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SSD Gang Revealed to Bradley County

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In the June 28th Banner report, front page reports “ Southside Redevelopment seeks public awareness”, again I am reinforced as to why I have formed this Bradley County News blog site. The “other story was left out of the headlines, I like to either call it lazy reporting or purposeful deceptive reporting, either way the details are missing.
The Southside Development Board revealed and from this day forward I will defer to them as the SSD Gang! The Southside Development Gang, and you will quickly see why the name fits.
Tom Wheeler-Cleveland Utilities General Manager, Chairman of Board
Tom Rowland- City Mayor, Lee U Alumni, TACIR Vice Chair
Doug Berry-Chamber of Commerce VP of Economic Development
Matt Coleman-Attorney at Jimmy Logan-Thompson, PC, Specialty- Commercial law and Dog Bite Claims
Bill Estes- City Council (D3), Lee U faculty, Habitat for Humanity Board, Attorney
Jeff Morelock-County Commisioner
Connie Gatlin- Owner Cleveland City Ballet housed in the Old Woolen Mill building
City Staff members- Unknown presumed to be:
Greg Thomas- Community Development Center Director
Joe V. Williams- Community Development Center, Louisville LandCompany, Fort Hill Cemetary Owner
Gary Farlow- Chamber of Commerce President/CEO
Johnathan Jobe-Stormwater Program Manager, Civil Engineer
Melinda Carroll-Assistant City Manager

I am not sure who the City Staff members will be, although I have a few reporters on this now. It appears that the “regular citizens” have been left off this board and opportunistic entrepeneurs on the board to facilitate the grand scheme of things as if to slow our progressive county from growing big.


This is a very elusive factor that was left out of the article in the banner. The Banners response was “it was early yet and no noone knows what it will cost the taxpayers”, Mr Kevin Brooks our 24th District State Representative and facilatator of this hugely expensive and expansive tax burdened bill doesn’t know and has deferred any questions such as this to the SSD Gang, as he responded via email yesterday. (he didn’t use the term SSD GANG, that one is all mine), Mr Geral McCormick States Representative in Chattanooga does not know what this will cost you, Mrs Joanne Favors, Co-sponsor of the bill does not know what this will cost. The Mayor of the City Tom Rowland does not know, Mayor Gary Davis, County Mayor doesn’t know, nobody but this taxpayer seems to know or at least I have a good idea. Lets see 90 acres x 4 to 5 large buildings needing clean up, bringing all these buildings up to specifications per EPA guidelines, A multi level TOM ROWLAND CIVIC CENTER, yeah baby there goes some cost, plumbing, sewer, water, utilities, parking, sidewalks, office buildings, new industry, tax breaks to them, schools, roads, I could go on and on but I think you are intelligent enough to see that yhis will easily get into the hundreds of millions of dollars and to think we cant even get a set of $1200 dollar speakers for the Bradley County Commission Court room because we are broke! The City and its noble Mayor Rowland and his court have also voted YES on the BCC Loint Strategic Growth Plan that will complement this development on the Southside and run into the billions when it is all said and done. My question is “where are there minds, where will they be when all this taxpayer money runs out or goes dry?

Eminent Domain?

Like it or not, if you don’t fully understand this statement, understand that this bill HB 1554 calls for the use of eminent domain to do what they want downtown, If your house is in the way, it will be moved, if it was your home it will be gone. Period!
New taxes?

Again, this man and his liberal policies should be so far from our county governemnt and never be allowed to advise our council and commissioners or its Mayors again. What he says is poison and is misleading and untruthful. VP of Economic Development at the C of C said if the city takes advantage of tax credits, the use of property along the Woolen Mill Branch of Mouse Creek will require very specific redevelopment goals. He, who has quickly gotten a dose of regulatory law when he squeaks out the legal sounding words, “ Public input is required under redevelopment laws, This is not just to make another industrial site”

New Growth?

