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Cleveland Planning Commission Claim First Farm

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The “other” headline is a sad one today! As I read of this land grab, my stomach sickened and my chest felt heavy. The Bradley County Planning Commission has made history in a post Sustainable Community. The land grab has begun. The City has annexed Hardwick Farms by the Cleveland Planning Commission who facilitated this annexation. They are a group of appointees, not elected officials so the accountability factor is low. I want it! The government takes it! And they did!

So what if they wanted to sell, make a little change, a profit. The result is the same, the use of the planning commission to esentially do what they want is greatly enhancing the concept of sustainable community development. The “political union” of local government and their appointed committees or boards is dangerous territory to tread. When local govenrnment gets what they want by facilitating private, commercial and governemnt mergers for the benefit of private enterprise is slippery ground and echoes Agenda 21 chapters 7 and 10 on the use of land and its regulations. We must understand that land is finite. We do not have an unlimited resource of land and its qualities. Our farms need to be protected and made sure they are around for a long time in private control not government or commercial control. Turning our rural land into a vibrant urban area is textbook sustainable development via the 1992 Presidents Council on Sustainable Development guidelines.

The beautiful 700 plus acre farm has been in the Hardwick family for perhaps many decades. The sprawling farm was just too much to ignore, to good to let it go to waste. How can all this land belong to one family, it needs to belong to many, social justice is under way.

The following article was so right on and captured the essence of the land grab that I felt it will do justice to show the whole article in this blog!

by DAVID DAVIS, Managing Editor Cleveland Daily Banner

Half of the items on the Cleveland Municipal Planning Commission agenda Tuesday night were removed until a later date, but the panel did unanimously approve annexing about 39 acres of Hardwick Farm for a 144-multifamily unit housing complex.

The site adjoins the eastern boundary of about 19 acres owned by Sam’s Club on Stuart Road on the north side of the street.

Two of the items removed from the agenda included consideration of a plan of service and an ordinance for annexation of about 715 acres of the farm from Stuart Road to Tasso Lane.

Garry Rodgers, principal, Rodgers Group, said the family does not have a desire to be annexed into the city at this time since it is still a working farm and in the greenbelt. Over the long term, he expects the farm will become a vibrant urban area.

Also removed from the agenda was consideration of a plan and ordinance to annex 682 acres along Michigan Avenue Road and Dry Valley Road around the Cleveland Municipal Airport.

The question of annexing the airport was mentioned Monday at the Cleveland City Council meeting. The items were delayed until July 26. By that time, Community Development staff will have researched the issue and be ready to present a report.

About 20 people departed the meeting when a request by Pat Safriet to rezone approximately 1.6 acres on Candies Lane was removed from the agenda at Safriet’s request.

Commissioners approved abandoning excess right of way on Linden Drive between East Inman Street and 2nd Street. Staff reported the excess right of way was created in 2002 by the realignment of Linden Drive. The property was to be deeded to Roger Carroll, and almost double the size of his lot. However, staff has been unable to find documentation the property was abandoned.

Commissioners voted 8-0 in favor of final plat approval for lot 7 on Professional Park of Cleveland PUD, a subdivision of about 5.9 acres.

A sad day in Bradley County! Bradley Countians you better listen up and pay attention because this is only the beginning! It is coming fast and hard and if we the people do not speak up and stop it we will lose our County as we know it for good!

Red Donkey?

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Why am I confused? Let ask the simple question, “which party is leading the agenda for change in Bradley County?” Who is driving the seemingly endless spending in Bradley County? Why is it that everyday there seems to be a new grant, a new spending bill, a new tax, talks of new taxes, a new growth project, you name it if it spends money in Bradley County we jump on it and quick.

