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New Offensive Bumper Sticker Law applies to Bradley Countians

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Bumper Sticker Offensive, Pay the Fine

Tennessee State Representative Gary W.Moore House District 50 has updated a 1980’s Offensive Bumper sticker law. The law will include an increase in fines to 50.00 per offense and will restrict your freedom of speech or expression of religion by including in the updated legislation to include fines for displaying offensive bumper stickers, videos playing in your cars, window hangers and written statements on you vehicle

Knee jerk legislation by Mr Moore because of one call from an offended woman, WOW! One well intended State Representative overreacting to an overzealous soccer mom with six kids in the car saw a video playing in and on another persons property.

Please don’t give the “he shouldn’t have been playing a questionable video in his car crap!” You cannot legislate morality, it is too far reaching and makes for an intrusion into your Constitutional rights and religious freedoms further limiting your ability to enjoy the freedoms that come with being an American.

If someone finds the object in your car or on your car offensive, all a person has to do is take down your tag number and call the police, the local police will pay you a visit and write you out a little ticket, fining you for $50.00. Gotta love what America is turning into.

What this updated legislation didn’t do was clarify what is obscene? Where is the line drawn? What is offensive to me may or may not be offensive to you and vica versa. This leaves it wide open for any interpretation, any formulation of what is offensive. This is simply a tragedy! I see it potentially getting way out of hand at the local level.

“Jesus Saves”, “Repent Now”, “God is my co-pilot”, “ Less government –less taxes-more freedom”,” my child is an honor student”, or the recent one I saw “my child beat up your honor student” all could be offensive, You know when I saw these recently I never once called the police, I simply turned away. Simple, if I saw one of them and deemed it offensive here in Bradley County I would simply look away. If needed, did a little explaining to my children, wallah! I didn’t legislate millions and limit their freedoms based on a morality issue of one person trying to push their morality on me. That’s all I have to do!

This poor attempt to satisfy one constituent has taken freedom from millions across Tennessee and hints of Gestapo techniques. Where is the uproar, why are we not calling these freedom limiting reps phone and telling them to quit limiting our freedoms.
Ill tell you exactly why we wont say anything! We are asleep and we are allowing our elected officials rule the land as if we are in the Kingdom of the mighty ruler. We are not uncomfortable enough, there is not enough pain for you to react yet, Unfortunately, for us before we feel that first twinge of pain it will be too late.

You will not find this on the front pages of our local papers, so leave it to the Bradley County News to report the “other news”. The left leaning papers in this town leaves out a lot of details so please rely on our news to give you the details.

The contents of this article was Reported on WKRN news in Nashville recently, further documented on You Tube under the heading of “Tennessee stricter offensive bumper sticker law takes effect”

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