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Why Sustainable Development in Bradley County?

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Coming Soon to Bradley County!
Sustainable Development, 2035 BCC Growth Plan

From BCC 2035
Thanks Henry Lamb for your contributions!

From Agenda 21
Why Sustainable Development in Bradley County?
It is a property grab and your property rights are in jeopardy!
The United Nations Conference on Human Settlements states “ Land…cannot be used as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice… Public control of land is therefore indispensable…” “The effect of this process is to remove the decision-making process from the people and their elected officials and put the process and the outcome in the hands of the appointed professionals and special interest groups called stakeholders”

Public Act 1101 requires your elected leaders to hold two public hearings in the process of developing the County’s plan and present it to elected officials for approval. Elected officials have 120 days to ratify or reject the plan, failure to do one of the other results in automatic ratification. Counties that ratify the plan are subject to significant rewards! The following International codes minus the asterisks are already active in Bradley County!

This Comprehensive Land use Plan with these UN influenced codes transforms both the process through which decisions that govern citizens are made, and the market place where citizens earn their livelihood. The fundamental principal that government is empowered by the consent of the governed is completely bypassed in the process of developing the BCC 2035 Strategic Growth Plan. Nowhere in the process do the citizens, even through their elected officials, have an un-coerced opportunity to dissent, or withhold their consent. The plan was presented by appointed professionals, presented to elected officials, who may either approve the plan, or deny their citizens access to significant funding opportunities. Once government has the authority to control the use of privately owned land, as in the case in Bradley County, and throughout Tennessee, the natural step is for government to dictate the behavior of the people who own the land that the government controls.

The question remains- Are we ready to surrender free market capitalism, individual freedom of choice, private property rights, and government empowered by the consent of the governed? If we are, then we must explain to our elected officials with great accuracy and enthusiasm a better way to confront the future. Local communities must be free from state mandates that ignore state sovereignty. If the people are to have a voice in their government, and provide the consent that authorizes government action, people must be involved in these processes of government.
Tell your Elected Leader to VOTE NO on the Growth Plan that is going to cost you billions and will cause you to surrender your property rights and increase your taxes. Go to bradleyco.net, call them! Hurry, before it is too late! For more information please visit http://www.teapartyofbradleycounty.webs.com or our blog at http://www.bradleycountynews.wordpress.com or contact Donny Harwood at 423-284-4250!

Children in Bradley County to Haul Parents before UN Tribunal

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Children of Bradley County could have the opportunity to haul your parents before a United Nations Tribunal, every wayward teenagers dream, right? To get mom and dad in trouble without realizing the ramifications, of course.

Its happening now, I know it is hard to digest, but this is the bigger picture, may not affect you now or you feel it may never happen, but there are bad people in the shadows that do not have your best interest in mind athey hope you will continue to sleep!

SR 99, look it up! Call your Senator today to stop the madness.

Contributing Reporter Michael Farris.
Children Will Soon Be Able to
Haul Their Parents Before a UN Tribunal

“…some opponents of Humanism have accused us of wishing to overthrow the traditional Christian family. They are right. That is exactly what we intend to do.” The British Humanist Association, 1969
“…if you give me any normal human being and a couple of weeks, …I can change his behavior from what it is not to whatever you want it to be…. I can turn him from a Christian into a Communist…. We can control behavior.”
Psychology Professor James McConnell, 1966

“The child shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers….”
Convention on the Rights of the Child
Don’t be deceived! The twenty-year-old Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) has little to do with personal rights. It has everything to do with changing values and undermining the traditional family. Since it transfers parental authority to the state, Christian children are legally free to reject safe family guidelines. The state will back their choice! As Hillary Clinton wrote back in the nineties, “It Takes a Village!”
This heartbreaking process is illustrated by a Canadian family. (Since Canada has ratified this Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), it must conform to UN standards):
“The father had ordered the daughter… to remain off the Internet. She didn’t, chatting on websites her father had tried to block and then posting ‘inappropriate’ pictures of herself online, using a friend’s Internet portal. As punishment, the father refused to let her go on a scheduled school trip, so the 12-year-old went to Canada’s judicial system to get her way. …[she] had access to the courts using a court-appointed attorney representing her in her parents’ custody dispute.” June 18, 2008, WorldNetDaily
April 7, 2009: “Quebec Superior Court rejected the Gatineau father’s appeal of a lower court ruling that said his punishment was too severe for the wrongs he said his daughter committed. The father is ‘flabbergasted.'” April 7, 2009, CBC News, Canada
On June 9th, 2011, the Human Rights Council of the United Nations approved a new treaty that will operate in parallel with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). Under this “Optional Protocol to the Convention of the Rights of the Child on a communications procedure” children will be able to file a quasi-judicial complaint against their parents, their government, or anyone else alleged to have violated their rights under one of the three existing child’s rights treaties.
In addition to the main CRC, there are separate treaties regarding child soldiers and sex trafficking. These parallel treaties are also called “optional protocols.”
While the United States has not become a party to the main CRC, it became a party to the other two protocol treaties in 2002.
There are two remaining steps for this new Communications Protocol to become fully operative. First, this new treaty must be approved by the United Nations General Assembly. This is a foregone conclusion. Second, ten nations must become parties to this new treaty by signing and then ratifying under whatever process is followed in their own nation. In the United States this would mean the President (or his representative) would have to sign the treaty and the U.S. Senate would have to vote to ratify.
For a long time, we have pointed out that the CRC would give children the ability to file lawsuits against their parents in American courts. The advocates for the CRC have tried to downplay this idea. But now, in broad daylight, the United Nations itself—with the full cooperation and approval of the United States in the Human Rights Council—is creating a new mechanism that forthrightly allows children to “sue” their parents and haul them before the UN Committee in Geneva.
If the United States Senate approves this Communication Protocol, even if we do not approve the main CRC treaty, legal actions could still be filed by American children before this UN tribunal. Such actions would have to arise under one of the two optional protocols to which we are a party.
As is routine for UN treaties, this new protocol requires a child to first exhaust all domestic judicial remedies before turning to the UN tribunal.
One U.S. case that would almost certainly have been appealed to the UN if this new protocol had been in place involved two California cities that banned military recruiters on high school campuses. These cities claimed that such recruiting violated the UN optional protocol on child soldiers to which we are a party.
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the authority of the cities to pass such an ordinance. The disgruntled parties could then have pressed their action in the United Nations—if this new protocol had been in effect.
Obviously, the far greater danger lies in the possibility that the United States will adopt both the main Convention on the Rights of the Child and this new optional protocol. If this happens, then American parents can expect their children to threaten to “take them to Geneva” if there is a conflict over internet usage, dating, recreation, school choices, religious choices, or anything else. The scope of the UN’s CRC is absolutely unlimited and any parental decision at all could become the basis for a complaint.
A friend of mine says that the goal of every committee is to rule the world. The Committee on the Rights of the Child is making a serious run at achieving this objective. There is no doubt that some nations will adopt this new protocol and the UN will have an excuse to intervene in a great number of families in ways that would have been unimaginable just a generation ago.
Action Items
Whether the UN will gain the ability to rule the families of the United States will largely depend on efforts of people like you and me. If your Senator is not already a co-sponsor of SRes 99, please call them today and urge them to stop the UN from gaining this stunningly dangerous power.
Michael Farris
parentalrightsorganization.org – June 23, 2011

“Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.” Colossians 2:8

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