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Bradley County stimulus plan not working, Obama agrees!

In Uncategorized on July 25, 2011 at 8:41 AM

Drop your stimulus weapon, you professional politician! The gig is up!

The dream of little soft beds padded with money are gone! The stimulus didn’t work……..what?………I don’t understand!……..But Barrack Obama said the endless tax dollars pumped into our neighborhoods would create jobs and save the world! The White House admits its not working!

I know as this is being reported many within our Local City and County elected leadership are back on their heels wondering why their government teet was impolitely yanked from our Mayors mouths!

While most of us had a wonderful long weekend over the July 4th holiday, President Obamas own Council of Economic Advisers provided powerful evidence that the American recovery and Reinvestment act of 2009 was nothing more than a very expensive myth and not working, so they released the news release while you were celebrating the 4th.

Oh, we got suckered and I doubt our leaders have ever seen this news release straight out of the White House. I know they want hear about any of this cause the news to the left will keep it hush hush and the politicians who have fumbled over taxpayer dollars from DC will be slightly embarrassed!

We have signs all over our county showing our dedication to the Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the ways of Obama! You know them! On nearly every road, the round ones with the leaves and the website at the bottom, red and blue, yeah, you have seen them. Now do you understand our City and Counties motivation over the last 2 years to spend like drunken sailors on shore leave.

The move to covertly announce the news while you were busy, was intentional, to hopefully get it past you while you were sleeping.

The White House Economic team came out at the same time on the 4th and said that the stimulus “created or saved” 2.4 million jobs, the total price tag, nearly 1 trillion dollars and growing. That is about $ 277,500 dollars per job created or saved, that is the same amount of cash delivered by Obama to our local politicians and are they ever accepting it. Hand over fist!

What did we get out of this stimulus package? We got Broadband Internet Services for a cool 7.2 billion, rural broadband that was often duplicated in the “country”, remember the White House Rural Council and the plan to take your property and make a park out of it, yeah, I wrote about it about a week ago.

The Omaha World News reported that the Omaha School Board voted to spend $130,000. In stimulus funds to buy 8,000 copies of a book on how to “become more culturally sensitive”. Our own County school board received a big ole Small Learning Communities grant to turn our local high school into a Global thinking High School complete with Social Justice for all.

Do you remember not to long ago the President rammed through this legislation that was supposed to save the world and get us on the track to prosperity? Remember it was supposed to create 3 to 4 million new jobs by the end of 2010. Can I remind you that in 2009 when this all started unemployment was 7.8% and this was to keep it from going over 8.0%, now we sit at 9.2 % by conservative estimates, some say is actually higher. Newest estimate nearly 420,000 new people unemployed.

Our locally elected officials believed in Obama! They saw the green lined coffers that will grow on the backs of this socialist acting president! They believed that change was coming to Bradley County and they were hopeful, they believed in the change agent and gave it a very sophomoric approach and went into this blindly wwithout much thought. Just looking at the money!

What is missing is how it backfired on them. It is economics 101! The government sends you money, you gladly take it and spend, save or invest the money, the money is gone and we see no positive effect on the economy. Just like at home, you make it you spend it, its gone.

The result we do see from a broken stimulus package is that higher taxes, bonds that still need to be paid off, TIF programs that are still going to need your taxpayer money to fund, higher interest rates, trillion dollars in debt, PILOT programs, no sales tax agreements with huge corporations, the free market depleted, the local guy out of business, fake worthless money being passed around like candy, a crashing pre depression economy and a big huge hole left in our local economy where stimulus money once flowed freely and we took it freely and we stand around and dare wander, “what happened?”
Our money ran out in May and the President is begging for more, the debt ceiling debate continues.

All that stimulus taken away and who is left holding the bag? Who ignored the concerned citizen who without the money in front of their eyes could not see the writing on the wall, your locally elected professional politicians, that’s who! Lets hold them accountable for this near bankruptcy of our county.

The dog and pony show is over! The Obama stimulus package is no longer stimulating, the thrill is gone. Time for us in Bradley County to breathe deep, put on our big girl panties and somehow seek a solution to fix this mess! 2012 and 2014 couldn’t come soon enough!

We would have been much better off if we had not gotten on the “change” wagon so quickly and believed that Obama could fix all our ills with his socialist ideas, advisers and eloquent speeches. We should have went with our gut on this one!

Contributing source: The Chattanooga Times Free Press

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