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Cleveland Planning Commission Claim First Farm

In Uncategorized on June 30, 2011 at 9:31 AM

The “other” headline is a sad one today! As I read of this land grab, my stomach sickened and my chest felt heavy. The Bradley County Planning Commission has made history in a post Sustainable Community. The land grab has begun. The City has annexed Hardwick Farms by the Cleveland Planning Commission who facilitated this annexation. They are a group of appointees, not elected officials so the accountability factor is low. I want it! The government takes it! And they did!

So what if they wanted to sell, make a little change, a profit. The result is the same, the use of the planning commission to esentially do what they want is greatly enhancing the concept of sustainable community development. The “political union” of local government and their appointed committees or boards is dangerous territory to tread. When local govenrnment gets what they want by facilitating private, commercial and governemnt mergers for the benefit of private enterprise is slippery ground and echoes Agenda 21 chapters 7 and 10 on the use of land and its regulations. We must understand that land is finite. We do not have an unlimited resource of land and its qualities. Our farms need to be protected and made sure they are around for a long time in private control not government or commercial control. Turning our rural land into a vibrant urban area is textbook sustainable development via the 1992 Presidents Council on Sustainable Development guidelines.

The beautiful 700 plus acre farm has been in the Hardwick family for perhaps many decades. The sprawling farm was just too much to ignore, to good to let it go to waste. How can all this land belong to one family, it needs to belong to many, social justice is under way.

The following article was so right on and captured the essence of the land grab that I felt it will do justice to show the whole article in this blog!

by DAVID DAVIS, Managing Editor Cleveland Daily Banner

Half of the items on the Cleveland Municipal Planning Commission agenda Tuesday night were removed until a later date, but the panel did unanimously approve annexing about 39 acres of Hardwick Farm for a 144-multifamily unit housing complex.

The site adjoins the eastern boundary of about 19 acres owned by Sam’s Club on Stuart Road on the north side of the street.

Two of the items removed from the agenda included consideration of a plan of service and an ordinance for annexation of about 715 acres of the farm from Stuart Road to Tasso Lane.

Garry Rodgers, principal, Rodgers Group, said the family does not have a desire to be annexed into the city at this time since it is still a working farm and in the greenbelt. Over the long term, he expects the farm will become a vibrant urban area.

Also removed from the agenda was consideration of a plan and ordinance to annex 682 acres along Michigan Avenue Road and Dry Valley Road around the Cleveland Municipal Airport.

The question of annexing the airport was mentioned Monday at the Cleveland City Council meeting. The items were delayed until July 26. By that time, Community Development staff will have researched the issue and be ready to present a report.

About 20 people departed the meeting when a request by Pat Safriet to rezone approximately 1.6 acres on Candies Lane was removed from the agenda at Safriet’s request.

Commissioners approved abandoning excess right of way on Linden Drive between East Inman Street and 2nd Street. Staff reported the excess right of way was created in 2002 by the realignment of Linden Drive. The property was to be deeded to Roger Carroll, and almost double the size of his lot. However, staff has been unable to find documentation the property was abandoned.

Commissioners voted 8-0 in favor of final plat approval for lot 7 on Professional Park of Cleveland PUD, a subdivision of about 5.9 acres.

A sad day in Bradley County! Bradley Countians you better listen up and pay attention because this is only the beginning! It is coming fast and hard and if we the people do not speak up and stop it we will lose our County as we know it for good!

  1. Please feel free to leave any comments here! I encourage the debate, that is what America was founded on and continues to be built upon. So, please debate away!


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