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Contact Bradley County Politicians

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Contact your local officials using the numbers below to engage them on any issue in Bradley County , Charleston and Cleveland, Tennessee. They are here to serve you. Do not hesitate if they vote a certain way, create an avenue to tell them you are unhappy with the way things are going. Remember when you call them they will either not know the answer, attempt to tell you you are wrong and they are right. Be courteous and speak clearly and let them know how you feel and be on your way. Most of our politicians are unsure sometime of what they are voting on and may not have the answers. The answer you get may not be an informed one, only one they want you to hear to justify their vote. Inform your self on the issues! If you want them to vote NO on a certain issue that may affect you then tell them flatly NO and hang up, no need for discussion when you know you are right.
Don’t be scared. Tyranny has been used in many situations in our history for political gain and if you fear your government then we are dead in the water and we may as well hang up our hats and die. Our forefathers devised a system that we the people are not servants or slaves to our governement and you may exercise your right to file a grievance or speak out against your governrment at any time you choose without fear of repercussions. It is important inside every Republic that we understand that.
Play the game, get involved, they will listen or we will oust them at the next election. Here is how to get hold of them. If they do not have an email demand they get one so they can answer to their constituency using recent technology.

Contact Information- Elected Officials:

County Commission:
County Mayor Gary Davis gdavis@bradleyco.net
Amy Moore amoore@bradleyco.net 423-728-7105
Mayor Asst. Dan Howell 423-728-7165
Mayor Admin Ast Michelle Kamplain 423-728-7146
BC Finance Dept Lynn Burns lburns@bradleyco.net 423-728-7141

1st District Terry Caywood jesusgoodtome@hotmail.com 423-336-1419
Ed Elkins edelkins@charter.net 423-476-5855

2nd District Connie Wilson connie.wilson@charter.com 423-478-1533
Louie alford lalford42@gmail.com 423-339-1989

3rd District Brian Smith no email 423-476-7538 Jeff Morelock jmorelock@insuranceinc.net 423-472-5051
4th District J. Adam Lowe alowe@bradleymatters.com 423-472-6068

5th District Bill Ledford no email 423-472-0937
Jeff Yarber yarb27@yahoo.com 423-790-0137

6th District Mel Griffith no email 423-479-5985
Robert Rominger rrominger@bradleyschools.org 423-479-2610

7th District Mark Hall mark.hall42@charter.net 423-472-1940
Bill Winters wintersz2@yahoo.com 423-479-2485

City Council:
Mayor Tom Rowland council@cityofclevelandtn.com 423-472-4551
Mayor Cell phone 423-593-6544
City Manager Janice Casteel 423-472-4551

All councilmen can be reached at Mayor Rowlands email listed above.

1st District Charlie McKenzie 423-584-9513
2nd District Bill Estes 423-339-2570
2nd number 423-595-0062
3rd District Avery Johnson 423-593-4418
4th District David May 423-593-8236
5th District Bill Robertson 423-593-3687
At large George Poe 423-593-2971
2nd number 423-618-1467
At large Richard Banks 423-595-4239

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