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We have recently recognized our own City Mayors recent “Prestigious” re-appointment to the Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Affairs, TACIR for short.

This organization in my opinion, is to be most feared in our community and threatens our livelihood and economic stability of our local community, FAR BEYOND WHAT I CAN DESCRIBE TO YOU!

This agency although government associated, not elected by our people, has been adopted and embraced by our Local City Mayor Tom Rowland. He has elevated its status and it has been allowed to set policy, mainly our growth policy in Bradley County for many years unrecognized for it leftist agenda. It has been allowed to be a reckoning force of setting a liberal policy in Cleveland and eventually Bradley County for many years.

The direct minion of this disastrous community effort has been re-appointed by Governor Bill Haslam recently.

TACIR is to be feared.

The Tennessee General Assembly created a framework for development of sound growth policy in 1998 by enacting Public Chapter 1101 (PC 1101), “The Growth Policy Act.”

PC1101 requires local officials within each of the ninety two non-metropolitan counties to shape growth policy through the development of 20 year old growth plans. The act did not impose a single state wide solution, it did however, include five statements of legislative intent:

1) To eliminate annexation or incorporation out of fear
2) To establish incentives to annex or incorporate where appropriate
3) To more closely match the timing of development to the provision of public services
4) To Stabilize each county’s education funding base and establish an incentive for each county legislative body to be more interested in educational matters.

The General assembly has assigned ALL responsibility for monitoring the implementation of PC 1101 to TACIR!

PC 1101 provides that counties and their associated municipalities are to develop county wide growth plans. These plans are to be developed and recommended by coordinating committees and submitted to county commissions and the governing bodies of the municipalities within the county. Counties and municipalities may reject or ratify those plans. Ratified plans are are submitted to the local Government Planning Advisory Committee (LGPAC).

The plans are to establish Urban Growth Boundaries (UGB), Planned Growth Areas (PGA), and Rural Areas (RA’s).County and Municipal governments may declare an impasse and have plan conflicts resolved by the Secretary of States Office.
Smart Growth and Urban Sprawl.

The TACIR paints this relative but bleak scenario of our county on its website and I quote loosley:

People are driving 50 miles or more to their jobs, sitting in traffic for hours each day. Like generals going to battle every day, they plan their activities strategically before leaving home. When they pull out of their driveways, many see a transformed driveway, one that does not look like the place where they settled just a few years ago. Farms are becoming housing-subdivisions or shopping centers, small towns are becoming suburbs, suburbs are becoming sattelite cities, two lane roads are becoming 4 lane highways…..this phenomenon has become known by a single word……SPRAWL!

Smart Growth according to the TACIR website is about:
1) Finding new sources of economic vitality for rural towns and counties that are spiraling downward with a loss of jobs, tax revenues, social services and people.
2) Finding ways to preserve the scenic beauty …to attract tourism, second homes and retirement development.
3) Rejuvenating Cities and inner suburbs

The TACIR website continues to elaborate ,Smart Growth then, is not about curtailing all growth, it is about each community planning wisely for the future.

Source: Smart Growth for Tennessee Towns and Counties, a process guide by Mary English, Jean Peretz and melissa Manderschied, UT Knoville, feb 1999

SPRAWL: Some reasons to be concerned:
1) It sucks the life out of older downtowns and neighborhoods
2) Destroys community character and countryside
3) Reduces face to face interaction among people, thereby making it difficult to create or retain a sense of community.
4) Forecloses alternatives to the automobile as a means of transportation
5) Leaves older cities and towns with excessively high concentrations of poor people, social problems…

Source: Constance E. Beaumont, 1996. Smart States, better communities, Washington DC, National Trust for Historic Preservation, page 264.

TACIR also on the site shows links to Multiple Perspectives on Growth. Pay special attention to some of the sites where they develop their philosophy and refer to to drive their policy, listen very carefully!

