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Robins and Morton Division gets “massive 80 million dollar contract at Olin”, 2 months experience!

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How did this happen?
The local news media is making it extremely easy to cover the news in Bradley County from the “other side” perspective. There always seems to be a side that isnt told, a side that isnt reflected in the pages of our local media. That is why Bradley County News exists! Please don’t stop here!

In the July 15th issue of the Banner they reported and mislead the people of Bradley County into thinking the MASSIVE CONTRACT of 80 MILLION DOLLARS was awarded to a very experienced and grounded organization with over 65 years of experience. In fact, Robins and Martin Contractors have been in business for some 65 years…………..building hospitals and outpatient centers.

Lets put this into a little perspective. How does a company with so little experience in the “chemical” field get such a lucrative contract largely funded with taxpayer dollars and the public is completely unaware?

Then lets look what is in the immediate vicinity of Olin Chemical, schools and people who live in subdivisions, that’s who. It has been rumored that Olin has been spewing Mecury into the community for years. Do we also want a new division of a company handling all those chemical irresponsibly? You decide! It isnt hard for me!

Another fact, Robins and Morton Power and Industrial Division who were just awarded a massive 80 billion dollar contract was formed only two months ago, they have not according to their website been in the Power and Industrial business but 2 months, established May 2011. (taken directly from their website) http://www.builders@robinsmartin.com just in time for this “Massive contract.”

This division of this company was formed less than 60 days ago! I call this NO EXPERIENCE handling Mercury, Chlor alkalai, bleach, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen, potassium hydroxide and other bleach products. A recipe for disaster! Im sure they have a scientist or to and someone will show me a few, but, this seemingly has not been their “line of business’ but for 60 days.

This hardly sounds like a company I would pay 80 million dollars to head a massive project of this magnitude. I don’t know about you but this is not a place for on the job experience. If I were needing work on my house, I wouldnt go looking to pay the least experienced, least qualified company to hand over $ 80,000,000.00 dollars to let alone over half of that taxpayer money……..unless of course I knew them or they were family!

Follow the money trail! May surprise you where it ends up! No proof, just stinks!

You may ask why are you so worried about this in the Bradley County News. Well for one I knew when I saw this headline plastered on the front page glaring “Massive Contract Awarded by OLIN”, It caught my attention and one click on the net and I got the information I needed! I suspect something is up!

Secondly, I saw that the local Cleveland Bradley County Industrial Development Board was directly involved, whose board is chocked full of realtors, investors and contractors.

Thirdly, if there is such a word, it appears huge amounts of taxpayers dollars in the amount of 41 million dollars are being partially paid for by the ever so progressive CLEVELAND BRADLEY INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT BOARD to the newly formed Industrial company! Not to mention, it will be financed for 15 years complete with interest payments by your non elected, non accountable, low responsibility Industrial Board.

But who is reading the local papers and who dares to do the research, a two month old division of a company gets an 80 million dollar “massive contract” for a major project that could affect thousands of citizens of Bradley County if they mess something up!

Think about it!

Then go back to sleep as our County falls apart before your eyes.

Sleep Bradley County………………sleep!

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