Doesnt this sound illogical in light of what is going on economically in our country? If you havent noticed we are in an economic crisis, we are broke, our debt ceiling is topped out at just a little over 14 trillion and our local, State and Federal governments are spending like drunken soldiers on shore leave and our elected leaders still have their hands out begging and beaming with pride as “they bring home the bacon” so to speak, to a weary taxpayer who can barely make ends meet and are not receptive to the endless spending. Our leaders seem perfectly happy financing their liberal agendas on the backs of many Bradley Countians. There seems to be an undercurrent of leftist politics going on in Bradley County in the form of big RED DONKEY! Better know as a RINO-Republican in Name Only or a Dem disguised in an R cloke, an I that doesnt play with either or do they? It is very revealing when you stand back and watch these red characters destroying our economy, boosting our taxes and spending like crazy. Cant you see it? Something is wrong in Bradley County, an imposter has taken over and is bringing the left agenda to town. Take a minute and think about it, you will be able to see the RED DONKEY IN OUR MIDST.

Let me throw a little disclaimer in here, while I have voted R in the past, the right man or woman gets my vote! You can sound good but if you dont share my values, you dont get my vote or support. Period! Shut up or put up!

I am confused! Who are our locally elected officials, who do they really represent? D, R, or I or do they represent a blend of all, where does their allegiance stand? I have long wondered why so called Republicans in this town acted so much like the so called Democrats and vica versa and why they all want to capture the right, the middle and the left. I believe we have a hybrid! What? The hybrid party, the “Red Donkey”, The Depublican, the Remocrat has been revealed in our county.

This may seem a little confusing at first, but once you look at the result you quickly see that it appears that our Republicans are acting like the stereotypical Democrats with their repeated tax and spend policies and efforts. Our politicians are calling themselves Republicans but are acting like anything but! Has our town been high jacked and a plot uncovered? Perhaps we have been duped by a crowd intent on waging a battle on our tax dollars and our way of living. Someone capture and bridle the “RED DONKEY”

Mayor Davis Grows Government in Down Economy

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While you are struggling to pay your bills and put food in your pockets, the Mayor is requesting an across the board raise of 1.6 percent for County employees, growing government in a down economy!
Recently the County Commission voted to not give raises to the County employees and Tuesday in the Banner Mayor Davis ignores that decision and presses on in favor of the raise.

County Commissioner Jeff Yarber proposed raises on those only making $ 45,00 dollars or more instead of the 1.6 percent increase for all employees. Some advocates for the raise have suggested that the raises be based on merit, not just because they work for local government. The Total cost of the raise according to my estimates will cost an extra $ 125,000 dollars.

In a Monday work session of the Finance Committee Connie Wilson said the step plan of Merit pay would cause the fund balance to go under 10 percent, like we havent seen that before. They even suggested that the money from a local sherrifs auction go to fund the 1.6 percent raise and that would make about 108,000 available without raising taxes or move it from some other department . Hey Earth to Connie, if we werent giving a raise you wouldn’t be racking your brain to see how close we can get to broke!

Then you pose the question that will take care of the short term funding, “How do we support it year after year?” Wilson went on to suggest that we could move $91,000. Dollars from the General fund and still keep the fund balance above 10 percent, come on guys! Are we so broke and simple that we are arguing semantics over trying to do everything we can to cut it as close to the 10 percent fund balance as required by law? Really, do we want to live that close to bankrupting out County, really?

J. Adam Lowe stated that “my concern is we seem to be getting further and further away from a revenue neutral spectrum, (what is a revenue neutral spectrum, sounds like something an OB GYN doctor would use) as much as I support this plan (we would love for you to say one time I oppose this plan and here is why, the middle of the road gets unclear sometimes), Ive got a lot of concerns about dipping into the general fund” Mr Lowe is correct, although I don’t care for the term “revenue neutral” as it leads to memories of the left leaners in DC trying to sell you something, but none the less a valid point. If we are this close to being broke WHY IN HADES ARE WE GIVING OUT A RAISE in the first place.

Commissioner Elkins also pointed out that our fund balance has decreased by more than 4 million dollars since 2008.What are we doing in Bradley county? Needless to say we are also dipping just to make payroll as is and now a raise, good lord people! He went on to suggest that Capital projects were used for purchasing equipment that is not long term, such as computers or vehicles.

The ever so Optimistic and effervescent Connie Wilson chimed in to say “There have been dire economic times……in Bradley County……Im proud of the fact we havent had a tax increase. Connie you don’t need a tax increase when the County is creating value in your home and making you pay more, even though the housing market is pretty much non existent. Wilson also defended the decisions made concerning capital projects funding. Woooo hoooooo, Earth to Connie! We are still in tough economic times, we are no better than we were in 2008. Connie we are broke! Period! End of sentence!

