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Mayor Davis says no new taxes, then explains increase in taxes!

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Why does it seem we are not being told the truth?

Revenue neutral! Tax free financing! Free money! Property tax valuations! No new taxes (you can see). These all seem to be the popular buzz words of our locally elected leaders in Bradley County and the funny thing is people buy it!

We dont have a tax increase………we do have a tax increase…….which is it? Nonone else in Bradley County is reporting this! Why is that? Why not report the truth? If we dont report it, then the public does not find out? I am just seeking the truth.

Emails to several Commissioners, local newspapers and Mayor about this process, awaiting a response……day 2!

It somehow gives the leaders in this country and Bradley County the right to misdirect the public and the shame of it is the liberal media and the recent Chattanooga Times Free Press article by Randall Higgins that allows it to be a huge headline and no one calls the Mayor out on this, even touting the headline as Mayor says “no new taxes” which in fact their will be a fire tax increase for some as mentioned deep into the article.

A tax increase of any kind is still a tax increase! Lets report it, then you decide if this is something you want in a Mayor to represent you in Bradley County, thats all! Lets dont pretend it doesnt exist or didnt happen.

The article describes the huge efforts by the Mayor and select Bradley County Commissioners finally appearing to be working out an agreement on a fire contract and an enhanced fire program that doesn’t require our taxes to be raised. Or so it seems! Commissioner J.Adam Lowe even expressed how he was encouraged at how well the numbers looked.

The new enhanced plan calls for two new fire halls, salary for the existing fire halls and the building of two new fire halls, two pieces of new property, one already purchased, two new fire trucks at an estimated $ 300,000.00 each, one rumored to be already sitting somewhere near a beach complete with pictures, reocurring salaries for 60 or so firemen, benefits and insurance, gear and ongoing support and assorted unexpected and unknown costs.

Lets then add in the amount of money to buy out the Cities portion of this and the City demanding the cost estimates before they move on as mentioned by Bill Estes, and who knows what they will think the new value should be. Nonoe seems to know that answer either

But again many requests for cost are being ignored, either noone knows and they will be willing to vote on it anyway, noone really knows which is sad, because you would think the cost would be a major factor to their constituency or everyone knows and are unwilling to share because it will reveal too much information for some reason or another!

Again, as a concerned citizen, with all the self proclaimed money gurus and “professional politicians” in town, I am finding my self once again looking for the answers that should be easily available to the public. But here goes another estimate and please someone prove me wrong, the debate may reveal more information because in this day of secrecy from the “high society” any answers are profound ones and are quickly devoured by an interested public.

I am estimating this to be several million to tens of millions or better in cost to the taxpayers of Bradley County. This does not seem to be encouraging news to Joe The Taxpayer or to the citizens of Bradley County.

The article went on to describe the County placement of the additional fire halls within the county, the fringe area will also grow requiring some to see a fire tax increase!

This does seem to be a NEW TAX INCREASE!


It only makes sense that somehow in the near future we will have to pay for this “enhanced fire contract.” YOU AND ME!

The Mayor appears to have misguided the truth or at least twisted the truth or overspoke forgetting the details and the CTFP allowed him to post the wrong wording as a headline in their paper and not even tell the truth as it happened. The heading should have read, “Some taxes in Bradley County will be raised by Mayor!” Not “no new taxes.”

The fact is Bradley County, you will be facing a “new tax” and it will affect “some” Bradley Countians, period!

I think what the Mayor meant to say or should have said or quoted in this article was your property tax would not be raised on this project…………for now! Because earlier in the article it referred to no new property taxes, which failed to mention a new fire tax increase!

“As for a tax increase, rural rsidents who move into the “new fringe” area will have better coverage and will see a fire tax increase to the fringe rate.”, ” You are correct. It is a tax increase for those people. Keep in mind that in January, I defended our most affordable option and lost. I proposed renewing the contract with the city at a reduced rate and handing the savings back to the fringe residents in a tax deduction. Only Hall, Smith and me voted for it. To prevent hemorrhage, I turned to trying to make the county plan as affordable as possible but only because I cant get them on board with a contract renewal”, J. Adam Lowe, 4th District Commissioner

Your fire tax will be raised!

Amount unknown because the original reporter did follow up on the question. The article did partially report a difference of about 22 cents when quoting several rates, then again, I dont know!

So my question often ignored will get asked again and as Im accustomed to will probably get ignored again to expedite the process unseen, but I will continue to be diligent and true to my constitutional duty within the 10th Amendment, ready, here goes for all its worth………………………………….

Mr Mayor “what will it cost me?”

What is that silence?

Aaaaaah the breeze and the silence!

Im going to sleep now!

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