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Red Donkey?

In Uncategorized on June 30, 2011 at 8:36 AM

Why am I confused? Let ask the simple question, “which party is leading the agenda for change in Bradley County?” Who is driving the seemingly endless spending in Bradley County? Why is it that everyday there seems to be a new grant, a new spending bill, a new tax, talks of new taxes, a new growth project, you name it if it spends money in Bradley County we jump on it and quick.

Doesnt this sound illogical in light of what is going on economically in our country? If you havent noticed we are in an economic crisis, we are broke, our debt ceiling is topped out at just a little over 14 trillion and our local, State and Federal governments are spending like drunken soldiers on shore leave and our elected leaders still have their hands out begging and beaming with pride as “they bring home the bacon” so to speak, to a weary taxpayer who can barely make ends meet and are not receptive to the endless spending. Our leaders seem perfectly happy financing their liberal agendas on the backs of many Bradley Countians. There seems to be an undercurrent of leftist politics going on in Bradley County in the form of big RED DONKEY! Better know as a RINO-Republican in Name Only or a Dem disguised in an R cloke, an I that doesnt play with either or do they? It is very revealing when you stand back and watch these red characters destroying our economy, boosting our taxes and spending like crazy. Cant you see it? Something is wrong in Bradley County, an imposter has taken over and is bringing the left agenda to town. Take a minute and think about it, you will be able to see the RED DONKEY IN OUR MIDST.

Let me throw a little disclaimer in here, while I have voted R in the past, the right man or woman gets my vote! You can sound good but if you dont share my values, you dont get my vote or support. Period! Shut up or put up!

I am confused! Who are our locally elected officials, who do they really represent? D, R, or I or do they represent a blend of all, where does their allegiance stand? I have long wondered why so called Republicans in this town acted so much like the so called Democrats and vica versa and why they all want to capture the right, the middle and the left. I believe we have a hybrid! What? The hybrid party, the “Red Donkey”, The Depublican, the Remocrat has been revealed in our county.

This may seem a little confusing at first, but once you look at the result you quickly see that it appears that our Republicans are acting like the stereotypical Democrats with their repeated tax and spend policies and efforts. Our politicians are calling themselves Republicans but are acting like anything but! Has our town been high jacked and a plot uncovered? Perhaps we have been duped by a crowd intent on waging a battle on our tax dollars and our way of living. Someone capture and bridle the “RED DONKEY”

  1. They are progressives just like the clown that we have in the whitehouse. The repuklacans and dumbacrats they talk a different game but in the end they both steal your money and liberty. In Liberty Dan


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