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United Nations Could Soon Regulate Homeschoolers in Bradley County

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A British plan to allow local authorities “the right of access to the home” and “the right to to speak with each child alone” in order to evaluate homeschooling families and make certain they do what the government wants is a warning about what could happen in the United States, according to the worlds largest homeschooling advocacy organization HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association).

The World Net Daily reports that the UN is making plans to regulate you in your home!!! UNBELIEVEABLE! Bradley County and America we better wake up!

This article by WND reports that this has been adopted in the United Kingdom and is on its way to the United States. The Document however grants dozens of “rights” to children, sometimes running roughshod over conflicting parental rights, the organization said. The “UN Convention on the rights of the child” is the document the reporter is referring to and the HSLDA has been warning about for a number of years.

For example under the international document parents would no longer be able to administer reasonable “spankings” to their children, children would be granted the authority by the state to “CHOOSE THEIR OWN RELIGION!” The best interest of the child would govern all decisions and give the government the authority to override any parental decision, children would would have a legally enforceable “right to leisure” and parents would be required to have their children attend state sponsored “SEX EDUCATION COURTS.”

The article continues, If the US Senate were to approve it “the UNCRC will automatically supersede all state laws and US judges will be obligated to follow the provisions of the treaty.

Currently, family and education laws are state based, however ratification of the UNCRC would transfer the the jurisdiction for making family and education law to the US Congress, Congress would in turn, be obligated to follow the UN mandates contained in the UNCRC!

A few years from now or perhaps weeks, the headlines in the Cleveland Daily Banner reads UN REGULATES HOMESCHOOLERS IN BRADLEY COUNTY TENNESSEE, USA! It could happen and soon! Did you ever think the United Nations would be teaching and reccomending the curriculum at Walker Valley High School? I didnt even see it coming.

Did you ever think you would see the day when the Bradley County School Board home of several World Headquarters Church Organizations would lay down and remain silent as the UN invades Bradley County with their ideas that “God is in everything, just not God of the world”?

Did we ever think we would repeat the mistakes of Auschwitz? Did you think we would ever see Hitler rise from the ashes in America? Did we ever think we would lay down as our children become indoctrinated by a Socialist United Nations and our teachers, parents and elected leaders turn a blind eye to this takeover of our society?

Did you ever think our Veterans of Foreign Wars in this county would allow the UN to invade our schools, homes and lives? Did you ever think that a Mayor would welcome the UN to have their way and reconstruct our county for a federal grant? I am sorely disappointed at the lack of outrage and outcry?

Where is the “Greatest Generation” that applauded General Patten as he stepped on to the foreign beaches? Where are the brave, honorable men and women that have defended our country for years. Where are the parents who have been echoing for years “you better keep your darn hands off my child?” Where are they?

We are not talking this might happen anymore people…..its happening….. yesterday, in our county! Why are our parents not down at the Courthouse knocking on every councilmans or commissioners door or at the School Boards offices demanding to be heard, why are we not in Principal Coggins office at Walker Valley High School demanding he not accept this in his school?

We are afraid we might hurt someones feelings? We are at war and nobody knows it, our land of freedom is under attack and we are sitting on the couch, drinking a tall glass of iced tea, watching soap operas while your precious children are being manipulated by our elected leaders?

I never thought I would have to “beg a parent” or “talk a parent into protecting their children!” Perhaps it is time for our once great country to just roll over and relinquish all our sovereignty to a foreign International organization! Perhaps its time! Bradley County, USA, we are not only asleep, WE ARE DEAD!

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