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Cleveland Utilities: Public meeting to discuss using profits to buy Industrial Park

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Cleveland Utilities: Public meeting to discuss using profits to buy Industrial Park

Notice is hereby given to all residents of Cleveland Tennessee and to all persons interested , that an open, public, called meeting of the board of Public Utilities of the City of Cleveland, Tennessee will be held on Tuesday, August 16th, at noon at the Tom Wheeler Training Center, 2455 Guthrie Drive, NW, Cleveland Tennessee.

Calling all concerned citizens to attend this meeting and discuss Cleveland Utilities being used as a funding source to push certain agendas in Cleveland.

Also, it would be a great time to discuss the nepotism and conflict of interests of city council members, the Mayor and the close relationship to Cleveland Utilities. I think conflict of interest is a legitimate concern here and could eventually be discussed with the State Attorney General.

Using our profits for this and other projects for the 2035 BCC Growth Plan is essentially a back door tax. I can see with the use of Smart Meters and the easy access to private lives I can easily see Cleveland Utilities having the ability to fund many projects in the name of growth in Cleveland. Being taxed without representation is everything that a Republic is not.

Lets get down there and voice our concerns about using Cleveland Utilities and ultimately the citizens of Bradley County as a bank to promote our leftist agendas and to return favors to certain privileged citizens of Bradley County and Cleveland.

The citizens of Cleveland and Bradley County need to get involved!

Our City and County are heading toward really tough times and our local officials are not making it any easier!

No sports for Bradley County homeschooler, but thanks for the tax dollars!

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No sports in Bradley County for homeschoolers!

A split 4 to 3 vote at a recent school board meeting says “NO sports for homeschoolers in Bradley County, Tennessee!”

The YES votes to allow this young man to participate in a county supported school were Vickie Beaty, David Kelley and Charlie Rose!

The NAYSAYERS were Chairman Troy Weathers, Richard Baker, Christy Critchfield and Rodney Dillard!

There was a one year pilot program suggested by Vicki Beaty (which I feel was a very good proposal) to see if there would be any issues that would surface from allowing a child to participate in football at Walker Valley High School being raised obviously by a very caring, yet non-traditional type family.

The Board room meeting was packed and charged with passionate home schoolers and their parents and the motion for a pilot was quickly shot down by the swift kick and leadership of Chairman Troy Weathers. One thing that was evident in the room was that this issue should have been considered at least as a pilot at the school. After all, the child was allowed to practice all summer and I didn’t hear of any issues that arose.

Board member Kelley and Rose expressed support for the pilot motion but did express concern for accountability and behavior type issues as a reason for hesitancy on the pilot. Walker Valley Principal Danny Coggins whom Im sure was towing the “populist, party line type vote” because we all know that you don’t stay a teacher or principal long if you don’t.

He said that he knew what the parents were trying to do but “you have to have accountability measures in place” Coggins stated further “that he could not sign off on a student being eligible to play if he could not verify eligibility to play.”

“Accidentally letting an ineligible student to play would jeopardize the whole team.” Mr Coggins, sir, there are already so many eligibility and behavior issues that are too numerous to count already from county students! Why do you fear that a home schooler is going to make the situation worse? Statistically, home schoolers don’t shut down school athletics programs!

Charlie Rose went on to cite TSSAA handout wording that clearly states that if a student is deemed ineligible because they knowingly provide false information, their punishment would be ineligible for a year.

Editiors insertion! Why? Because I can! 1st Amendment…..forget it! This means a child is eligible, just because his parents pay taxes and he is a living breathing child in Bradley County, HELLO, McFly? He becomes ineligible when he boo boos, he hasn’t boo booed yet, so he is eligible. Not ineligible just because he is a home schooler! Gaaaaah, this was a no brainer! Oh my this argument at the General assembly will be fun to watch and participate in, cant wait!

Mr Rose went on to say “the school board would not be responsible in this case, based on the wording on section 14 on page 24 of the handbook . Rose said the change was made about two years ago. School Administrators disagreed! Did you hear that school administrators disagreed with the TSSAA handbook, not believing the interpretation but disagreeing with the rule. It was so refreshing to see Rose, Kelley and Beaty stand up for this child, I believe they saw the human element in this this, did their due diligence and researched, came up with an appropriate argument to only have it nullified with tyrannical behavior such as comes from the Chairman of the board.