Excerpts from the Cleveland Daily Banner

Tennessee Legislature Fakes Right Leans Left

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In Sundays edition June 26th, 2011 of the Banner, State Representative Kevin Brooks shares his “Statehouse Summaries” with the readers of the Banner. In this article it headlines “Legislature tackles tort reform, worker protection and spending. I don’t know about you but which one of those monikers stands out. Yes spending! And off we go with “the other news that didn’t make the headlines!”

Spending! Hmmm that catch phrase often accompanies new taxes or more revenue or free bills or no cost bills to the taxpayer. Which of course, is why I cringe when I see this word. Many in our Legislature seem to be extremely proud of themselves when they come back to their respective communities with a handful of the taxpayers money, a cash cow, a lollipop, as some call it! I prefer to call it government waste on the government teet. Why cant we get legislature and locally elected officials to realize that this money if left alone may help the state of Tennessee and the Nation get their budgets together. I hear continuously that “If we don’t take it someone else will get it” Guess what it is not yours to “just get.” Why cant we just leave it there! Why cant we develop a surplus? When was the last time you ever heard of a governement entity making any money, its always a debt situation.

This Legislature article points blame on Congress as the “big spender” the one causing our hardships, well they can shoulder a great deal of the burden but so can others. I look at it this way, if it wasn’t so darn easy for the local communities to get the multi million dollar grants with the fanfare that goes with it and the legislature didn’t see it as such a big “catch” to reel in say, multiple millions for a downtown clean up and renovation project and at the same time DC would say, hey guys, got a brilliant idea, starting today at all levels ,we need to pull back here for a while and pay down the National debt, so we don’t lose everything then you will see real change. Do you guys realize that just our interest on the federal debt is 100 billion dollars a month, now tell me my plan sounds real good. Something is wrong in Bradley County and the Nation and it appears the people are going to be the ones that create and encourage this change! Let me say one more thing, Spending our money does not make our economy better, it only hurts!
The article went on to say that Congress should be more like Tennessee and encouraged Congress to return to the founding principles of limited government, and fiscal responsibility to reign in spending. Sounds really good and I thank Mr. Brooks for adding the constitutional statement in the article, but in reality the Legislature , at least the ones I am in closest contact with, are not afraid to open up their hands and money bags and take lots of taxpayers money and spend it fast and hard on frivolous projects that only a priveleged few want.

Furthermore, the article touched on and he mentions that “We, (Tennessee) have navigated these rough economic times by maintaining a balanced budget, keep taxes low and reigning in burdensome governemnt regulations. I use the term, the proof is in the pudding when I see hypocrisy or read a flat out mistruth. We need lower taxes and less spending for Bradley County. Currently we are in the middle of one of the most expensive ventures in our history and when it is said and done will be the most highly restrictive, regulated and taxed County in Tennessee history.

Don’t look at the tax rates now or listen to the polished politicians say “we are one of the lowest taxed counties in the state. When I get told that I always expect to hear with a follow up statement “ then that leaves us lots of room to tax because we are the lowest in the state” or “we havent reached the top yet for taxation”. There is something fundamentally wrong with that thought pprocess. What is wrong with leaving it low?

With the often asked for assistance of Mr Brooks, in partnership with the City and County Mayors, both council and the Commission have committed the City to the BCC Strategic Growth Plan and the Brownfields Redevelopment Project with the issues of property rights and eminent domain, rezoning and International regulations enforced from out of the country, these two projects are going to cost the taxpayers B I L L I O N S! I said billions, not millions and I havent even mentioned the County will vote soon on its side of the Growth plan which will be even more billions, possibly upward of 10s of billions when it is all over. Where is the representative government mentioned in this article, where is the outrage over these politicians spending recklessly on these and multiple other projects! Not enough people are hurting yet, but the tide is changing slowly one voter at a time.

