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Cleveland Utilities to help buy Industrial Park by overcharging you!

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The City of Cleveland has committed to 1 million, they are requesting the County to pitch in 3 million and Cleveland Utilities wants to chip in 2 million to assist the City with their 3 million to buy an Industrial Park at an inflated rate from a wealthy businessman who will benefit greatly. Cleveland Utilities chipping in 66% of the cost for the City, sound fishy to you, it does to me?

We live in a monarchy! Our future here in Bradley County is being dictated by a few that stand to have their pockets lined by their “good ole boy” participation! What has this County become? Are our utilities now in the business of city building. At what point do we say this sounds rediculous?

In return for the 2 million, Cleveland Utilities wants 25 acres in the park for a future operations center for its electrical division. Councilman Bill Estes says “I think the County is missing out and Cleveland will be missing out if we don’t develop this land as soon as possible to bring in even more revenue, its not in the County budget. It should be in there. Weve gone on record for 3 million and this is a wonderful overture by the utility board.”

He went on to say the Cleveland/Bradley Development Board, Economic Development Council, Cleveland Board of Public Utilities and Cleveland City Council are all on board with the industrial park.”

“ Where is the County? Where is the leadership in Bradley County to go forward with this project?” Estes further explained.
Let me tell you where the County is on this Mr Estes! The County is listening to the people they represent! The people should be the ones they listen to.

The endless spending as in Washington has got to be reigned in and and foot the bill for your careless spending. Not be high jacked by a few who stand to benefit who are influencing you and your little band of investors. That’s where the County is Mr Estes, and thank God for at least in the moment they have you floating downstream without a paddle and for the most part for years you and your clonies have had your way and have not had to answer to anyone. The gig is up, you are being summoned to be responsible with taxpayer dollars.

Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Gary Farlow said he was “very pleased with the offer.” Further stating it “softens the impact of the City and the County.” Really Mr Farlow, do you realize what you just said. In case you didn’t, let me explain. You just said this donation of hard earned taxpayer dollars that is representative of inflated electrical bills has “softened the blow” for the City. My god did anyone else catch that?

The former Bob Zeige, ie: now Alan Jones Property is appraising at around 5 million dollars (was previously 6 million, but who is counting), the property was purchased for a fraction of that amount. Someone stands to profit a pretty penny from this endeavor and it aint the taxpayer, in fact the taxpayer is being overcharged on its electric bills and the profit to buy up land from private citizens for use by the local government, this is sooooo wrong on soooooo many levels!!!

Often times in Bradley County as we have noticed in the past, a privileged few with a lot of influence sets the tone for all decisions in Bradley County even at the expense of taxpayers and their wallets. No one seems to be watching after the taxpayer, you and me.

Why do we allow this type of behavior at our expense. How does a government look the other way when the collective of taxpayers are saying “NO MORE SPENDING!”

Where is the message missed when a few “power elite” in our town can get away with anything they want?

It seems most “deals”, “opportunities”, and “deal of a lifetime” are often made before an open public discussion is made and above the heads of its citizenry? Where is the justice? Where does it stop?

Lets get back to the unbelievable idea that Cleveland Utilities wants to purchase “prime real estate” for our local governments use. Is there not a conflict of interest in here somewhere? As far as I can tell many of the “big players” are either kin to each other or have a vested interest in the project! At one point does full disclosure come into factor?

Let me sum this offer up and you tell me if it sounds on the up and up!

We have Bob Zeige farm that was purchased by an individual at a “very good price”, this individual then decidedly and heavily marks this price up for sale to the City, which annexed the property a few months prior so it and the revenue would be brought into the city. Members of the City Council are close kin to the individual who purchased the property from Zeige.

The developers who were appointed by none other than the City Mayor who has strong ties to TACIR, (our ICLEI) a tyrranical NGO- Non Governmental Organization and Industrial Development Board who will politically and financially benefit from the purchase of this property, who are mostly developers, contractors and real estate agents.

The State elected officials who are also promoting this and are seemingly in the Mayors pocket for whatever reason, are bringing in the assorted funding for these characters.

We even have past un-electable politicians walking around throwing what little influence they have on bystanders who may feel they can benefit from this free for all.

We have a present member of City Council who used to be a heavy weight for Cleveland Utilities, who was just appointed to replace a deceased councilman, who is now Im sure driving the influence of his past and present position to influence Tom Wheeler, CEO of Cleveland Utilities, (Mr Grid Smart) to put up 2 million of taxpayer profit so they can buy 25 acres of the property for a future “prime spot” in the new Industrial Park.