Kelley went on to say that this issue was going to be taken up with the Tennessee general Assembly in their next session. He said he feels a state law will be passed forcing schools to allow home school participation.

Chairman Weathers in his usual rapid fire Commando Dictatorial type leadership style says “THERE IS NO INDICATION THAT SUCH A LAW WILL BE PASSED! Tounge in cheek, because I will make sure of it! (note to self, my words, not his) Mr Weathers, let me remind you that if the PEOPLE want the law, there will be a law! You cannot dictate from the Chairman seat, just sayin!

EDITORS NOTE: Im a little dazed and confused here and many would argue that is my constant state anyway, but, if I am paying 60 % percent, did you catch that? 60 percent of my taxes to the Bradley County School Board in one form or fashion, my money is being used copiously like a heroin addict on a weekend binge by the board and many will argue (not very frugally,) but for every dollar in taxes that I pay goes to the school board, 60 cents lines the pocket of some semi wealthy Board of Education somewhere, don’t you think I should at least get something in return for that. I cast a novel scenario, if you refuse to let my homeschooler play sports, give me my tax dollars back and I will use that money to sign him to play elsewhere! You know that want happen, but why not?

Forget that he has non traditional parents (which I feel is part of the real issue anyway, you know that behavior thing from those “type” people!) but you have a young boy in his teens, tall, sandy haired muscular, good looking all American type boy with a desire to play sports at Walker Valley High, to increase his school experience, to get “the full experience” is being denied because bureacrats on the board are getting choked up on a rule that officially doesn’t even apply to this student or any homeschool student. But, its a “good global fit” to expose our children to Socialism, Marxism, Leninism and Communism with a 2 plus million dollar grant from the fed to start an expensive International Baccalaureate Program at Walker Valley that the taxpayers will have to foot, but a good kid cant play sports, go figure!

Note to self, board member Richard Baker did not attend Tuesdays work session but was “informed and updated by school administration” and his vote was ultimately the deciding vote at Thursdays board meeting! Hmmmmm sounds a little like DC in BC! Well played! You decide!

They made their decision based on a rule that pertains to a student within the system already. In this town, we have loads of behavior problems from non homeschool students on the teams who are still playing, because they will “contribute to wins.” Take for instance, a rule violation in the last few years that caused one of our local sports team to forfeit all their wins from the current season. I bet that was not a homeschoolers discipline problem!

What about the homeschoolers that are already participating, (I want mention them because it would be egregious to call them out in this forum, and if they are having the opportunity, please dont now take that away from them) I have cheered for many of them. Perhaps they are from church programs, that may make them “eligible”, I assume, although that still makes them ineligible, I would think. If that is the excuse they are using.

No child left behind! Race to the top! All these federal dollars going to a broken system and we cant even assist one and possibly others through our school system and allow them to play on a county team. My heart goes out to these guys whom for one reason or another have chosen to homeschool and now their dreams to play sports is no more at least for now.

I guess when you talk about “No kid left behind” I guess that only applies, well of course, only if you don’t home school.
Mr Weathers, once again you have peaked your liberal head up and negatively affected one of our students in our schools again. You have not been an advocate for the child but a puppet for the BOE! You shut citizens down in board meetings, you run citizens objections into the ground, you assemble a small group of “YES” people into a huddle and push the leftist agenda in our town. It is high time you and your cronies, your “YES” men and women, “NO” in this case are no longer “eligible” to play on the school board team.

Your behavior is not fitting of a Team player! You are now ineligible! How you like those apples?

The people, I know that is a tough bunch for you to tolerate, but, they are your boss. Like it or not you answer to the people and hopefully the next election will toss you out on your behind with the rest of the leftist, progressive, globalist politicians, I dare say. Yep your time is short and the next election the will of the people will hopefully “dictate” to you, your future, with the push of a button at the election booth! Just as you have stopped this child, you too can be stopped! The Republic is still intact and the will of the people at least for now, still gets the last word!

The Board Members that voted NO and left this child behind!
A change is due, just a suggestion that would turn our board back to “we the people!”

Vote and make your vote count!

This is the only true way we get change in Bradley County!

Contributing source: Cleveland Daily Banner

Food that want spoil easily, US Scientist discovers “magic” compound!