We cannot go on forever doing this spend and tax thing or tax and spend thing, lets turn off the flow of taxpayers cash to the states for a little while, lets balance our budgets, apply the money we were going to get back to balance the budget and make some headway into our National debt. Now that would make some people happy for a change. A frugal government! Those words just don’t fit well together, sort of like oil and water.
Time for all our local elected officials to “ball up” and make us proud instead of spending all our money like it is “free money!”

Lets tell Mr. Brooks and the others while they think it is admirable to “bring home the bacon” to your constituents, its not! The only people you are making proud are the many politicians stroking you egos while faking right and leaning left.

Contact Bradley County Politicians

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Contact your local officials using the numbers below to engage them on any issue in Bradley County , Charleston and Cleveland, Tennessee. They are here to serve you. Do not hesitate if they vote a certain way, create an avenue to tell them you are unhappy with the way things are going. Remember when you call them they will either not know the answer, attempt to tell you you are wrong and they are right. Be courteous and speak clearly and let them know how you feel and be on your way. Most of our politicians are unsure sometime of what they are voting on and may not have the answers. The answer you get may not be an informed one, only one they want you to hear to justify their vote. Inform your self on the issues! If you want them to vote NO on a certain issue that may affect you then tell them flatly NO and hang up, no need for discussion when you know you are right.
Don’t be scared. Tyranny has been used in many situations in our history for political gain and if you fear your government then we are dead in the water and we may as well hang up our hats and die. Our forefathers devised a system that we the people are not servants or slaves to our governement and you may exercise your right to file a grievance or speak out against your governrment at any time you choose without fear of repercussions. It is important inside every Republic that we understand that.
Play the game, get involved, they will listen or we will oust them at the next election. Here is how to get hold of them. If they do not have an email demand they get one so they can answer to their constituency using recent technology.

Contact Information- Elected Officials:

County Commission:
County Mayor Gary Davis gdavis@bradleyco.net
Amy Moore amoore@bradleyco.net 423-728-7105
Mayor Asst. Dan Howell 423-728-7165
Mayor Admin Ast Michelle Kamplain 423-728-7146
BC Finance Dept Lynn Burns lburns@bradleyco.net 423-728-7141

1st District Terry Caywood jesusgoodtome@hotmail.com 423-336-1419
Ed Elkins edelkins@charter.net 423-476-5855

2nd District Connie Wilson connie.wilson@charter.com 423-478-1533
Louie alford lalford42@gmail.com 423-339-1989

3rd District Brian Smith no email 423-476-7538 Jeff Morelock jmorelock@insuranceinc.net 423-472-5051
4th District J. Adam Lowe alowe@bradleymatters.com 423-472-6068

5th District Bill Ledford no email 423-472-0937
Jeff Yarber yarb27@yahoo.com 423-790-0137

6th District Mel Griffith no email 423-479-5985
Robert Rominger rrominger@bradleyschools.org 423-479-2610

7th District Mark Hall mark.hall42@charter.net 423-472-1940
Bill Winters wintersz2@yahoo.com 423-479-2485

City Council:
Mayor Tom Rowland council@cityofclevelandtn.com 423-472-4551
Mayor Cell phone 423-593-6544
City Manager Janice Casteel 423-472-4551

All councilmen can be reached at Mayor Rowlands email listed above.

1st District Charlie McKenzie 423-584-9513
2nd District Bill Estes 423-339-2570
2nd number 423-595-0062
3rd District Avery Johnson 423-593-4418
4th District David May 423-593-8236
5th District Bill Robertson 423-593-3687
At large George Poe 423-593-2971
2nd number 423-618-1467
At large Richard Banks 423-595-4239

TSA Molests 95 Year Old Woman at Airport as goes home to die!

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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said they didn’t think their agents “did anthing wrong!”

Go ahead, call the headless horsemen of the Apocalypse now, the world is ending today! Believe it or not we are still living in America, land of the free, home of the brave! Whats frightening, even as I am saying that, I am feeling as if we no longer live in America and the America that my fathers and your fathers father grew up in is no longer. Muslims will walk through the safegaurds with their Burkas and Turbans and cant be touched, cant disturb their religious preferences, but let granny try to get through wearing a diaper, God forbid!

