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McDaniels scores high, raise pending, more money, new 10 year plan, 2 County schools needs sink to bottom of list!

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Scoring a 4.68 out of 5 from the Bradley County School Board is like conducting a survey at a family reunion for uncle of the year and only one uncle present. It is a given that he is going to score well in the environment of the YES people that surround him.

Board member David Kelley said he would like the Board to do a wage compensation study before a final contract is negotiated.

Here we go! Spend more money and see no improved results, a failing system getting ready to ask the taxpayer to foot more of the bill to give the School Director a raise and build more schools. According to the last comparison he saw the Bradley County’s Director was in the bottom half of director salaries in the state.

Kelley wants a study done to see if this is still accurate. He also wants the salary information to be taken into consideration during the new contract process.

Also during the “gathering” of YES men and women on the board Mr McDaniels presented a “revised capital needs project” plan which covers potential needs for the next 10 years based on projected growth. We now have a glowing job performance, a raise and possibly 5 new schools and no one on this board seems to care that we are in a near depression and definitely in a recession and they are asking for about a half a billion, BILLION, in spending to be placed on you the taxpayer.

Chairman Troy Weathers has been quoted recently that the only way we can support the growth to our schools is to raise the property taxes. Come on Chairman!

This sounds like one big nice butt scratching board meeting they recently had. WOW! Stick it to the taxpayer meeting. Would love to have been in the room just to feel the love! Yeeee haah! Gotta love it!!!

Is the board aware of the hardship this will place on the citizens of this county? Are they completely out of touch? Are they so far up the behind of board leadership that they cant see what they are doing to the people they serve, the citizens of this County? Does anyone know that times are hard and that having a single meeting that potentially will raise their property taxes and God only knows what other taxes.

Also, it was reported earlier that there are three other needs in the County, this project was 4th on the list and came out of nowhere to 1st and trumped the other needs in the County that is affecting thousands of school kids in the County.

The board did offer a peace offering of sorts when Board Member Christy Critchfield reiterated that she is aware of this project being 4th down the list, by saying she is upset that Blue Springs was 4th on the list (really numero ono) but went on to say” I don’t know what we could take off the list, cause we need everything on the list.”

The list just grew longer and the initial Lake Forest and Walker Valley needs have slipped further down the list to perhaps 6th or 7th further behind the Directors Raise, a glowing evaluation, 5 to 6 new schools and a 10 year growth project, an old school demolition, a new sewer system, purchase of new land for a school we already have land for, a new school on that property, wait a minute that is a drop from 1st and 2nd down to the bottom 9th and 10th priority.

As a salute to WVHS and LFMS that are way down the list and getting bumped for “prettier items” there are plans to build LFMS a brand spanking new Academic building and to Mr Coggin for pushing the good fight and some how placing some 1500 students into a 1200 student building, you steward of faithfulness, you product of the County System that has been trained to “keepeth thy mouth shut while I bump you to the bottom of the list, you sir will get a brand new building for you too at the the expense of the taxpayers, I mean peasants.

Gladly partake within my Kingdom! I am a giving King with an endless supply of the peasants cash! Heck, lets propose building a new city, a county, let me expand my kingdom till we are completely broke. AAAAA haaaaaaa hhhhhhhaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaah (that was a loud mean Kingly laugh) as I always say from my throne of Education “let them eat cake!” Or was that Marie Antoinette. I never get my facts straight!

Contributing source: The Cleveland Daily Banner


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