1) The Sierra Club http://www.sierraclub.org Ding Dong, huge bells!
2) Smart Communities network http://www.smartcommunities.ncat.org
3) US Environmental Protection Agency. http://www.epa.gov More bells and whistles sounding!
4) US Dept of Agricultures Economic Research Service http://www.ers.usda.gov
5) American Farmland Trust http://www.farmland.org
7) American Policy Center http://www.americanpolicy.org, most interesting to me!
8) Center for Liveable Communities, http://www.lgc.org
9) Center for Neighborhood technology http://www.cnt.org
10) Congress for New Urbanism http://www.cnu.org
11) The Conservation Fund http://www.conservationfund.org
12) Environmental Law Institute http://www.eli.org
13) Environmental Law from Lexis Nexis http://www.lexisnexis.com
14) International City/County Management Association http://www.icma.org
15) Lincoln Institute of Land Policy http://www.lincolninst.edu
16) Local Government Commission http://www.lgc.com
17) National Association of Home Builders http://www.nahb.com
18) National Associatio of Local Government Environmental Professionals http://www.nalgep.org
19) National Association of Realtors http://www.realtor.org
20) National Center for Smart Growth and research and Education http://www.smartgrowth.umd.edu
21) National League of Cities http://www.nlc.org
22) Natural Resources Defense Council http://www.nrdc.org
23) National Trust for Historical Preservation http://www.nthp.org
24) Planning Commissioners Journal http://www.plannersweb.com
25) Smart growth America http://www.smartgrowthamerica.org
26) Smart Growth Network http://www.smartgrowth.org
27) Sprawl Watch Clearinghouse http://www.sprawlwatch.org
28) Sustainable Communities Network http://www.sustainable.org
29) Urban Land Institute http://www.uli.org
30) The Trust for Public land http://www.uli.org

I am reading this at tacir@tn.gov and my heart is racing and I have discovered that I am in the belly of this beast, I have stumbled upon the organization that is solely responsible for this horribly expensive, expansive overreach into our daily lives that will directly affect our quality of life for many years to come in the form of higher taxes, new regulations, land grabs, and governemnt encroachement into our lives. Just like ICLEI!

Our future is being determined by this Non Governmental Organization and has been given state and Federal approval to enact any part of an International growth Plan that they decide upon and it started with The Presidents Council on Sustainable Development.

One profound conclusion; TACIR is our ICLEI!

Watch them closely!

Contributing source: Tacir@tn.gov website

  1. Why do we have a mayor for 20+ years? If we are so mad at what Washington is doing and complaining because the “elite” are so entrenched in Washington, tell me how that differs here in Bradley County? Why do we keep electing the same people over and over again? This breeds corruption and political favors and none of this is good for the average taxpayer. Both the city and county mayors have been in office too long. If you hold an office long enough to collect a guaranteed pension off of taxpayers backs… you are holding an elected office too long. Most taxpayers do not have guaranteed pensions at their jobs any more, we have 401ks and investments that are subject to drop and devalue at an alarming rate. Why do elected government workers get a guarantee on the backs of those doing the labor with no guarantee?The defintion of guarantee..an agreement by which one person undertakes to secure another in the possession or enjoyment of something. The definition of pension…a gratuity granted (as by a government) as a favor or reward. Now when you put these two definitions together, I don’t believe that with the current situation in local,state, or federal, that the elected officals need a “tip” and they definately should not be able to count on it. The mayor of Bradley County must just serve 2 terms to get a guaranteed pension. When was the last time you worked for 5 years and was guaranteed a pension for life afterword? No wonder this country is going bankrupt. With all of the pork belly spending and pensions for life, the average worker has to stuggle to keep afloat on whats left with no guarantees. The only thing truly “Sustainable” is TERM LIMITS. Definitin of term limit .. Never vote for an Incumbant. That would stop the pensions and cut out most of the corruption, they would have to show their true colors early on and not hide behind their hidden agendas.
    Term limits now that would be a true Sustainable Development.


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