Let me set the stage! The womans daughter, Mrs Jane Weber from Florida, was asked to come get her mother cause grandma was sick and was pretty sure she was facing her last days. Grandma even received two units of blood just a few days before so her daughters trip would be easier for her and hopefully she could garner enough strenghth to make the 3 hour flight to her final destination. She was hinting and was sure her last days were inevitable, riddled with cancer and a valiant request for comfort measures was going to be respected, her battle for life was over or so she thought. Mrs Weber picks up her mom in the Destin-Fort Walton area, her last exit from the humble abode she has resided in most of her life. After a short visit, a good nights sleep and the final arrangements made Mrs Weber brings her mother to the Airport.

Her wheelchair slowly rolling down the hallway, leukemia leaving her as weak as water, an eagle eyed TSA agent spots her looking “suspicious” and a high threat level for a terrorist act, bulge in her pants at 12 oclock.. The Agent begins to frisk the little old lady and as he is groping his way around her frail body, he makes a huge discovery! As he slowly probes her body he feels a bulge between her legs, a supicious package, a gelatinous residue of piss and absorbent! Speaking from experience, mothers and healthcare workers know this, when you piss your diaper it expands and becomes thick and gelatinous on the diaper. Remember, this lady only wants to go home sit on her front porch, visit with her family one last time, perhaps see a few grandchildren she has never seen and die! It is that simple, but Barney Fife is on to something. He pulls the wheelchair with the 105 pound potential terrorist into a secure area, stage two of the interrogation begins. The TSA agent request s that the “explosive flammable object” he discovered between her legs must be removed immediately and examined. Grandmas inability to stand has made her a further threat, the same threat as if she were a walking terrorist refusing to go through the scanner.
Grandma gets wheeled into the “special room” for the complete search! This aint no joke right now! TSA Agent Barney Fife is seeing a promotion in his rear view window, by God, and its gonna happen soon. Tears from grandmas eyes doesn’t deter Barney as he unclothes the frail skinny cancer ridden old woman who has probably lived long enough now to hear first hand stories of the civil war, watched the Titanic sink and live through the depression, segregation and 5 or 6 wars.

Grandma naked except for her bulging depends adult diaper. Folks, right now I am so mad I find it hard to be objective and empathetic. Forget about it! I am not in that role right now! Grandma tearful sitting in her chair, humiliated and embarassed as strange men see and feel her body that prbably only one man has ever seen, she hears the following words from Barney! “Got to remove the depends” You go hero, you thwarted a terrorist grandma from blowing up her pissy diaper! Good job, sleep well tonight.

The Daughter approaches her and asks grandma to lift her bottom. As grandma inches her bottom, security experts observe to make sure she is not going to explode or ignite while rubbing two naked wire together, she lifts so slowly and upwards so her daughterdaughter can grab the “explosive diaper device” and eases it from her mother, hands it to 3 forensic TSA agents and they wisk it away for analysis in a nearby explosives lab. I hope to God that is smelled of day old piss and these guys were gagging on their discovery.

Strange men have probably never seen her body in this form, run down from perhaps years of delivering babies, working on the farm, breast feeding vibrant children. She sits there, her buttocks damp with urine attaches to the rubber in the chair, Im sure cold to touch and as chill bumps form on the on the little lady who has probably lived her life in dignity and solitude has now been defiled and humiliated to the point of desperation.

The daughter begins to cry as she knows momma sits there with perhaps a low grade fever from the rampant leukemia attacking her white blood cells. The drums of overregulation and government oversight sound loudly. Barney retreats to his managers office as grandma shivers. “what do we do with her? As he reeport to perahps a dozen other TSA Agents, her threat level is now high and off the charts and you know we cant think on our own and make a decision, so we must wait to release her from def con 4.. The daughter covers her with a table cloth she finds in a nearby breakroom and the quaint yet appropriate sundress that she can no longer wear because of her incontinence. The TSA agents are running test on the piss stained diaper as if it were C4.
After 4 hours of exhaustive deliberation and scanning the computer for policies and procedures Barney returns with the verdict. FREE HER, IT DID NOT IGNITE, SHE MAY ENTER THE PLANE! As she prepares for her final journey the flight attendant whispers “Please put a diaper on her so she doesn’t soil the seat for the next person that may fly our airlines”, Thank you very much and have a safe flight, fly with again soon!