At first this was going to be a clean up project of the old Maytag site, at least that was what was being reported, now, it is a “multi use redevelopment utilizing open space and addressing the issues of improved transportation, recreation and housing infrastructure” he also discussed developing the creek along Wildwood Avenue to the Village Green” says Doug Berry. Dr Ron Coleman Im guessing by the looks of the wording in the Banner wants the Hardwick Clothes and Whirlpool Corporation cleaned up, Connie Gatlin wants a performing arts center and City Councilman Richard Banks wants a Tom Rowland Convention Center and of course Jimmy Logan, Bank of Cleveland and Bradley County for making huge investments in downtown. Tom Wheeler even says we need to establish a connection with adjoining neighborhoods. Cha Ching can you hear the taxpayer dollars hitting the pavement and the SSD GANG knocking on your door to take your keys to your home?

Another Doug Berry mistruth!

“While property values would increase, property taxes would NOT NECCESARILY increase unless the property is sold for another use. He is I believe referring to Capital gains tax, not property tax. IF YOUR PROPERTY TAX VALUE GOES UP YOUR TAXES WILL GO UP! PERIOD! NO DEBATE. I havent been the victim of one “voted on” property tax increase in this county but my property value has been assessed and I did receive a new property value and I do p[ay higher taxes on my property. So for him to say that when your property value goes up you will not pay new taxes is a mistruth and a flat out lie. In fact HB 1554 is designed to be paid for by the difference in your EAV (initial property value) and the redeveloped selling price, the difference in the two is one funding source for this bill! So don’t hand us a line of bull Mr Berry, the informed public can see right through the smoke screen.

Turned down by the EPA!

Yes they did! We were turned down for the US Environmental Protection Agency National Brownfields Program Grant Competition, but the city was encouraged to re submit after the 2012 fiscal year. Even the EPA in all its glory, regulation and international Cap and Trade leanings sees this as more than a Brownfields project. Little know fact that, CAP and Trade was not successful but by a series of Executive Orders the president is able to manipulate the public with EPA Guidelines and reccomendations. In other words who needs Congress, Senate or the will of the people, we have the President with a separate agenda.

Final note!

The SSD Gang has moved into Bradley County with much fanfare from our elected officials, very little information to the public and yet again the local media and its ultra left agenda have left out the many details. Once again the general public taxpayer is getting the shaft by the well intended frequently mislead politician, Again the wool is being placed over your eyes in hopes no one will notice or care. Again I am showing the other news behind the headlines. Pass this around, information to the public rules! The last thing they want is forJohn or Susy Q Public to be informed and then act upon that information, information with action will spur real change, get the hint?

  1. RE: Joe V. Williams- Community Development Center, Louisville LandCompany, Fort Hill Cemetary Owner

    Mr. Williams recently had some slum properties sold at a tax sale. As a real estate agent he should be up on current tax laws, apparently he is not.

    Inventory Note: All parcels will be sold separately and subject to delinquent County and City real estate taxes.(It’s a LOT.
    http://www.treasury.gov/auctions/irs/docs/ctn… )
    Properties deeded to Louisville Land Company by The United Way of Bradley County.(?)

    Joe V. Williams


    Perhaps being cousins with the Swaffords (of the Bradley county courthouse) affords Mr. Williams special privileges.

    “Eric Swafford & family
    PAGE 9 – The Bledsonian-Banner Newspaper, Pikeville,
    Tennessee 37367
    Thursday, September 8, 2005
    Elsia Swafford Sharp, Joe and Ashley Sharp.
    CLEVELAND: Joe Williams III.”
    There’s this, too, from thee Banner:

    Sister Asks Court Order Sale Of 32 Joe V. Williams Properties
    posted June 21, 2006

    Anne Williams of Atlanta is asking Chancery Court to order the sale of 32 family properties in Hamilton and Bradley counties.

    (rumor has it there was some shenanigans going on with the rents, and failure to upkeep.)

    I thought Rotary Club had standards.

    Jimmy Logan was against Mr. Williams in this case.

