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Obamas new Gun Regulations affect 4 states, Bradley County TN. could be next

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OBAMA wants to take your guns away, period!

The NRA and the National Shooting Sports Foundation are planning to file separate lawsuits challenging the Federal Governments authority to enforce new gun regulations. The groups are seeking immediate court orders blocking the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms from implementing new reporting requirements.

The new requirement gives the ATF the authority to require federally licensed firearm dealers to submit information regarding firearms sales. In this case, the ATFs demand exceeds its authority and is prohibited under federal law.

Attorney general Eric Holder said this past Wednesday that “ the action we have taken is consistent with the law.” The measures that we are proposing are appropriate ones to stop the flow of guns from the United States to Mexico”, he told reporters in Washington.

Hello! Mr Holder, Mr Obama and the ATF, didn’t you just recently get caught with your gun in your hands? (Ex-Military know what I am referring to here) . Operation Fast and Furious? Wasn’t that long ago! The controversial “sting operation” you botched and sold many weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels. Even killed a Border Patrol Agent with one of your given away, I mean, sold weapons.
Wait a minute! Was this another one of those plans where you make it appear that druglords are buying our rifles and you need to crack down on all Americans, just didn’t expect to get caught doing it, did you? Or did you? I am seeing very clearly tonight!

A top DOJ official said that the ATF are to focus on several areas one of which is on multiple sales of “semi automatic” rifles with calibers no more that .22 and the ability to accept a detachable magazine. In particular, federal authorities in Arizona (figured on that one) California, New Mexico, and Texas should be notiified when multiple purchases are made within a five day period.

There is growing concern that the ATF will continue to expand its authority and expose more legitimate buyers to government notification.

The Shooting Stars Foundation is concerned these new requirements will make it “more difficult for the 8,500 gun dealers affected to assist law enforcement. Illegal firearms dealers will simply alter their schemes to avoid and evade the reporting requirement, making it more difficult for retailers to report suspicious activity.

The NRA reports that they, the gun dealers will suffer economic loss because they will have to tie up many employees to jump through the legal red tape, so to speak. Or will simply lose business from gun owners who would have bought certain rifles but have been dissuaded to do so, to protect their privacy rights.

I am sickened by the atrocities that are turning America into a Socialist Nation. I along with many other veterans have fought and shed blood for our country and one President with the appropriate personnel in place are willing and able to change the very country that I used to recognize.

The one thing that keeps America free and the enemy at bay the clearest is our ability to own a gun or as many as we like and to defend our own family and property till the death according to the Constitution.

The stored weapon in an empty room with thousands of rounds is the only wedge, I believe, that keeps our country free at this point and keeps our President from taking all our freedoms away.

That one little threat that many may rise up if you mess with the good ole US of A and our God given rights protected under the banner of the ripped and torn Constitution that keeps the pure socialists out of neighborhoods at present!

God Bless America and the one leg she still stands on. Stand strong America! We are under attack from within our own White House!

Contributing source: Fox News

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