Wheeeeeew! Sounds like an episode of “As the world turns.” Amazing, the audacity of our own elitists!!! Bradley County, our elected leaders are leading us into a certain demise. We have to wake up and make a stand for our town! The mistakes of DC is being repeated in Bradley County! The writing is on the wall!

Of further interest, the Growth plan calls for Cleveland Utilities to use their generous profit off of you to “help finance” the new growth through 2035. The City of Cleveland is going forward with the Growth plan leaving the County in a dust path because I feel the County is thinking this huge cost will only hurt us in the future with little return to the county.

The City, with its Tyrannical TACIR representative is dead set on moving forward with this terribly expensive venture come hades or high water to realize his own selfish desire to have a metropolitan type government. This seems very self serving if you ask me and awful unthoughtful to the taxpayer who will be asked to foot the bill to help him realize his “dream.”

Now does this seem like a government that is representative of the people and for the people? Absoultely not!

Our representation has long been forgotten and come election day these guys must be replaced and our city government refueled with an energetic cross section that has our best interest in mind……not their own best interests.

Cleveland Utilities assisting the City of Cleveland with purchasing “inflated” land from a vested individual with your hard earned money sounds awful suspicious and full of insider participation to me.

Im for the most part, not a complex person, but I can see the headlights on this southbound train.

Contributing source: Cleveland Daily Banner

Queen Michelle attacks McDonalds kids meals with healthy kid initiative

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Evidently, Queen Michelle and her court of Healthy Kids Initiative robots have caused McDonalds to finally cave to their demands. McDonalds has agreed to provide more apples and less french fries in their happy meals.

The cry from the White House that our kids are too fat and out of shape, while Michelle Obama skirts all over the United States devouring as much fast fat food as she can scarf down while yet telling the kids she encounters “I love all kinds of fries! ” Let me channel some Forrest, Forrest Gump right here. I like french fries with ketchup, I like em fried, boiled or raw, I like em with mayonnaise, chili, or grilled vegetable. I like em with a quarter pounder, I like em on a salad, I just like em” Ok, I quit but you get the message. Now Im talking in my regular voice! Cant tell a difference? Stop it! Read on!

McDonalds after being attacked by the White House earlier didn’t succumb to the demands to get rid of the Ronald McDonald icon, yes the clown with the big feet and the red hair, (for some reason his irritates the Obamas) McDonalds has finally relented to downsizing the happy meal.

In an announcement this week, McDonalds has announced that McDonalds will only serve 1.1 ounces of french fries (about half of the usual) and offer genetically altered, carbohydrate laden plastic sack of apples minus the caramel sauce of course, reducing its overall calorie count by 20 percent . Additionally the happy meal will still offer a choice of milk and is adding fat free chocolate milk although the default option is still a cup for soda or water. The Toys are still there but many stores are opting to get rid of those too.

Im all about making a healthy choice for my kids and it is the responsible thing to assist my kids to make the right choice. But, to have the federal government via Michelle “I love fries” Obama via the the Healthy Kids Initiative mandate and dictate to me what my kids can and cannot eat.

Freedom of choice, taking advantage of the Free Market, picking and choosing where to eat and support my favorite restaurant is one of those “rights” that America still has. Our forefathers paved us a way to say “KEEP THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OUT OF OUR DAILY LIVES” and yes that includes our McDonalds. Heck far, the world and the economy are going to hades in a handbasket and the White House is trying to cut the fat out of a kids meal.

We have the luxury to say this and I dare say those days are numbered but last I checked we still have a choice in most everything we do and everything we eat. But each day we allow a little more of our sovereignty to be given away to a Socialist ideaology, a little more of our freedoms go away till one day we are staring down the proverbial barrel of the government and we whisper……”what has happened to my country? Who is this Federal Government that tells me what to eat? When did this happen? Why didnt I say something? Then………..

The whispering fades to a slow methodical mumble……your voice weak from a lack of fries and fat….. the restaurant police lop off one ear, weigh your fries, gobble down your greasy chicken parts…..wash it back with a carbonated drink……belch loudly, lift a huge thigh and let nature rid your body of excess gas and say aaaaaaaaah the delight of my taste buds….lay down your happy meals, I make these choices for you……I am Queen Michelle and I am in control of your health……don’t stare peasants…..tarry along, quit staring……………I said stop staring, eat your low fat fries and that peice of cardboard, go little kiddies, go grab a glass of water and a chicken nugget, you gotsta get on the healthy kid train……chooooo chooooo!

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