    Here’s one of Joe’s Louisville Land slum properties on fire, still sitting there, today-talk about bringing property values down! At least he wasn’t allowed to put trailers in behind it like he wanted to (ask the neighbors.)

    I wouldn’t let him run water, never mind anything to do with Bradley County. See how he runs a cemetery, News 12:

    Fort Hill Cemetery is owned by Joe V. Williams, III. He runs it via “Louisville Land and cemetery Subdivision”

    posted March 30, 2010

    Chancellor Jerri S. Bryant ruled this week in a Bradley County courtroom that the conduct of the defendant in the class-action suit of Betty Saint Rogers vs. Louisville Land Company and Joe V. Williams III was outrageous for the lack of care of the Fort Hill Cemetery.

    The judge said the defendant “failed to live up to his statutory obligations and neglected the cemetery and failed to spend the funds necessary to properly maintain the cemetery.”



  2. “In a previous edition, on December 2, 2005, we published information about government influence in the American media. We mentioned a long list we have of “Friends of the Government” and offered to send it out to any interested party. We have had so many requests for this that it has been decided to publish this in sections. There are very many interesting and informative names in this list that would well be worth the trouble of reading it through. –

    After we started running this, we got an hysterical email from a man whose name was on the list, claiming that his life was in danger because we put up his address. He threatened to sue everyone in sight. I told him in reply to sue away. This would be wonderful publicity! No doubt, he was a CIA torturer in Vietnam where, it is conservatively estimated, the wonderful CIA people, like our current military, were bringing American-style democracy to an oil-rich country, and eagerly tortured at least 20,000 and probably over 50,000, suspected Viet Cong to death. While we and our communicant are waiting for the soft knock on his door, we are putting up more of the list.”

    Guess who’s name is on the list?

    “Williams, Joseph V. III, 623 Ocoee St.,NW, Cleveland, TN 37311”



  3. Joe V. Williams is not doing much to help the community he himself lives in:


    Under new business, the Council approved a motion authorizing City Attorney John Kimball to begin legal action against Joe V. Williams as recommended by the Historic Preservation Commission during a special meeting on Dec. 20, 2011. At the meeting, staff requested a review of the Certificate of Appropriateness issued to Joe V. Williams for a structure at 470 14th St. N.W. The preservation commission recommended demolition of the property.

    The house was gutted by fire on Thanksgiving Day 2010 and since then, it has been a regular topic of discussion among Council members. In October 2011, Williams was given 60 days by the Historic Preservation Commission to start repairs on the house. That deadline came after he was given 30 days in August 2011 to submit a certificate of appropriateness. The following month, in September, he presented insufficient information and was given until October 2011. At that time, Williams presented detailed plans for restoring the house to its pre-fire condition. No work has been done on the house.


  4. Mr. Williams is an alleged (easily verifiable) slumlord who refuses to pay his taxes. Some would say he is a criminal who commits fraud.

    Some would say being related to the Swafford’s allows him to get away with being a slumlord and not having to pay taxes on his slum properties.

    All twenty Louisville Land Company taxes have gone unpaid for many years:


    Forty-one properties owned personally by Joe V. Williams, III have gone tax free, many for more than four years.


    These two Hardwick & Co (owned by joe V Williams, III) also are tax delinquent (for years):


    He has recently sold some of his own property to himself, using the name Williams Realty Company.

    Mr. Williams has no respect for the law, and he has even less respect for the city of Cleveland. His properties are a blight on the area. Many have been condemned (but, despite official instructions to the contrary, Mr. Williams continues to rent the unsafe dwellings until they burst into flames or otherwise become completely uninhabitable.)

    Verify this with codes inspectors.

    Your article claims Mr. Williams is presumed to be one of the city staff members. That means, presumably he will be paid and paid with taxpayer money?