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Have you ever had a piece of fruit turn brown overnight, a bottle of wine turn bad quickly, corked or taste just plain bad, grabbed the lunch meat and discover a green fungus rim around the piece of meat, ate potato salad made with eggs after it has been sitting out all day. Well you know well how sick this can make you or how frustrated you become when your hard earned money gets thrown out in the trash.

No longer! Or at least not for a longer time! Researchers at the University of Minnesota, scientist Dan O’Sullivan have reported the discovery of bisin- a naturally occurring compound produced by some types of bacteria.

The agent reduces the growth of bacteria including ecoli, salmonella and listeria (those bugs that give you diarrhea and cause “food poisoning”) and could lead to sandwiches that stay fresh for more than a year- This reported from the London Sunday Times.

The advances and discovery of this product could lead to wine and fresh salad dressing lasting years opened and unable to spoil because of this “magic naturally occuring” compound!

Do you know what this could do for our personal economy, to the food storage industry, to environments where food storage is necessary for survival to its people, to the retail store that will no longer have to “throw away” bad fruit”. This is revolutionary and will change the way we look at our food for years to come.

Can you imagine the teenager or the college student that may leave their food in the floor of their dorm or room for a week and pick it up and eat it without any ill health effects, this is huge. What about the struggling family in Sudan who may have never eaten a golden ripe peach because it may spoil before it reaches them. The long term effect could be endless and in a good way.

I am getting excited even as I write this! I am glancing over at my wire fruit basket, my refrigerator and thinking I can keep that apple, tomato or sandwich there, out in the open for a long time and not have to pull decayed, rotten or mushy food out of it any time soon. WOW! It doesn’t take a lot for me to get excited.

I can go on those overnight backpacking trips and eat a normal meal, I don’t have to pour hot water on the hard dehydrated MRE or crunch on nuts the whole way I can now bring a steak, baked chicken and a side of potato salad and crème brulee for dessert. Now you are talking!

What about the ice bag stands and coolers, camping trips, picnics? No longer need the ice, unless of course you want a cold drink! Limitless, can you hear the excitement in my voice or at least in my writing.

If you have wondered why does cheese last so long? Maybe you haven’t, but if you think about it your mom never really got real concerned if your cheese was a little blue around the edges, she would just cut it off and utter the famous words and we all have heard it “cheese lasts a long time and doesn’t really go bad.” That cube of cheese that never seems to go away. Im sure you have heard that as a child, well, guess what that is because of the discovery also of bisins cousin nisin. Yes, that is why cheese takes so long to go bad. I just got goose bumps!

Maybe this is the key to reports that fast food chain food doesn’t spoil or the documentaries where 2 years later the burger looks the same, did they discover this magic ingredient years ago and have always made it a trade secret, and just simply not let us in on it, think about it. Dirty dogs!

Scientist are expecting this ingredient to be on the market in less than a year and because it is a naturally occurring ingredient in nature it will not have to meet the stringent demands of the FDA, pharmaceutical testing or the long stringent process before approval.

Want to bet someone will try to get patent rights to this product, Monsanto or some other deviant organization and claim all the product and sell it to you for unknown amounts of money or not allow it to get on the market while tying it up in the court system or some other type of legal process.

As I am preparing for the post economic/societal collapse of this once great country, I have found a bright spot in my long term food preservation efforts and I am genuinely pumped, bring on the bisin and the risin……..I am ready for my food to last years with little to no effort. Spread this around! This is huge.

Hey kids gather around the table, Daddy has something to tell you that will change your future! Wait thought I had the printer off, haha!

Contributing source: University of Minnesota, Scientist Dan O’Sullivan, Fox News, London Sunday Times. August 14, 2011

Cleveland Utilities to help buy Industrial Park by overcharging you!

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The City of Cleveland has committed to 1 million, they are requesting the County to pitch in 3 million and Cleveland Utilities wants to chip in 2 million to assist the City with their 3 million to buy an Industrial Park at an inflated rate from a wealthy businessman who will benefit greatly. Cleveland Utilities chipping in 66% of the cost for the City, sound fishy to you, it does to me?

We live in a monarchy! Our future here in Bradley County is being dictated by a few that stand to have their pockets lined by their “good ole boy” participation! What has this County become? Are our utilities now in the business of city building. At what point do we say this sounds rediculous?

