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What we have is a Republic, if we can keep it.

In Uncategorized on July 10, 2011 at 9:34 AM

Our forefathers envisioned the people containing their government, free from King Georges tyranny and excess taxes and rule. The Tenth Amendment clearly lays out the plan that a limited government is a good government.

Our forefathers vision for the people is that we should control and guide our elected representatives and halt any attempt of the government from controlling its people with burdensome legislation, regulations, and excessive taxes.

In Bradley County there is a scent of eccentrism and elitism. The tone of government is not always “by the people, for the people.” We lack a role in our local government of participation. Many decisions in this town are made by a few vested persons or organizations and the involvement of the people is an afterthought. Action by our locally elected officials flows backwards as a river flowing uphill. Many decisions get thrown out to a few, approved by that few, and the decision is cast as the concensus of the people when in reality the people are often unaware of the proposal due to lack of public information.The opposite should reign true.

Granted, few Bradley Countians are involved in holding their City and County accountable to the people but secret deals, winks and handshakes are common place with creating policy in our community. It is not so much what you know, but more of who you know and what you as an interested individual stands to gain from an encounter with an elected official that may involve a monetary decisions with benefits. This is the nightmare that our forefathers have laid a groundwork to prevent. We as a County are being shortchanged by a government with limited vision out of touch with the bulk of the populace.

Facing these giants or tyrants in Bradley County comes with a price, the “good ole boys” network is tightly knit and will stand to defend its grasp on the people with a vengeance. This elected “band of brothers” will attempt every thing within their power to intimidate, coerce and discredit you, us, me, at every opportunity when faced with a conflicting thought or action.

When you face these tyrants be ready for most any action against the people. Keep in mind our forefathers went through this same oppression at the hands of an empire and they overcame it with truth and resolve. Maniacal crazy people, racist, tea baggers and an assorted number of other names comes to mind as I write this blog that we are called. The missing link is the ability of the people to hold the politicians accountable to the majority. These attacks on us are exactly the actions that are so damaging to a Republic, the people silenced by fear and intimidation, the constant attacks on the people for voicing discontent for a wayward governing body is the real tragedy.

Somehow lost in the muddiness of a governments oppression of the people is the hanging thought that somehow the people deserve to be squelched and “kept down”. The haughtiness of an elected official offended by a verbal or written challenge by a concerned patriot of a strong republic, to outspeak the citizen with a loud and vicious rebuttal, seems to carry a weight of nobility and respect among peers that the upper hand was gained on a citizen that dares speak of descension in a confrontation and a shadow of disrespect cast upon the collective persons. We are trapped within a society begging for balance and honesty. Our offices of the people have long been starving for true patriots with true loyalty to the people and not to the large corporations, wealthy individuals and the large volumes of interested and vested parties.

This criticism lobbied against myself and the Patriots of this community should only strengthen your resolve that we are doing the right thing! When you follow the money and ask the right questions, possibly getting to close for comfort the sparks begin to fly and crazy things happen. People begin to act very odd and angry, intent on ruining lives and discrediting the true patriot. Hang in there, they will stand up and fight against you the citizen as long as you allow them. Tyranny can only be overcome with a constant barrage of truth and honesty.

Hang on Patriots, hang on, the battle to gain our freedoms back lies in your desire to lift the lid of tyranny and overcome it with truth. Stand tall, our day will come, we will be vindicated, our town did not get this way overnight and it will not change tomorrow. Stand confident that tyranny can be overcome and it starts with you demanding change and creating an atmosphere that is conducive to keeping our republic strong, centered and intact.

Just as our forefathers we must look at the bigger picture, envision that future where the people still control the governement and its elected officials act like it. Be mindful that everything they disagree with you on they will attack you and somehow try to twist the truth to meet their end. Expect this daily and it will continue. It is their weapon of choice.

My question is to these elected politicians. Are you acting in the best interest of the citizens you represent, are you being constitutional in your decision making?

Sadly, in Bradley County, as in many communities in this great country, a few “cherry picked” individuals get placed on these decision making boards and commissions and are granted too much responsibility with little to NO accountability. The responsibilty of decisions about our immediate fate needs to be in the hands of the duly elected officials that are elected by the people and for the people. Not a few who will stand to benefit from the decisions they make based on the tightly woven “ill scratch yours if you will scratch mine mindset.

Fellow Patriots, the fight is on for a return to our dear republic that you own! We are true Patriots and we the people within this group are the sole bearers of our future, we can either remain like sheep to slaughter or stand up and get thousands involved or watch as our current administrations from DC to BC (Bradley County) are putting our quality of life and our childrens futures in jeopardy.

We must be willing to stand up and say enough is enough. We are the sounding board for the rest of the community, only we are willing to do it, lets borrow their words when they want to spend millions of taxpayers dollars, “lets do it for the children”. Please remember when you wear that Patriots hat you have a tremendous responsibility to fight tyranny and position ourselves every voting cycle to vote these self serving politicians out of office. We can no longer stand and watch. It is up to you, get the word out, spread the word, invite people to get involved, talk to your neighbor.

Many are out there that may not want to get directly involved, make sure they are registered to vote and feed them information and show them the way to get connected and involved.

We must keep our republic intact, we must!

Good day Patriots, good day!!!


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