    The entire town is aware of his horrifying exploiuts. He is widely known and despised, and not just by tenants but by anyone unlucky enough to own a home near one of his (fear of fire being on the list of problems, along with blight, decay, rodent infestations, and overcrowding of non-English-speaking tenants who have no means or desire to upkeep the rental-or understanding that they are expected to.)

    Anyone who has ever done business with or been employed by Mr. Williams will tell you a story of being cheated by him.

    Phyllis and Jimmy Lankford sued him for destroying their real estate business.

    Mr. Williams has two sisters (one, Anne of Atlanta, who had to resort to litigation):


    The article is sketchy on details but a reliable source claims it was because Joe was collecting rents, pocketing them, and claiming to his sister he hadn’t got the rents. This caused Joe’s sister to wrongfully evict tenants who refused to pay rent two times on properties that, judging by what I’ve seen, probably weren’t worth the first rent that joe pocketed.

    His other sister is Margaret Williams Sexton of Lookout Mountain. This article mentions her:


    It says:

    “The 7.1-acre property, acquired from Margaret Williams Sexton, will serve as a link between existing or planned stretches of the Riverwalk and the public trail system on the slopes of Lookout Mountain, Carlton said.

    Other organizations, including the South Broad Redevelopment Group, also are working to acquire enough tracts of land to complete the entire trail, but the success of the process is dependent on willing sellers, Carlton said.”

    Joe V. Williams, III cemetery is also a well known slum area. When Mr. Williams was finally court ordered to clean it up his staff said that the land had eroded so that long buried coffins were visible.

    And, should that have taken a court order? Something like seven years of court and taxpayer money wasted in order to force him to mow the lawn on his cemetery, and not let the coffins show through the dirt. Really? What a waste of money. All of his properties should be confiscated and sold at auction and the proceeds distributed amongst all of the people who’ve had their property values go down because of his decaying slum-houses.

    I’m curious as to why the city would employ such a person.

    Oftentimes if property records are viewed you will note that his name is also on as an additional owner.

    Margaret Williams Sexton has seven properties listed in Bradley County. (One under the name Margaret Sexton Hardwick.) On four of these properties Joe V. Williams, III is also listed in the “additional information.”


    Mrs. Sexton’s taxes appear to be current:


    The city wouldn’t be paying him for land he owns with his sister AND employing him while all the while he owes many thousands of dollars in back taxes, would they?


  5. http://tnbear.tn.gov/ECommerce/FilingDetail.aspx?CN=186096103213091047045234221052216036228179157174

    Five notices of determination for Williams Realty, 000034434: owned by Joe V Williams, III. Initial filing date in 1964.
    POBX 92
    623 OCOEE ST

    Whether you agree with paying taxes or not, the people running the town are paid by taxpayer money. If Mr. Williams will be “serving” the town of Cleveland or the county of Bradley, I hope he will not be receiving any taxpayer money when he has steadfastly refused to pay his own taxes. There are reinstatements, eventually, but taxes rarely appear to be paid even so. How does Mr. Williams obtain the reinstatements?

    Eight Notices Of Determination for Louisville Land Company, owned and run by Mr. Joe V. Williams, III. This as a slum rental empire. Some units lack plumbing. Some lack walls. Most lack fire safety precautions (several have already perished in fires.)

    000019007: Corporation For-Profit – Domestic
    Agent Address: 150 FIRST ST

    PO Box 92 is used for mail to Williams Realty and Louisville Land, but differing physical addresses are given for each business.

    Williams & Williams Realty, owned by Joe V Williams, III has been served Notice of Determination four times since 2001. These are Williams & Williams Realty assumed names (and he has changed the name of the business from + to &.):

    Williams & Williams Realty Active 10/15/2015
    Chattanooga Realty Group Active 09/14/2015
    CENTURY 21 WILLIAMS & WILLIAMS Inactive 09/08/2006
    CHATTANOOGA REALTY GROUP Inactive 09/08/2006
    WILLIAMS INTERNATIONAL Inactive 09/08/2006
    CENTURY 21 WILLIAMS & WILLIAMS Inactive 08/21/2006
    CENTURY 21 WILLIAMS & LANKFORD Inactive 09/19/2008 (they sued him for destroying there established business)
    Inactive Date:
    Principal Office: 4509 HWY 58
    Mailing Address: 623 NORTH OCOEE ST

