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Unemployment Up Eight Percent Since 2001 in Bradley County

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7 Million Jobs Lost in 2 Years
Bradley County Unemployment Rate Nears 10 Percent, nearly 8 percent increase in 9 years!

Latest figures show the National unemployment rate around 9.1 percent for the month of May 2011! Estimates for June at 9.7%. Total Americans out of work, completely given up looking for a job, at around 16%This number is probably the most accurate number of what is really going on in America. More than 7 million jobs have been lost since 2008 in the United States. The endless spending, tax breaks, large incentive packages, luring large companies into our communities while catering to the big corporations, is bad business. The little guy with the small business is getting left behind and has zero chance of survival in this market. New taxes on small business owners like the corporate tax in some states have more than doubled since 2008. The Free Market that has made this country strong and has provided the backbone for this country greater than 200 years is becoming extinct. Allowing a friendly environment for the “little guy” to grow and prosper is now a thing of the past, but much needed. We are favoring the large corporations over the small company and it is putting the squeeze on them and putting many out of business or simply giving up because it is no longer in the best interest of small business to function any longer.
The state of Tennessee ranks in the bottom few for unemployment while the rate hovers around 10 %, 9.7% at last glance. In Bradley County the current unemployment rate is around 10 %, at approximately 6% in the City of Cleveland. In fact from 2001 the unemployment rate was around 2.8 %, leap forward to Jan 2010 and the rate jumps to 10.3 % on the back of tax and spend.

Based on our current census there is about 10,000 people not working in Bradley County Tennessee. The cost of living in Bradley County is 1.06% above the state average, the property tax rate is $ 1.79 per $ 100, sales tax in the city at 7.0 %., and with a recent tax increase in the city of Cleveland, Pending numerous County taxes, a water and wastewater hike of about 6%, a burdensome BCC Strategic Growth Plan calling for costs upward of 2 to 4 billion dollars, a huge southside development project in the hundreds of millions, a wildly irresponsible House Bill 1554 using TIF (Tax increment Financing), multiple year bonds, this most recent tax “oops” comes hand delivered by our 24th District State Representative Kevin Brooks. These numbers will drastically change for the worse in a few short years, this is very clear.

What is happening in Bradley County? Why does Bradley County have the sixth largest number of manufacturing jobs in the state yet we have one of the highest unemployment rates in the state? Its a stifling of the free market, stupid! The squeeze put on the local business man by The Chamber of Commerce in favor of large corporations is not being an ideal catalyst for continued growth. The CofC should be the gaurdian of the small business owner not the destroyer. This is a shame and this rsult of a failed tragedy begs for a change of strategy. The inadequacies and complete oversight of this NGO (Non Governmental Agency) should and will come to light as our economy collapse under a socialist type agenda. We are promoting and “bringing in” one large corporation after another and our net jobs have yet to increase and our unemployment continues to soar. One large Corporation in, many small businesses out, is a real dilemma.

President Obama, Bradley County and Cleveland’s elected officials plan to spend, spend, and spend is not, not not working. Your future and your ability to provide for your family are in jeopardy with the same old gaurd on watch. It is pretty obvious that this town needs an enema and in a bad way! We are constipated with reds who act blue,left who wanna be right, conservatives who act communist while adopting more Socialist ideas than our present president does. We must wake up before our local and national economy is ruined and we will all be looking for jobs in neighboring counties and seeking a way to feed our families!

(The source for most of this information was provided by SEIDA and the City and County websites of Cleveland and Bradley County.)

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