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No Government Checks to be issued in Bradley County after August 3rd!

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Got your attention, didn’t I?

When we speak of taking away your government check the ears perk up. Well, that is what the President said this week and I quote, “ I cannot gaurantee that those checks go out August 3rd if we haven’t resolved this issue.” Referring to Americas resistance to him and the left trying to lift the Nations debt ceiling!

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not! -Thomas Jefferson

President Obama knows too well how true the above statement by Mr Jefferson is. The president was insulting the US public when he was warning taxpayers that their government checks would not be there if they, the “republicans” did not allow him to raise the debt ceiling. What a baby! What a spoiled rotten Socialist idealogue he is! I feel as if my mommy has taken all the cookies out of the cookie jar and hidden them so I want get a tummy ache!

The US Treasury daily report states that we have more than enough money to operate and to send out “government checks.” And by the way Mr. President I, along with millions of others pay in millions to Social security taxes everyday. Does that all go away as a source of revenue for the masses? Does not our daily contribution to the SS coffers offer enough to fund it? Lets look at the facts!

The Treasury Dept at http://www.treasury.gov reports that as of the May 16th when the federal debt ceiling was met the federal government has taken in 1.333454 trillion dollars in tax revenue, by close of business July 7th, 2011 that balance had grown to 1.6296230 trillion. In a peiod from May 16th (the limit met) till July 7th the fed took in a total of 296.176 billion in new tax revenue. In that same time period interestingly enough, interest, let me repeat that, interest on the federal debt was 14.632 billion dollars. Interest! Not payment down! Interest!

A point made, the amount of revenue taken in in that 3 week period above could make 20 interest payments on the National debt. So Mr President don’t give me the “we don’t have the revenue bull crap.” The problem is and it glares on this page is the debt is simply to high to continue borrowing and spending endlessly. That is the real problem!

What you have the ability to do Mr president during this same time period between May 16th and July7th using the tax revenue that came in during that time period, was pay the interest on the debt, maintain all the big government entitlements, (medicare, Medicaid, Social security benefits, plus veterans benefits), plus all wages and insurance benefits for federal workers including military personnel and paid all the money that the government planned to pay Defense Department vendors.
Mr President, from now on when you want to use Socialist, marxist scare tactics to pursue your liberal agenda, get the facts straight before you try to scare the general public into taking away their government teet and manipulaing us to fulfill your agenda!

One thing for sure is you want find these headlines on the front page of our local papers!

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