    The mailing address for Williams & Williams Realty is the same as that for
    “Williams Realty” which is, by registration number and appearances, an entirely different business.
    John Culpepper is the registered agent, but the owner is Joe V. Williams, III.
    000409895: Limited Liability Company – Domestic
    See for yourself:

    “Williams and Williams Reality Services”
    Mailing address
    623 Ocoee Street
    Cleveland Tn 37311
    Principal Address
    4509 Highway 58
    Chattanooga Tn 37416

    “Williams Realty, Inc” 000034434
    Mailing address is PO box 92 (same as for Louisville Land, Co)
    Principal address
    623 Ocoee Street
    Cleveland Tn 37311

    He’s the president of Hardwick & Co.,
    Mailing Address PO Box 92
    Principal address
    80 Church Street

    Registered agent (and owner and president)
    Joe V. Williams, III
    150 First Street
    (the old address of Louisville Land Company. I know it’s legal to change the address of your business. Why would you constantly be doing it, though, if you want to establish yourself?)
    Hardwick & Co has nine notices of Determination and one recent name change.

    Joe V. Williams, III is the president of Southern Saddlery.
    Mailing address is PO Box 92
    Principal office is 623 Ocoee street
    Agent Address: 623 N OCOEE ST

    That’s had three notices of determination and reinstatements. The current status is revoked for Revenue.
    However, there are three other Southern Saddlery Companies all self dissolved with invalid registered agents.
    I am not Sherlock Homes, but that’s fishy.

    How are those businesses run? His Hardwick store looks like a thousand year old museum, and Louisville Land company is run out of the back of it. Why pretend to care about all of these businesses when you clearly don’t? Isn’t anybody curious?

    Mr. Williams runs all of these active business simultaneously, makes an effort to get them reinstated, yet never pays his taxes or upkeeps his properties, which leads one to ask: What is he really doing? his rental business is a joke. His properties are urban blight. his website has had the same four or five properties for rent/sale for five (or more) years. Why even bother? And why advertise as if it’s a business way bigger than it is? if it IS as big and successful as he claims, why does he keep claiming not to have money to pay taxes and upkeep his rental properties (as required by state and federal law?)

    Although he has spelled Bradley County wrong (Bradely) and uses a different address (1307 carter Street in Chattanooga) this is his website as his picture is clearly displayed and he claims to serve Georgia, as well.)

    The question is, why is he so dilligently hanging on to properties he can’t manage, but he pretends to manage them. Why doesn’t he have to pay taxes? Why is he allowed to dodge his responsibilities time and again, and do so simultaneously, and never get in trouble for it? He endangers tenants and neighbors with firetrap rentals and attractive nuisance shacks. Cleveland has a historic district which many of Mr. Williams properties are in. homebuyers in the area jump through hoops with every change they need to make on their properties. They have to pay to even present the idea of the change they would like to make, yet Mr. Williams blithely ignores how his properties contribute to the decay of any neighborhood they are situated in. Why is this allowed?

    Why all the secrecy and smoke-screening with the multiple real estate businesses under multiple assumed names? is it all to evade taxes, or something more sinister?

    Don’t even get me started on the cemetery.


  6. This wasn’t a refinance (for MORE money?)
    While house prices were going down all over the country, Mr. Williams listed this as more expensive. perhaps he faked some construction. Go look at the property. It’s a public building, I believe.

    It’s listed as selling in May 2010 for 200,00.00.
    Jan 1 Owner:
    PO BOX 92

    Who sold it to him?
    CENTURY 21 Williams & Williams
    (If you recall my last comment, that would be Joe V. Williams, III, also.)
    Principal Office: 4509 HWY 58

    633 Ocoee street was on the list of properties Joe V. Williams sister took him to court to force him to sell in 2006. He and his sisters inherited the properties from his father. There were 31 others on the list.


