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Boring Us With Details: The Debt Crisis Negotiations Made Simple.

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by John Wright

During his address to the nation the President stated that he did not want to “bore us with details”. The devil is always in the details. And most importantly, he details are the means of fact checking and calling foul when appropriate.

His reticence to discuss the details got me to thinking about those details. I came to the conclusion that there were many things he did not want us to discuss. But there is one alone that stands above the others pertaining to the debt crisis.

That detail is that the DC politicians aren’t talking about cutting the budget at all. They are simply arguing about what increases to allow in the budget and how much. That is why they can talk about a $2.0 trillion cut over five or ten years, but our debt still go up. They’re basing their discussions on the level of spending today, some $3.5 trillion for the year, then arguing on how much to increase it. There are no actual cuts at all being discussed. No real work is being done to preserve our nation. All they care about is continuing to buy votes past the next election cycle. That’s the detail they don’t want to discuss.

As we are on the topic of details, let’s discuss other details the President would be quiet about.
1. The detail about how servicing the national debt could be accomplished with only ten percent of revenues, without additional debt, and without default.
2. The detail that we have already defaulted on our debts by printing so much money, and consequently devaluing the dollar.
3. The details that Social Security and Medicare aren’t entitlements, but rather something we citizens pay cash for out of every paycheck; that the FedGov entered a contract with us to pay us that money back when we need it most; and how the FedGov made us enter that contract under duress, and at great risk of losing everything including our lives if we didn’t go along; and how now Obama wants to scare old people into acquiescing to his political agenda instead of speaking facts.
4. The detail that a national default will see an increase in interest rates, and if sustained do damage, but we likely won’t wake up in the middle of Armageddon.
5. The detail that we are just as likely to end up with our credit rating lowered because of politicians counting as cuts things that aren’t really cuts, as we are a default.
6. The detail that Obama, by himself, has spent more in his two and a half years in office, than all other Presidents in history combined.
7. The further detail that Obama did all of that spending with a Democrat controlled Congress, which has had that control for going on six years (And he wants to continue blaming Bush?).
8. And, the detail that there hasn’t been a budget since Obama has been in office.

Oh yes, absolutely do bore us with details

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