In return for the 2 million, Cleveland Utilities wants 25 acres in the park for a future operations center for its electrical division. Councilman Bill Estes says “I think the County is missing out and Cleveland will be missing out if we don’t develop this land as soon as possible to bring in even more revenue, its not in the County budget. It should be in there. Weve gone on record for 3 million and this is a wonderful overture by the utility board.”

He went on to say the Cleveland/Bradley Development Board, Economic Development Council, Cleveland Board of Public Utilities and Cleveland City Council are all on board with the industrial park.”

“ Where is the County? Where is the leadership in Bradley County to go forward with this project?” Estes further explained.
Let me tell you where the County is on this Mr Estes! The County is listening to the people they represent! The people should be the ones they listen to.

The endless spending as in Washington has got to be reigned in and and foot the bill for your careless spending. Not be high jacked by a few who stand to benefit who are influencing you and your little band of investors. That’s where the County is Mr Estes, and thank God for at least in the moment they have you floating downstream without a paddle and for the most part for years you and your clonies have had your way and have not had to answer to anyone. The gig is up, you are being summoned to be responsible with taxpayer dollars.

Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Gary Farlow said he was “very pleased with the offer.” Further stating it “softens the impact of the City and the County.” Really Mr Farlow, do you realize what you just said. In case you didn’t, let me explain. You just said this donation of hard earned taxpayer dollars that is representative of inflated electrical bills has “softened the blow” for the City. My god did anyone else catch that?

The former Bob Zeige, ie: now Alan Jones Property is appraising at around 5 million dollars (was previously 6 million, but who is counting), the property was purchased for a fraction of that amount. Someone stands to profit a pretty penny from this endeavor and it aint the taxpayer, in fact the taxpayer is being overcharged on its electric bills and the profit to buy up land from private citizens for use by the local government, this is sooooo wrong on soooooo many levels!!!

Often times in Bradley County as we have noticed in the past, a privileged few with a lot of influence sets the tone for all decisions in Bradley County even at the expense of taxpayers and their wallets. No one seems to be watching after the taxpayer, you and me.

Why do we allow this type of behavior at our expense. How does a government look the other way when the collective of taxpayers are saying “NO MORE SPENDING!”

Where is the message missed when a few “power elite” in our town can get away with anything they want?

It seems most “deals”, “opportunities”, and “deal of a lifetime” are often made before an open public discussion is made and above the heads of its citizenry? Where is the justice? Where does it stop?

Lets get back to the unbelievable idea that Cleveland Utilities wants to purchase “prime real estate” for our local governments use. Is there not a conflict of interest in here somewhere? As far as I can tell many of the “big players” are either kin to each other or have a vested interest in the project! At one point does full disclosure come into factor?

Let me sum this offer up and you tell me if it sounds on the up and up!

We have Bob Zeige farm that was purchased by an individual at a “very good price”, this individual then decidedly and heavily marks this price up for sale to the City, which annexed the property a few months prior so it and the revenue would be brought into the city. Members of the City Council are close kin to the individual who purchased the property from Zeige.

The developers who were appointed by none other than the City Mayor who has strong ties to TACIR, (our ICLEI) a tyrranical NGO- Non Governmental Organization and Industrial Development Board who will politically and financially benefit from the purchase of this property, who are mostly developers, contractors and real estate agents.

The State elected officials who are also promoting this and are seemingly in the Mayors pocket for whatever reason, are bringing in the assorted funding for these characters.

We even have past un-electable politicians walking around throwing what little influence they have on bystanders who may feel they can benefit from this free for all.

We have a present member of City Council who used to be a heavy weight for Cleveland Utilities, who was just appointed to replace a deceased councilman, who is now Im sure driving the influence of his past and present position to influence Tom Wheeler, CEO of Cleveland Utilities, (Mr Grid Smart) to put up 2 million of taxpayer profit so they can buy 25 acres of the property for a future “prime spot” in the new Industrial Park.

Wheeeeeew! Sounds like an episode of “As the world turns.” Amazing, the audacity of our own elitists!!! Bradley County, our elected leaders are leading us into a certain demise. We have to wake up and make a stand for our town! The mistakes of DC is being repeated in Bradley County! The writing is on the wall!