    In 2007 Mr. Williams sold the property at a profit, seemingly to himself…but the property was inherited. It’s all very confusing.

    In 2010 Mr Williams sold the property from his Century 21 Williams & Williams business to his other business, Williams Realty. he runs these businesses on his own, though seems to employ a large collection of scapegoats, none aside from Kennedy Omanwa who last more than a few months.

    Incidentally, Mr. Williams and Mr. Omanwa were suspected of trafficking some years back, early in the 2000’s (according to an extremely reliable source.) Charges were dropped because the allegedly trafficked refused to press charges.

    I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for all of this.

    from tn.gov property data
    Property Location
    Address: OCOEE ST N 633

    049M Grp: C Ctrl Map: 049M Parcel: 002.00 PI: S/I: 000
    Value Information
    Reappraisal Year: 2009

    Land Mkt Value: $81,900
    Improvement Value: $139,500
    Total Market Appraisal: $221,400
    Assessment %: 40
    Assessment: $88,560
    General Information
    Class: 08 – COMMERCIAL
    City #: 138 City: CLEVELAND
    SSD1: 000 SSD2: 000
    District: 04 Mkt Area: F01
    # Bldgs: 1 # Mobile Homes: 0
    Utilities – Water: 1 – PUBLIC Utilities – Sewer: 1 – PUBLIC
    Utilities – Elec: 1 – PUBLIC Utilities – Gas: 1 – PUBLIC
    Utilities – Gas Type: 4 – NATURAL Zoning: HP
    Subdivision Data
    Subdivision: CITY OF CLEVELAND
    Plat Bk: 0003 Plat Pg: 0039 Block: 0120 Lot:
    Additional Description

    Building Information
    Building # 1
    Improvement Type: 06 – APARTMENT Stories: 2
    Base Area Sq. Ft.: 6,374 Aux Base Sq. Ft.: 1,077
    Foundation: 02 – CONTINUOUS FOOTING Floor System: 04 – WOOD W/ SUB FLOOR
    Exterior Wall: 11 – COMMON BRICK Structural Frame: 00 – NONE
    Roof Framing: 02 – GABLE/HIP Roof Cover/Deck: 02 – METAL SHINGLE
    Cabinet/Millwork: 03 – AVERAGE Floor Finish: 10 – HARDWOOD-TERR-TILE
    Interior Finish: 08 – PLASTERED DIRECT Paint/Decor: 02 – BELOW AVERAGE
    Heat and A/C: 05 – HEATING W/DUCTS Plumbing Fixtures: 18
    Bath Tile: 00 – NONE Electrical: 03 – AVERAGE
    Shape: 02 – L-SHAPED Quality: 01 – AVERAGE
    Act Yr Built: 1900 Condition: 0 – SOUND
    Building Areas:
    Area: BAS Sq Ft: 3,167
    Area: OPF Sq Ft: 200
    Area: SPF Sq Ft: 40
    Area: OPF Sq Ft: 150
    Area: OPF Sq Ft: 150
    Area: OPF Sq Ft: 27
    Area: OPF Sq Ft: 200
    Area: USF Sq Ft: 3,207
    Area: OPF Sq Ft: 310
    Extra Features
    Bldg/Card# Type Description Units
    1 FRPL 1
    Sale Information
    Date Price Deed
    Book Page Vac/Imp Type
    Instrument Qualification
    05/18/2010 $200,000 1973 323 IMPROVED WD B
    02/26/2007 $118,678 1727 385 IMPROVED WD B
    07/10/1987 $82,500 306 719 IMPROVED WD D
    09/22/1977 $0 WB13 215
    Land Information
    Deed Acres: 0.00 Calc Acres: 0.00 Total Land Units: 74.00

    Land Type: 05 – MULTI FAMILY Soil Class: Units: 74.00

    Beds: 8
    Baths: 6
    Sqft: 6,374
    Lot: —
    Type: Multi Family
    Year built: 1848

    Last sold: May 20 2010 for $200,000
    Parking: —
    Cooling: —
    Fireplace: Yes
    BUYER TO VERIFY SQUARE FOOTAGE. Heating system is Steam heat. Financing:cash at closing.


