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Hungry Wolves, Kings, Peasants, Higher taxes, Costly Growth Plan, in Bradley County? Time for change!

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As many of you know we are heading toward a financial disaster for our town if the Growth plan goes forward as many in local government predict it will. We will be faced with a huge tax burden that will reach even into our childrens childrens future.

Billions of dollars from you and a promise from the Federal Government to provide your tax dollars to supplement this effort.

Speaking recently to a County Commissioner who will remain unidentified, because I did not disclose that I may use this in this article, but he relayed to me that he doubts future money will be there in the form of “stimulus money” in the years to come and look where we are at that point. Up to our necks in this growth project and the funds are cut off. What will that do to our coffers.

Right Mr Commissioner, not only is the Federal Government not sending our tax dollars back to us we will have to go after more at the local level in the form of a property tax or other taxes too.

Do you know how many people see our bodies and land as a tax revenue source…..bunches. They stare at you and everytime they see you they salivate, dollar bills flash in front of them like a wolf views a bloody piece of meat. (To be honest have never seen a wolf stare at a bloody piece of meat, but I have an imagination) And we are to date allowing them to do whatever they want especially as it relates to our schools.

Enough is enough Bradley County and City elected officials. We are staring at a huge beast and it fangs are glaring and the growl is at a low rumble (like the wolf staring at the bloody piece of meat, I was hoping I could use that description again). We are in the belly of the beast and our future is in the hands of the County Commission, the City Council and its Mayors.

There is something fundamentally wrong with a group of elected officials who are ignoring the cries of its citizens in hopes that someone will plant a dollar bill in their hand. Makes me want to pull what little hair I have left in my head out.

Do they not see it or are they ignoring the obvious manifestation of an ill thought out plan with a diabolical outcome. The masses must speak up on this issue.

The Nation is watching Bradley County, the eyes are upon us and our elected leaders. The County Commission has the opportunity to do the right thing and be a saving grace to our community. Lets hope they dont get distracted by the dollar signs and the minions on these Non Governmental Boards who are driving this! Lets rethink this!

Lets get the Federal Government out of our decision making at the local level and do as the state has asked us to do per public act 1101. Lets get together with the cooler heads that are prevailing here and rethink the requests of the 1101 State Act which requires us to have a growth plan or repeal the act all together. We can do that too!

Lets rethink through this and see if we can come up with an alternative plan to thwart the astronomical costs of doing it the way of the federal government and International bodies that are trying to gain ground on our freedoms. Something else must work better. Swallow the costs associated with the many misled opinionated consultants that have led us astray, forgive the politicians who know not what they have done to potentially bankrupt the City and County, forgive the few gainly professional politicians who hold state board positions who give the iron fist when negotiating and pushes their agenda down the throats of those that have a soft backbone and no padding on the behind.

Those who stare you down when you walk in the room trying to intimidate the concerned citizen, forgive them all and lets start over, with citizen input. Lets get the beuracrats, the politicians, the minions, the NGOs, the people who stand to benefit from the billions and will quickly line their pockets with taxpayer money, away from the decision making.

Where have we gone astray! Our forefathers warned us and gave us the ammunition to arm ourselves when our government at any level becomes a monarchy. Grab the Constitution Bradley County it is time to go to war, to use the constitution and remind these politicans, especially the professional ones that they work for us and we do not have to be intimidated with their tyranny.

King George had his day and believe me their are several King Georges in our midst. Time to run them accross the pond as we did a few hundred years ago. The kingdom is being built, the Kings are gaining strength and the peasants are tired of all the new taxes being forced upon them. Its time to stand up!

Lets bust up the “good ole Boy network, expose them and proverbally cut their heads off at the ballot box.Lets defang the wolf, lets vote out the Kings, rid our county of the costly Growth Plan, thwart and divert higher taxes, its time Bradley County!!!

We can do this.

Lets take our county back!

Thats a great idea!

Lets give it a try.

How about that for change!

Lets change the way the Change agent in DC is doing things.

Thats the ticket Bradley County!

GO TO WWW.bradleycountynewsnetwork.net under the government banner and vote NO on an online petition against the BCC 2035 Growth Plan!

Lets get busy!

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