First Graders, Fried Food and First Ladies Fat Fanny Flatulating Fat Filled French Fries

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A not so frugal us of the letter F, but somehow it works!

Fancy footwork from our fat Fannied first lady friend as she frightens first graders in (wish it were florida that would be fitting), but I think it was in Phoenix or perhaps France, forget about it, I don’t remember the flippin state, forgive me. The freak of fantasyville has put the food brigade into a fever pitch. Far from the failing far left future Queen Michelle speaks to first graders about her favorite fatty foods. “ I like Mexican, French, Spanish, Thai, Russian, Chinese, Italian and every other Nation in the world but good ole American cuisine. Why didn’t she freely give up the American cuisine, maybe Im facilitating too much animosity in this not so favorable report, but then again anything she says regarding fried fatty foods is frankly a farce to freedom loving Feople (people, but who is reading it anyway?). She has become fanatical and has called in the Calvary to rid the fat kids of their food in first grade by fostering a family atmosphere of parenthood from her anf the Federal government . Ok, Im giving up the not so fruitful and facetious F placement and on to the reporting.

Michelle addressed this group of first graders recently and one of them asked her what her favorite food was and she said “I love french fries, any time, all day, every meal, with mayonnaise, with motor oil and lard, I love french fries or something like that but her answer was completely opposite of the real reason she was at the school in the first palce. I always reserve writers freedom of embelishment and I exercise it frequently (another F word, fabulous and I do remain flavorable in my fasiculaltions) to exaggerate a little to make my point.” A valuable tool I learned from the mainstream media in the area.
Now, recall she was there to relay to them that they should eat good foods and stay away from french fries but ended up telling them you eat all the fatty food you want and you too can become first lady. For some reason the buxom, plump, ok, the fat arse frolicking feline female first lady is not the best representative to be going out in public to speak about the virtues of eating well and avoiding fatty fried foods.

For the same reason I would not ask a bulemic person to gorge themselves, I would not invite Michelle into my school or assume the role of my childs nutritional advisor, get my reasoning here? She may even suggest that I eat more veggies but then again I am not taking on the government assigned role of “food Nazi” to my children.
Tony the Tiger, Nascar drivers, Ronald McDonald, Girl Scout Cookies, fast food restaurants and grocery chains are under attack from the left because the Michelle and the Obama administration says that kids are getting fat because of the free market and restaurants who do not bridle the calories of their meals and snacks will be fined and regulated by the fed. Have you ever heard of something so far fetched and unbelieveable? The governement telling you how to eat, where to eat and how much to consume. Wait, I think I just heard a group of forefathers collectively roll over in their graves.

Childhood obesity exists because the restaurants cook fatty foods. Hey guys this is America and we have freedom of choice! I can choose to eat any way that I want to. I am solely responsible for everything that I allow to happen to me. I am happy with that. I don’t need an overweight first lady telling me what is good for me. I wouldn’t hire a fat fitness trainer or a fat cardiologist to show me how to lose weight…………so in kind I do not need a fat first lady telling me or my kids how to eat, end of sentence. Next paragraph!

The sad thing is the regulation is being enforced by the Federal trade Comission, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Food and Drug Administration and the US Dept of Agriculture, remember the group that is going to take your farms and seize all your seed and food with the White House Rural Council and the Food and Modernization Act (remember, cant keep seeds, grow your own food or sell it at the bottom of the driveway, same people, same goal!) and feed all the fat first graders channeling it all through the Dept of Homeland Security and Janet Napolitano. Im loving this fodder! I picked a great time to blog! I have so many great topics to write about. The blogs come real easy as these clowns try to take over the world with Socialism.