    Date Description Price % Chg $/sqft Source
    05/20/2010 Sold $200,000 -46.7% $31 Public Record

    09/07/2009 Listing removed $375,000 — $58 CENTURY 21 Williams & Williams
    07/31/2009 Listed for sale $375,000 216% $58 CENTURY 21 Williams & Williams
    02/28/2007 Sold $118,678 43.9% $18 Public Record

    07/10/1987 Sold $82,500 — $12 Public Record

    Here are the other properties on the list to be sold:

    The property includes:

    121 W. 6th Street
    W. 20th Street between Broad and Cowart
    1813 Old Wauhatchie Pike
    1815 Old Wauhatchie Pike
    Broad Street at 26th Street
    W. 35th Street between chandler and Ohls
    23 Cherokee Blvd.
    2627 Long St.
    2516 Broad St.
    2002 Broad St.
    140 20th St.
    1420 Harle Ave., Cleveland
    Broad St. SW at Third Street, Cleveland
    Church Street at 36th Street, Cleveland
    1320 Overhead Bridge Road, Cleveland
    15th Street at Newell Avenue, Cleveland
    1960 Ocoee St., Cleveland
    450 Worth St., Cleveland
    Church Street at 31st Street, Cleveland
    1st Street at 32nd Street, Cleveland
    420 Spring St. and 433 Worth St., Cleveland
    80 Church St., Cleveland
    Ocoee St. at Foster and Moore property, Cleveland
    2nd Street and 320 3rd St., Cleveland
    100 8th St., Cleveland
    Goode Street at the City Cemetery, Cleveland
    633 Ocoee St., Cleveland
    742 Ocoee St., Cleveland
    865 Ocoee St., Cleveland
    1608 Ocoee St., Cleveland


  7. Here’s the type of toddler-esque personality Mr. Williams has:


    “Joe V. Williams said he is planning to construct a 20,000-square-foot office/retail building on property his family has owned on S. Broad Street since the 1880s.

    However, Ann Weeks said the Broad Street Redevelopment Group opposes the rezoning.

    She said it involves closure of a section of Cowart Street where houses were to be built under the Broad Street Redevelopment Plan.

    Ms. Weeks said a Southside Garden residential community is penciled in at the rear of the Williams property.

    But she acknowledged the residential development could not take place as long as the owner wanted another use.

    Mr. Williams said he had been studying a use for the property for years and finally settled on the office/retail.”

    First of all, almost no one familiar with Mr. Williams is willing to rent from him, so whatever he managed to do with the property probably failed.

    Second of all: He’s been trying to figure out what to do with the property for “years.” His family has owned it since 1880. For one hundred years plus the property sat there but as soon as someone wants to use it, “Mine!”

    Okay, it’s yours no one says you have to share your toys.

    On the other hand, take a ride around and check out the condition of Joe V. Williams properties in Cleveland and Chattanooga. Slummy, blighted, neglected, duct-taped, holy, rat infested, trash heaps.

    Cleveland has been trying to force Mr. Williams to bring his properties to code for years. There’s an approximately hundred year old book in the library that mentions the Williams failure to maintain their property.

    Codes guys put up yellow tape to prevent entry into Joe’s condemned buildings, and Joe tears the tape down and puts up a for rent sign (according to his staff.)

    He doesn’t advertise in the paper because it would be illegal to advertise uninhabitable, condemned rentals. Drive around, though, and you’ll see the big old signs with the phone number 472-6967. Area code 423, but that isn’t on the sign, nor is there any name on the sign. They doesn’t say Louisville Land OR Joe V. Williams, probably because his reputation precedes him.

