeland Security
Lisa Jackson- The Environmental Protection Agency
Michael Copps- Federal Communications Commission
Peter Orszag- Office of Management and Budget
John Holdren- Office of Science and Technology
R. Gil Kerlikowski- Office of National Drug Control Policy
Austan Goolsbee- Council of Economic Advisors
Melody Barnes (former VP at Center for American Progress, that’s another story) Domestic Policy Center
Gene Sperling- National Economic Council
Karen Mills- Small Business Administration
Nancy Sutley- Council on Environmental Quality
Valerie Jarrett-White House of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs
Tom Rowland- Vice Chairman TACIR (joking, that was a very bad joke, Sorry!) But he may get involved and Im sure he would if asked nicely!
Tom Vilsack- Secretary of Agriculture and Czar for this Council
Any one else that he may choose to preside on this council!

WHY? Is my first thought!

I could have cut this list short, but I chose to leave it in for sake of making a point. It is safe to say the President has involved nearly every Department in the Federal Government! This tells me something very big is on the horizon! What you may ask? Think I know, but Im going to make you wait a few more paragraphs! Oh Heck, Ill go ahead and tell you………let me be careful how I word this…….hmmmmmm………OK……………AGENDA 21.Squeak, slam! That was the door closing on my blogging venture, but i dare you to read on! Ok, i guess you have changed your mind and your back in the saddle again……..read on! The music should start now, some really scary music, like a ghost haunting, can you hear it in your head……..duh da duh or something like that…….you heard it didn’t you?
Let me run down a few of the characters above and show you an association with Agenda 21! Valerie Jarrett, now look above and see her title. She served on the board of LISC (Local Initiative Support Corporation) which uses the language of Agenda 21 and ICLEI on their web page and details their work to build “Sustainable Communities”, Melody Barnes look up, ok now you are catching on- Former VP at the George Soros funded Center for American Progress, Hilda Solis….look uuuuup, never mind. In 2000 received an award for her work on Environmental Justice, Nancy Sutley- Served on the board of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Water District and one of the biggest supporters of low flow toilets that are now credited with costing more money than expected while causing some nasty problems, you know the commodes that when you walk in front of the laser it flushes automatically, well a short story, I was sitting on one the other day doing my bizzness and just the way I moved around back and forth in front of it, it flushed 37 times, no kidding, cost efficient? Back to the reporting! Oooh, I feel the door getting ready to shut again!

This council says it is going to promote economic prosperity, improve quality of life, streamlining and leveraging Federal Investments in rural areas, increase the impact of Federal dollars, create economic opportunities, increase the effectiveness of Federal engagements with rural stakeholders enhance Federal growth efforts in rural and urban areas, Identify and facilitate rural economic opportunities focusing on energy development, outdoor recreation (since when did outdoor activity need to be regulated, country folk been regulatin for years just fine on our own) etc. Im seeing a “rural stimulus plan” in the works here!This language paints a very broad stroke and there is no telling what they might do or where this may end!

The timing of this Executive Order may just be in time for the meeting called later this month hosting a meeting of Agenda 21 operatives who are also members of ICLEI. On June 28th the ICLEI-Local Governments for sustainable communities and US Green Building Council announced the National Press Club Leadership Speaker Series. The featured speaker will be Sha Zukang Secretary General of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) In this meeting, they plan to discuss the impact and vison of sustainable development in the USA. Get ready for more changes……sleep america…….sleep!

The Agenda 21 agenda has been pushed for years and has met with some resistance recently but for the most part Americans are seemingly non caring and many possess the attitude if its going to happen it will happen. This is now not only being talked about we are for real getting ready to see the US Federal Government alongside the United Nations weave themselves into every fiber of our being and the country will be under Socialist and Communistic regimes before we know it or realize it. I predict that within 5 years we will be either speaking another language, under Sharia law, under Socialist/Communist rule or eating out of garbage cans and selling out silver and gold to survive. Mark my word, I am the first to say and recognize this trend unless we wake up and stop this decline. This has gone way beyond fluff and glitter, AGENDA 21 is now in the action phase and they need to do it as quickly as possible berfore the people wake up and decide they have had enough, awaken from their slumber, cause when the “greatest generation” awakens it might get ugly, plus I don’t like the thoughts of OBAMA riding across my farm on a white horse with chaps, spurs and a cowboy hat, singin “I feel good, nuh ne nuh nuh nuh” claiming to have saved a few million red necks from their own demise……yeeeeee haaaaaaah America, we fixin to get busy! Its over……..close the door!

