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The New Missouri Compromise

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The New Missouri Compromise
by John Wright

John is our first contributing reporter, thank you, and I hope you enjoy!

IN 2006 the debt limit was $8.3 Trillion. In 2006 the deficit was $160 Billion. That was the last year that Republicans controlled Congress. We have not had a budget in over two and a half years even though the Constitution mandates a budget. Every year the Democrat controlled Congress has increased the debt ceiling.

This year the debt ceiling is $14.3 Trillion. It is not accurate to say “current budget” as no such thing exists. What we have is an projection that the government will spend $3.5 Trillion dollars in this fiscal year. Revenues will only cover $2 Trillion. That leaves a deficit of $1.5 Trillion. Adding that debt to existing debt catapults us over the debt ceiling.

For that reason Democrats want to increase that ceiling again by lifting it to $16.8 Trillion over five years. That would be adding $2.5 Trillion in new debt to the existing $14.3 Trillion in debt. They want to do this even while they say they are cutting, and some complicit Republicans are going to help them do just that.

You’d be right to ask, “how can they say they are cutting, but then we have the debt go up?” That’s a good question. The answer is something you are being distracted away from. It resides in that body of “details” the President does not want to bore you with. The answer is very simple.

The fact is, none of the politicians except for Rand Paul, are discussing cutting the budget. They are arguing over how much the budget increases, over the next five or so years. The venom you hear about is in regards to which programs increase and which do not. When you hear them talk about a $2T cut, that isn’t a cut from the $3.5 Trillion pseudo-budget. Such is what we desperately need, but that isn’t what they are discussing.

To the politicians, that $3.5 trillion dollars of current spending is a baseline, to that they intend to add a projected 5-7% increase compounded every year. They are simply wrangling over what parts of the increases to trim down to stay within that 5-7%. It’s not the existing level of spending that’s in question, it’s what gets increased and how much. That’s the dirty little secret, the details that Obama did not want to bore us with. This is how they talk about cuts even while the CBO says that we keep having ever larger debt.

The Democrats want to keep spending because they buy their votes. Some Republicans, those who tend to vote along with the Democrats are guilty of the same thing. That is why Democrats, and Republicans who act like Democrats, or RINOs, want desperately to put things off till after next year’s election.

But here is the rub: As long as we keep electing leaders that serve themselves instead of ‘We the People’, the economy will never improve, wages will never go back up, manufacturing will continue to flee our shores, new career level jobs will not reappear, homes and retirement accounts will never regain their value, and we will be locked into a never ending cycle of “stagflation”. And it all will likely get worse.

The long term solution requires that we elect leaders who have the courage to stop compromising and fight. They have to stop serving their position in the oligarchy and serve the best interests of We the People. And we the electorate simply must stop following pundits such as Bill Kristol, Carl Rove, and Charles Krauthammer. They are naught but Big Government Centrists, statists, corporatists, economic fascists, globalists, and self-righteous National Socialist windbags. They self identify as Neo-Conservatives to fool us into thinking they are true Conservatives. They are not, and they lead us awry every time by convincing Conservatives to compromise.

There can be no more compromises if we are to escape the debt trap into slavery. Especially now, as to compromise on raising the debt ceiling, and not demand actual budget cutting, is as sure a tool of slavery as was the last great compromise, the Missouri Compromise. And indeed, Democrats and those Republicans who are their accomplices are setting in effect the terms of our nation’s very enslavement with what they are proposing. So stand strong, and hold the line as you demand that there be no debt ceiling increase, only a cutting of spending.


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