    It’s illegal, incidentally, for a licensed real estate agent and broker to advertise his (or her)
    own properties without disclosing that he (or she) is a real estate professional.


    License Status ACTIVE – FULLY LICENSED
    License # 257071
    License ID 257071
    Expiration Date Jun 7 2013
    Original Date Jun 19 2001
    Profession Code 2502
    Profession Name Real Estate Firm
    First Name
    Middle Name
    State TN
    Zip Code 37402
    Rank FIRM
    License Activity Description Uninsured

    License Status ACTIVE – FULLY LICENSED
    License # 261523
    License ID 261523
    Expiration Date Oct 21 2012
    Original Date Oct 22 2010
    Profession Code 2502
    Profession Name Real Estate Firm
    First Name
    Middle Name
    State TN
    Zip Code 37402
    Rank FIRM
    License Activity Description Uninsured

    I would think it would be illegal to be uninsured, as well. Maybe not. But, it certainly is careless.

    If the town wanted to, it’s within their rights to seize Mr. Williams’s properties and assets in order to repair or demolish the uninhabitable urban blight and attractive nuisances.
    Why doesn’t Cleveland do that?


  8. I’ve been trying to figure out why one would start a new company when one already has four or five companies which are neglected. Why would one then sell piece of property to oneself?
    I’ve found this at lexisnexis:

    It seems that fraud committed through one-man companies has been a problem for ages. While most frauds one-person companies may commit can also be committed by genuine companies, the lack of balance in powers and interests within an one-man company makes it easier for the one-man to commit fraud for his personal benefit. For instance, the one-man may avoid liability by setting up numerous one-man companies, and transfer the property belonging to a problematic company to another company quickly as the companies are under the control of a single person (cf. PEPPER V LITTON, 308 US 295 (1939)). It may even be a sham for criminal activities, such as drug trafficking or money laundering.

    The whole article is here:


  9. Not to beat a dead horse, but when someone doesn’t take care of there property above ground, it’s really scary that they are allowed to have underground storage tanks containing hazardous materials:

    What is an UST?
    An underground storage tank system (UST) is a tank and any underground piping connected to the tank that has at least 10 percent of its combined volume underground. The federal UST regulations apply only to underground tanks and piping storing either petroleum or certain hazardous substances.

    Who has a UST?
    USA.com / Joe V Williams Iii Et Al
    Joe V Williams Iii Et Al

    Chattanooga TN, 37402
    Hamilton County
    View Full EPA Profile

    Create Date: 2006-12-21
    Facility Site Type: Facility

    Facility Mailing Addresses

    Affiliation Type Delivery Point City Name State Postal Code Information System
    UNKNOWN 150 1/2 1ST ST. CLEVELAND TN 37311 UST



    When the UST program began, there were approximately 2.1 million regulated tanks in the U.S. Today there are far fewer since many substandard UST systems have been closed. For the most current statistics available, see the UST Performance Measures. Nearly all USTs at these sites contain petroleum. These sites include marketers who sell gasoline to the public (such as service stations and convenience stores) and nonmarketers who use tanks solely for their own needs (such as fleet service operators and local governments). EPA estimates that less than 10,000 tanks hold hazardous substances covered by the UST regulations.

    Why be concerned about USTs?
    Until the mid-1980s, most USTs were made of bare steel, which is likely to corrode over time and allow UST contents to leak into the environment. Faulty installation or inadequate operating and maintenance procedures also can cause USTs to release their contents into the environment.

    The greatest potential hazard from a leaking UST is that the petroleum or other hazardous substance can seep into the soil and contaminate groundwater, the source of drinking water for nearly half of all Americans. A leaking UST can present other health and environmental risks, including the potential for fire and explosion.

    (Keep in mind what Mr. Williams properties look like, and imagine this UST.)


  10. Asking questions are in fact good thing if you are not understanding something completely, but this post provides good understanding yet.


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