My thanks to Glenn Beck for inspiring and helping me write this article…..thanks buddy! Wink, wink!

Unemployment Up Eight Percent Since 2001 in Bradley County

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7 Million Jobs Lost in 2 Years
Bradley County Unemployment Rate Nears 10 Percent, nearly 8 percent increase in 9 years!

Latest figures show the National unemployment rate around 9.1 percent for the month of May 2011! Estimates for June at 9.7%. Total Americans out of work, completely given up looking for a job, at around 16%This number is probably the most accurate number of what is really going on in America. More than 7 million jobs have been lost since 2008 in the United States. The endless spending, tax breaks, large incentive packages, luring large companies into our communities while catering to the big corporations, is bad business. The little guy with the small business is getting left behind and has zero chance of survival in this market. New taxes on small business owners like the corporate tax in some states have more than doubled since 2008. The Free Market that has made this country strong and has provided the backbone for this country greater than 200 years is becoming extinct. Allowing a friendly environment for the “little guy” to grow and prosper is now a thing of the past, but much needed. We are favoring the large corporations over the small company and it is putting the squeeze on them and putting many out of business or simply giving up because it is no longer in the best interest of small business to function any longer.
The state of Tennessee ranks in the bottom few for unemployment while the rate hovers around 10 %, 9.7% at last glance. In Bradley County the current unemployment rate is around 10 %, at approximately 6% in the City of Cleveland. In fact from 2001 the unemployment rate was around 2.8 %, leap forward to Jan 2010 and the rate jumps to 10.3 % on the back of tax and spend.

Based on our current census there is about 10,000 people not working in Bradley County Tennessee. The cost of living in Bradley County is 1.06% above the state average, the property tax rate is $ 1.79 per $ 100, sales tax in the city at 7.0 %., and with a recent tax increase in the city of Cleveland, Pending numerous County taxes, a water and wastewater hike of about 6%, a burdensome BCC Strategic Growth Plan calling for costs upward of 2 to 4 billion dollars, a huge southside development project in the hundreds of millions, a wildly irresponsible House Bill 1554 using TIF (Tax increment Financing), multiple year bonds, this most recent tax “oops” comes hand delivered by our 24th District State Representative Kevin Brooks. These numbers will drastically change for the worse in a few short years, this is very clear.

What is happening in Bradley County? Why does Bradley County have the sixth largest number of manufacturing jobs in the state yet we have one of the highest unemployment rates in the state? Its a stifling of the free market, stupid! The squeeze put on the local business man by The Chamber of Commerce in favor of large corporations is not being an ideal catalyst for continued growth. The CofC should be the gaurdian of the small business owner not the destroyer. This is a shame and this rsult of a failed tragedy begs for a change of strategy. The inadequacies and complete oversight of this NGO (Non Governmental Agency) should and will come to light as our economy collapse under a socialist type agenda. We are promoting and “bringing in” one large corporation after another and our net jobs have yet to increase and our unemployment continues to soar. One large Corporation in, many small businesses out, is a real dilemma.

President Obama, Bradley County and Cleveland’s elected officials plan to spend, spend, and spend is not, not not working. Your future and your ability to provide for your family are in jeopardy with the same old gaurd on watch. It is pretty obvious that this town needs an enema and in a bad way! We are constipated with reds who act blue,left who wanna be right, conservatives who act communist while adopting more Socialist ideas than our present president does. We must wake up before our local and national economy is ruined and we will all be looking for jobs in neighboring counties and seeking a way to feed our families!

(The source for most of this information was provided by SEIDA and the City and County websites of Cleveland and Bradley County.)

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