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Farmers urge Feds to back down on CDL requirement

In Uncategorized on August 20, 2011 at 5:15 PM

It is done! This is probably one of my proudest post updates! You did it! The federal government has cited the main reason for backing away from the Commercial Drivers License was because they heard from you! I like to feel my great friends at Bradley County News helped make this a reality! YOU spoke and they heard the message loud and clear! Be cautious as the Feds play a sneaky game! Watch for further attempts to place this mandate in some other type of bill! If that happens we will report it and you guys get on it! Be proud, this is a huge accomplishment! Pat your buddy on the backside this is your victory! We have many battles ahead and it proves what I have always said and you guys are demonstrating! If we wake up and make enough noise the Feds can be kept at bay by the the simple fact that “the will of the people is stronger than many mighty oaks!” Our farmers are a strong lot and they are perhaps Americas strongest asset, let’s keep them that way! Don’t mess with our farmers! You did it!

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