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Bradley County School Board opts for 13,000 per acre and new School, Citizens urge use of existing land!

In Uncategorized on July 20, 2011 at 3:53 PM

Last week the board traveled to the new site of the Blue Springs school to see if it was a good fit for the “citizens of Bradley County” and “did it for the kids” practically driving by the land already paid for by Bradley Countians en route to the new improved expensive site.

The board attempted to portray a group effort, working pictures on the site, complete with a rosy feeling of togetherness and teamwork, but as Im reviewing the article in the banner, I couldn’t help but think, they already had their mind made up. This decision was made long before they drove the less than two miles to get to the new more expensive plot of land.

Their effort to show a genuine interest in ‘THE KIDS” and acting on their behalf to make the best choices with the tax payers money. I see now this was a smoke screen! They have once again, with a beautiful marketing plan and assist from the local biased left wing local media once again put one over on the concerned citizen with the slick maneuvering of Johhny McDaniel, Troy Weathers and their willing minions on the school board!

The board has also okayed the approval of a downpayment on the new property. The Board is boasting that the bulk of the purchase will be in the form of an insurance payment that was I am guessing was intended to be used to fix the existing school and fix the property, not for the purchase of a new plot of land in which to waste another incredible lump of taxpayer money.

I can hear it now! The bulk of the expense is “insurance money”, it is free money, wont cost the taxpayer a penney. Its for the kids!

As long as you are shifting money in any direction and you are using it any way you feel necessary and the result of that action causes me millions in new taxes, I have a right to speak up and will continue to do so.

$ 13,000 an acre for 20 acres, that’s over a quarter of a million dollars just for the land. Come on school board, what ae you thinking?

$ 20,000,000.00 to 30,000,000.00 (million) for a new school.

The existing property $ 0.00, that is no dollars with the risk of a surplus pending insurance money for repair work to the existing area.

A ballpark at the existing property to be used for a new school $0.00

An existing sewer system and its surrounding infrastructure $ 0.00.

0.0 for the existing school

$ 30 to 40,000,000.00 (million)for a new school and an inevitable property tax increase!


I guess the Capital projects budget will not be big enough next year to support itself to pay for this project either as Chairman Troy Weathers has recently been quoted as saying “we spent all the money on other projects and the only option he saw to pay for this would be a Property tax increase on the citizens of Bradley County.

Just think about this for future thoughts, the 2035 BCC Strategic growth plan calls for 10 new schools in Bradley County, who will pay for this? You and your property tax will of course, because Chairman Troy Weathers has said that is the only way to pay for it. This is just another request from our educational system to milk the taxpayer when 60% of our current budget goes to them already! 60%! And they are taking more!

Let me analyze this further with my limited but insightful ability;:
Lets say roughly 30 to 40 Million for a new school, property and sewage (and Mr McDaniels even said we can recycle some of the old sewer for spare parts at the new school and other schools, now that’s a planner right there for you, save the budget Mr McDaniels.

If I remember correctly one of the big reasons this property was deemed unfit for a new school was that the current sewage system was not adequate for a new school, but we are moving it down the road a cool 2 miles for use at the new school.

$ 0.00 minus insurance repair money= Where we might stand to break even or possibly see a surplus VS up to 40 million for a new school and supporting infrastructure.

The decision should be easy!

Let me ask again because the details will remain hidden and secret till after it is voted on by our Bradley County Commissioners, But I am going to ask the inevitable question, ready, here goes, if my numbers don’t add up and reflect the true numbers, then satisfy your constituency, please prove me wrong and tell us anything, and what you tell me and the people who vote for you will be received gladly, so now……………………..What will this cost the taxpayers?

Does our board really have the best interest of Bradley Countians in mind when they are allowed to make huge demands like this on their constituency. Their is an obvious disconnect between what is right and what is going to cost us tens of millions in new taxes.


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