For two years the government has spent billions on this “save the fat kid initiative” and the FDA cannot find or report that any kids are getting skinnier or have lost any significant amount of weight. Ever gone to eat with your kid at lunch, God bless em, those kitchen ladies are so talented and Im sure when they get home they cook up one heck of a meal, but while they are under the Gulag and his cut throat gang of thugs, you eat shoe leather and cardboard. I watch sadly as the the little anemic skinny kids wilt away attempting to maintain their weight on such little substenance, I slip them a rubber buscuit when the monitors are not looking because I feel sorry for them, they “look hungry.” I also sit and watch the hungry fat kids steal shoe leather from the skinny kids tray when they are not looking or trying to pass a piece of rubber past their windpipe just to survive till they get home to honk down a twinkie. Myself, I buy an extra sweet tea, yes I have to bring my own sugar, I strategically place the cardboard on the back of my tounge, wiggle my head from side to side and with the expert timing of a crane scooping tiny fish from the lake, I gulp rapidly, let out a moan of displeasure, and the bolus haphazardly enters my stomach. Why do I do this, because my daughter wants me there, you know to do the daddy thing.

My nine year daughter observing me typing just now said, “dad, what are you writing about tonight?” Using the opportunity to enlighten that big sponge between her ears, I reply, President Obama and his plump wife are trying to make sure you don’t get fat and make sure the fat kids get skinny and they will make sure the food tatses bad so you want eat as much bad food and the Government gets to save the world. She replied, “Whatever and throws a “W” across her forehead with her fingers and continues, Yuuuuuck dad, that sounds nasty and started retreating back to her room, stops mid voyage, turns and says, Dad, by the way there are no fat kids at my school” DILEMMA! One, I have either instilled in her that it is not important to look upon those things when determining friends (which is my solemn wish), two, there are really no fat kids in the school, three, she lies real well or four, The Michelle Obama Federal Food Fat to Skinny kids hit squad is working! Another DILEMMA!
Now that should make the headlines tomorrow, “The Feds have slimmed down the fat kids and saved their lives, told you it works,
” God only knows the rest of my blog wont be in the paper tomorrow. The only news blog that dares to report “ the other side” is the Bradley County News, see ya later! Eat well or the Fed will feed you!

SSD Gang Revealed to Bradley County

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In the June 28th Banner report, front page reports “ Southside Redevelopment seeks public awareness”, again I am reinforced as to why I have formed this Bradley County News blog site. The “other story was left out of the headlines, I like to either call it lazy reporting or purposeful deceptive reporting, either way the details are missing.
The Southside Development Board revealed and from this day forward I will defer to them as the SSD Gang! The Southside Development Gang, and you will quickly see why the name fits.
Tom Wheeler-Cleveland Utilities General Manager, Chairman of Board
Tom Rowland- City Mayor, Lee U Alumni, TACIR Vice Chair
Doug Berry-Chamber of Commerce VP of Economic Development
Matt Coleman-Attorney at Jimmy Logan-Thompson, PC, Specialty- Commercial law and Dog Bite Claims
Bill Estes- City Council (D3), Lee U faculty, Habitat for Humanity Board, Attorney
Jeff Morelock-County Commisioner
Connie Gatlin- Owner Cleveland City Ballet housed in the Old Woolen Mill building
City Staff members- Unknown presumed to be:
Greg Thomas- Community Development Center Director
Joe V. Williams- Community Development Center, Louisville LandCompany, Fort Hill Cemetary Owner
Gary Farlow- Chamber of Commerce President/CEO
Johnathan Jobe-Stormwater Program Manager, Civil Engineer
Melinda Carroll-Assistant City Manager

I am not sure who the City Staff members will be, although I have a few reporters on this now. It appears that the “regular citizens” have been left off this board and opportunistic entrepeneurs on the board to facilitate the grand scheme of things as if to slow our progressive county from growing big.