Of further interest, the Growth plan calls for Cleveland Utilities to use their generous profit off of you to “help finance” the new growth through 2035. The City of Cleveland is going forward with the Growth plan leaving the County in a dust path because I feel the County is thinking this huge cost will only hurt us in the future with little return to the county.

The City, with its Tyrannical TACIR representative is dead set on moving forward with this terribly expensive venture come hades or high water to realize his own selfish desire to have a metropolitan type government. This seems very self serving if you ask me and awful unthoughtful to the taxpayer who will be asked to foot the bill to help him realize his “dream.”

Now does this seem like a government that is representative of the people and for the people? Absoultely not!

Our representation has long been forgotten and come election day these guys must be replaced and our city government refueled with an energetic cross section that has our best interest in mind……not their own best interests.

Cleveland Utilities assisting the City of Cleveland with purchasing “inflated” land from a vested individual with your hard earned money sounds awful suspicious and full of insider participation to me.

Im for the most part, not a complex person, but I can see the headlights on this southbound train.

Contributing source: Cleveland Daily Banner

Queen Michelle attacks McDonalds kids meals with healthy kid initiative

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Evidently, Queen Michelle and her court of Healthy Kids Initiative robots have caused McDonalds to finally cave to their demands. McDonalds has agreed to provide more apples and less french fries in their happy meals.

The cry from the White House that our kids are too fat and out of shape, while Michelle Obama skirts all over the United States devouring as much fast fat food as she can scarf down while yet telling the kids she encounters “I love all kinds of fries! ” Let me channel some Forrest, Forrest Gump right here. I like french fries with ketchup, I like em fried, boiled or raw, I like em with mayonnaise, chili, or grilled vegetable. I like em with a quarter pounder, I like em on a salad, I just like em” Ok, I quit but you get the message. Now Im talking in my regular voice! Cant tell a difference? Stop it! Read on!

McDonalds after being attacked by the White House earlier didn’t succumb to the demands to get rid of the Ronald McDonald icon, yes the clown with the big feet and the red hair, (for some reason his irritates the Obamas) McDonalds has finally relented to downsizing the happy meal.

In an announcement this week, McDonalds has announced that McDonalds will only serve 1.1 ounces of french fries (about half of the usual) and offer genetically altered, carbohydrate laden plastic sack of apples minus the caramel sauce of course, reducing its overall calorie count by 20 percent . Additionally the happy meal will still offer a choice of milk and is adding fat free chocolate milk although the default option is still a cup for soda or water. The Toys are still there but many stores are opting to get rid of those too.

Im all about making a healthy choice for my kids and it is the responsible thing to assist my kids to make the right choice. But, to have the federal government via Michelle “I love fries” Obama via the the Healthy Kids Initiative mandate and dictate to me what my kids can and cannot eat.

Freedom of choice, taking advantage of the Free Market, picking and choosing where to eat and support my favorite restaurant is one of those “rights” that America still has. Our forefathers paved us a way to say “KEEP THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OUT OF OUR DAILY LIVES” and yes that includes our McDonalds. Heck far, the world and the economy are going to hades in a handbasket and the White House is trying to cut the fat out of a kids meal.

We have the luxury to say this and I dare say those days are numbered but last I checked we still have a choice in most everything we do and everything we eat. But each day we allow a little more of our sovereignty to be given away to a Socialist ideaology, a little more of our freedoms go away till one day we are staring down the proverbial barrel of the government and we whisper……”what has happened to my country? Who is this Federal Government that tells me what to eat? When did this happen? Why didnt I say something? Then………..

The whispering fades to a slow methodical mumble……your voice weak from a lack of fries and fat….. the restaurant police lop off one ear, weigh your fries, gobble down your greasy chicken parts…..wash it back with a carbonated drink……belch loudly, lift a huge thigh and let nature rid your body of excess gas and say aaaaaaaaah the delight of my taste buds….lay down your happy meals, I make these choices for you……I am Queen Michelle and I am in control of your health……don’t stare peasants…..tarry along, quit staring……………I said stop staring, eat your low fat fries and that peice of cardboard, go little kiddies, go grab a glass of water and a chicken nugget, you gotsta get on the healthy kid train……chooooo chooooo!

