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President and Congress Turn out the lights on Bradley County!

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A vote in the House yesterday failed to repeal part of a 2007 law by George Bush that would begin gradually phasing out energy efficient incandescent light bulbs in January.

The final vote was 233-193 with only 10 republicans breaking ranks to vote against this repeal!
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office issued a statement Tuesday saying “Republicans were taking American families another step backward by voting for the bill.”

She went on to say that the “new light bulb standard” would save the country 12.5 billion per year when they are fully implemented in 2020 according to a study done by the Natural Resources Defense Fund, another expensive green agency that our government seems to be listening to frequently.

A spokesman for Texas Governor Rick Perry said his states repeal of the incandescent bulb phase out, which he signed into law in June, was about protecting jobs and pushing back against government overreach into matters that should be left to states to determine.

There is no reason to issue a ban on something that is still in demand, said Perry spokesman Catherine Fisher.

So, I guess we drive to Texas to get our incandescent light bulbs, oh come on America, it’s a foundation thing, its a 10th amendment issue, its about principle, its about more than a light bulb, its about the government mandating to us what we should do. I, along with Governor Lavender and Congresswoman Bachmann believe that we didn’t send our elected leaders to congress to tell us which light bulbs to buy.

The 10th Amendment clearly states “the powers not delegated by the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited to it by the United States, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people! You remember the Constitution that used to be around before 2008 or at least respected and for the most part upheld before then, well it has been trampled on again.

The Federal law signed in 2007, by then president George Bush, requires all bulbs to be 25% more efficient by 2014. That would mean a traditional 100 watt incandescent bulb must now use only 75 watts.
This doesn’t mean that everyone should have to buy the expensive curly tailed lights at 2 to 4 dollars a pop, filled with mercury, emit mercury while using, made in China to boot and require special disposal when they run out of life. Then I purchase another for 2 to 4 bucks, what a boon to the Chinese government and its economy.

I love how the left uses George Bush and Ronald Reagan in their arguments when it comes to balancing their argument and adds a miserable attempt to somehow label me as a fan of either, “you know George Bush and Ronald Reagan passed the first energy efficiency bills and even proposed the incandescent light bulb changes back in the 80’s and 90’s, weak, weak is your argument!

The matter at hand now is the left is making it happen. If you know me and my political understanding evolution, I have grown to disseminate between a Republican and a Democrat, good and bad, right and left, you will know that I don’t see much a fundamental difference between the two. So, I will speak against anyone or any ideaology that represents bigger government, less freedom and more taxes.

I have been solely disappointed in our whole government, Republicans and Democrats alike. The Red Donkeys that I have spoken of in past articles.

The bottom line is Congress and Mr Barrack Hussein Obama are squashing your freedoms by mandating taking away a personal choice, a personal freedom at the hands of an out of control, overreaching government.

Incandescent light bulbs, you know the ones that Thomas Edison invented many years ago. The inexpensive light bulb that America has been used to lighting up every room in your home for years is no longer. The phase out will begin in 6 months, stock up!

Even before starting this article, people were already challenging this negation of freedom defending Congress to the death on this “elementary yet serious and fundamental issue”. “Why are you worried about a darn light bulb when the economy is going to hades in a hand basket” Oooooh the naivete of the American people mainly on the left that have been numbed by their own centered beliefs and dont see this that they don’t see it as one of the basic principles of our democracy, our republic is at stake here. The government governing your thoughts and actions within your own household! The last bastion of freedom is being threatened. That is the bare fact and the essential pieces that needs to be understood here.

We are in the middle of a huge battle for our freedoms and we have a Socialist acting President with a “yes man” Congress that is voting in his liberal agenda and ignoring the will of the people. The assault on our personal freedoms is well underway and will continue until we either wake up or we no longer have an America that we recognize.

A simple request by our forefathers is being ignored in America by our Congress and our President! We are a nation of free people, whom for the most part pride themselves on freedom of choice, a right to do pretty much for the most part what we want, when we want on a daily basis without much interference. Today that is being limited, tomorrow that will be gone.

These rights I enjoy for the most part. I get up in the morning, I turn on the light of my choice, I drink a cup of coffee of my choice, I take a bath, I start my day, drive down the road pretty much free and go to work, recreate pretty much the same way.

Today, as I awaken, one of my personal freedoms have been whittled away and it has me a little sideways, a little of me was taken away by the Federal Government, a small task that I admittedly have taken for granted for years, my right to choose a darn light bulb to light my path.

It is the beginning of the end!

Contributing source: US News!

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