This is a very elusive factor that was left out of the article in the banner. The Banners response was “it was early yet and no noone knows what it will cost the taxpayers”, Mr Kevin Brooks our 24th District State Representative and facilatator of this hugely expensive and expansive tax burdened bill doesn’t know and has deferred any questions such as this to the SSD Gang, as he responded via email yesterday. (he didn’t use the term SSD GANG, that one is all mine), Mr Geral McCormick States Representative in Chattanooga does not know what this will cost you, Mrs Joanne Favors, Co-sponsor of the bill does not know what this will cost. The Mayor of the City Tom Rowland does not know, Mayor Gary Davis, County Mayor doesn’t know, nobody but this taxpayer seems to know or at least I have a good idea. Lets see 90 acres x 4 to 5 large buildings needing clean up, bringing all these buildings up to specifications per EPA guidelines, A multi level TOM ROWLAND CIVIC CENTER, yeah baby there goes some cost, plumbing, sewer, water, utilities, parking, sidewalks, office buildings, new industry, tax breaks to them, schools, roads, I could go on and on but I think you are intelligent enough to see that yhis will easily get into the hundreds of millions of dollars and to think we cant even get a set of $1200 dollar speakers for the Bradley County Commission Court room because we are broke! The City and its noble Mayor Rowland and his court have also voted YES on the BCC Loint Strategic Growth Plan that will complement this development on the Southside and run into the billions when it is all said and done. My question is “where are there minds, where will they be when all this taxpayer money runs out or goes dry?

Eminent Domain?

Like it or not, if you don’t fully understand this statement, understand that this bill HB 1554 calls for the use of eminent domain to do what they want downtown, If your house is in the way, it will be moved, if it was your home it will be gone. Period!
New taxes?

Again, this man and his liberal policies should be so far from our county governemnt and never be allowed to advise our council and commissioners or its Mayors again. What he says is poison and is misleading and untruthful. VP of Economic Development at the C of C said if the city takes advantage of tax credits, the use of property along the Woolen Mill Branch of Mouse Creek will require very specific redevelopment goals. He, who has quickly gotten a dose of regulatory law when he squeaks out the legal sounding words, “ Public input is required under redevelopment laws, This is not just to make another industrial site”

New Growth?

At first this was going to be a clean up project of the old Maytag site, at least that was what was being reported, now, it is a “multi use redevelopment utilizing open space and addressing the issues of improved transportation, recreation and housing infrastructure” he also discussed developing the creek along Wildwood Avenue to the Village Green” says Doug Berry. Dr Ron Coleman Im guessing by the looks of the wording in the Banner wants the Hardwick Clothes and Whirlpool Corporation cleaned up, Connie Gatlin wants a performing arts center and City Councilman Richard Banks wants a Tom Rowland Convention Center and of course Jimmy Logan, Bank of Cleveland and Bradley County for making huge investments in downtown. Tom Wheeler even says we need to establish a connection with adjoining neighborhoods. Cha Ching can you hear the taxpayer dollars hitting the pavement and the SSD GANG knocking on your door to take your keys to your home?

Another Doug Berry mistruth!

“While property values would increase, property taxes would NOT NECCESARILY increase unless the property is sold for another use. He is I believe referring to Capital gains tax, not property tax. IF YOUR PROPERTY TAX VALUE GOES UP YOUR TAXES WILL GO UP! PERIOD! NO DEBATE. I havent been the victim of one “voted on” property tax increase in this county but my property value has been assessed and I did receive a new property value and I do p[ay higher taxes on my property. So for him to say that when your property value goes up you will not pay new taxes is a mistruth and a flat out lie. In fact HB 1554 is designed to be paid for by the difference in your EAV (initial property value) and the redeveloped selling price, the difference in the two is one funding source for this bill! So don’t hand us a line of bull Mr Berry, the informed public can see right through the smoke screen.

Turned down by the EPA!

Yes they did! We were turned down for the US Environmental Protection Agency National Brownfields Program Grant Competition, but the city was encouraged to re submit after the 2012 fiscal year. Even the EPA in all its glory, regulation and international Cap and Trade leanings sees this as more than a Brownfields project. Little know fact that, CAP and Trade was not successful but by a series of Executive Orders the president is able to manipulate the public with EPA Guidelines and reccomendations. In other words who needs Congress, Senate or the will of the people, we have the President with a separate agenda.

Final note!

The SSD Gang has moved into Bradley County with much fanfare from our elected officials, very little information to the public and yet again the local media and its ultra left agenda have left out the many details. Once again the general public taxpayer is getting the shaft by the well intended frequently mislead politician, Again the wool is being placed over your eyes in hopes no one will notice or care. Again I am showing the other news behind the headlines. Pass this around, information to the public rules! The last thing they want is forJohn or Susy Q Public to be informed and then act upon that information, information with action will spur real change, get the hint?

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