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No Mas, Chairman Weathers, Mr Morelock, No Mas!

In Uncategorized on July 10, 2011 at 7:40 AM

A resounding “ NO MORE TAXES” from the collective tax paying citizen in Bradley County!

The Education Committee from the Bradley County Commission met with the Bradley County School Board and Chairman Troy Weathers to discuss needs at two county schools, Walker Valley High School and Lake Forest Middle.
Commissioner Jeff Morelock suggested the commission look at funding the projects as well as a new Blue Springs School at the same time.

When Commissioner Brian Smith asked Mr Weathers if he had any capital projects money set aside that could be used toward the projects he implied “NO, it was all used on the Bradley Central High Schools Fine Arts Center.” Really? All of it Mr Weathers? Can you make room for it in your upcoming budget?

Mr Weathers went on to say “NONE OF THESE PROJECTS CAN BE COMPLETED WITHOUT A TAX INCREASE.” Really, Mr. Weathers? Really? Who are you to suggest to the commission that you need another tax increase? In a 40 million dollar budget your school board recieves 24 million dollars of it! 60 percent! Where do you get off on suggesting more tax money from its citizens? Ive got a grand idea, CUT, CAP and stop spending! You can surely find the needed money in there somewhere.

I can hear the stampede of do gooders and simplistic people say “but, but its for the children”, Ok I love my kids more than anything and I have hundreds of friends with thousands of kids in the County and City School systems, I could not care more for the children in Bradley County, I would lay my life down for my kids and many that attend the schools and it is awful simplistic of you to throw that argument in my face, but if you must go ahead. Nobody should doubt my love for the children of this county and their teachers. So onward we go!

I feel as we all struggle daily and in a very down economy and witness family members and their children who go without and to see the very cavalier Chairman of the Board Troy Weathers tell our governing body we must tax them more. This I feel is irresponsible and grossly arrogant of a leader in our community to place on our struggling families.

It is real easy to sit on a throne perched high above the peasants and survey your kingdom and utter the words “TAX THEM ALL, TAX THEM MORE, TAX THE PEASANTS, SERVANTS AND SLAVES WITHIN MY KINGDOM” Shame on you for wanting to put forth more hardship on the people you represent! How about this rebuttal, “Create your own way to finance these schools by making the needed cuts ! These schools were built in water laden flood plains and you knew they had flood problems before they were built and builders ignored the advice of much wiser people than I or you, to not build in those areas ” “How you like those apples?” Couldn’t this have been fixed years ago, now you want the taxpayer to bail you out again? Please!

All three projects would cost 24 million with an additional 12 million to be given to Cleveland City Schools. What? Evidently, there is an agreement from the 60’s that if the County borrows money for capital projects the City gets 33 percent of what is borrowed. This is a racket and you wonder why everytime there is a need in the county everyone yells “TAX THEM MORE!”

Commissioner Jeff Morelock went on to say, as from a man tilted to the left, he said and I paraphrase for emphasis, :I have a great big idea, lets lump the cost of all three schools together and that way boys and girls, we only have to tax the peasants one time, just one big ole tax to cover the 36 million needed! DAAAAAAAANG Mr Morelock, have you lost the ability to think clearly? We are living in one of the biggest recessions, pre depression eras in years and you are wanting to tax us more to patch Mr Weathers problems. Fix your problems from within! That was just free advice from a concerned citizen. Let me say loudly with you in mind this time “NO MAS, Mr Morelock, NO MAS TAXES! For you spanish challenged people out there that means NO MORE, MR MORELOCK,NO MORE TAXES!

A citizen recognized as Carlon Davis puts forth a comparatively great idea to the Commission. Carlon Davis suggested using the ball park on the site of the old Blue Springs School that originally was donated to build a new school and Mr Troy Weathers chimes in before any discussion “NO, WE WILL NOT TAKE THE BALLPARK FROM THE COMMUNITY” (But we can take 36 million from their pockets) he went on to say we are in negotiations with a property owner approximately 1 and a 1/2 miles from the Blue Springs School, it will be cheaper than trying to expand the current school and the sewer, we can tap into another area easier. What a load of crap! And not a single person there challenged him. It will be cheaper to buy property from another person, relocate the school, provide sewage and water instead of using the current facilities, with stated sewage and water lines already there and land that is paid for, really Mr Weathers, cheaper? Really? It don’t add up! Let me guess, no cost study was done before that statement was made, I am betting the farm one was not done! I remember now we don’t do those cost studies before a project is started in Bradley County! Please forgive me!

I cant believe that this tyrant within our school system is able to speak freely and recommend a large TAX INCREASE and not a single person shoots the idea down. Which brings me to a much discussed question “ who do our elected politicians really represent?” Do they really have the best interest of the citizens they represent, if so they would be acting differently!” End of rant! Throw down the mike and storm off stage right!!!

  1. Why can we not use grant money like smalll community learning grant and all the money needed for the education of german students and other foreigners kids to expand and build schools for actual american children? The IB program wil cost alot of tax money to create that should be going to schools for american kids. This sounds like when the city council and school board told parents at pga meeting to vote for a sales tax increase to build a science wing all the while not telllling them that the county would have to give them 6 million to put toward it when the county decided to build park view elem. Why is the county the only one building new schools? The city only replaces them. Just a thought.


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