The Conservative Terrorist; an abjectly absurd oxymoron.

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by John Wright

Earlier this week, Vice President Biden called Tea Partiers, ‘terrorists”. That seemed to have finally gotten the attention of the American people. The Tea Party is approximately 90% comprised of Constitutional Conservatives. The Vice President’s vitriol was directed at not just the most visible collective of Conservatives. No, it was also directed at any persons who agree with Conservative ideas.

It’s amazing that Biden’s sentiments had thus far gone undetected. Reid and Pelosi have often uttered similar nonsense. Painting Conservatives in that sort of light has become institutionalized since the Socialists took power. In February of 2009, the Missouri Information Analysis center had released a report whose purpose was to galvanize law enforcement officers against Conservatives, Libertarians and others. By April of 2009, the Department of Homeland Security was issuing booklets to law enforcement agencies across the nation. In that booklet, Conservatives, and others were broad brushed into all being terrorists. By the summer of 2009, the official response by the likes of Reid, Pelosi, to those who were against ‘Obamacare’, was to continue painting Conservatives as radicals, terrorists, and racists. These were but attempts to intimidate and silence legitimate dissent. This is the “new norm”. Let us go back to the real beginning.

Most people do not know that modern Socialism was around when the Forefathers of our nation established our representative republic. Our Forefathers though, rejected Socialist thought. Instead they drew upon the work of Scottish Enlightenment thinkers such as John Locke, and David Hume. The philosophies upon which America was founded correctly posited that liberty grows out of the private ownership of property. The idea is that the self reliant worker betters themselves, works, lives lawfully, lives within their means, and accumulates wealth that enriches they, their families, and the communities in which that wealth is held, and through which that wealth circulates.

That sits in direct contradiction to the Socialism of Robert Owen, Henri de saint Simon, Friedrich Engels, and Karl Marx. The very fundamentals of Socialism are against personal ownership of property. Instead, Socialism is found expressed in a myriad of schemes through which property, capital, and production are all owned, managed, and distributed collectively, typically through the State.

Socialism overcoming Capitalism entails the confiscation of property, income, and the means of production. It requires abdicating ones “natural rights” to central authorities who control everything. Socialism mandates that citizens become reliant on central powers for even ones necessities of life; to in effect become slaves to the system. Historically, Socialist ascendance has been accomplished by means of violence and brutality. Wealth is not created in a Socialist society; wealth is brutally ripped from the previous owners who had created it. The evidence of this lay in the heaps of old shoes still laying in National Socialist concentration camps, as well as the thousands of mass graves which dot the globe. The unavoidable destination of any Socialist society is collapse, after that wealth has been expended.

In Statistics of Democide: Estimates, Sources, and Calculations on 20th Century Genocide and Mass Murder, Professor R.J. Rummel provides evidence against murderous societies. Here are the statistics recounting those murdered by their own governments in just a few Socialist nations:

U.S.S.R. (1917-1987), 61,911,000;
Cambodia (1975-1979), 2,035,000;
China (1949-1987), 35,236,000;
National Socialist Germany (1933-1945), 20,946,000;
North Korea (1948-1987), 1,663,000;
Poland (1945-1948), 1,585,000;
Vietnam (1945-1987), 1,678,000;
Yugoslavia (1944-1987), 1,072,000;

What about in America? The beginning of Socialist violence in America would be 1859. It goes without saying that slavery was and is wrong, and needed to end. But it begins with the Socialist John Brown, his attack on Harper’s ferry, and his attempt at fomenting a slave insurrection. Then move forward to eugenics, the Socialist, Margaret Sanger, her Planned Parenthood organization, and the death it continues to foist upon mainly minority peoples. Pan forward again to the American Indian Movement, their attacks on government property, and the murders they committed. The Black Panthers, the Weather Underground, the New Black Panthers, the list of violent actions by Socialist peoples and groups boggles the mind. Even Timothy McVeigh, who has been linked to Aryan Nations and Neo-Nazi (Neo-National Socialist) type groups and ideologies, has much more in common with hard core Socialists, than with Constitution loving Conservatives.

Our Federal Government derives its authority from the Constitution. True Conservatism is measured by the degree of adherence to the spirit and letter of the Constitution. Most people who serve, or who have served, in the American armed forces are Conservatives. Each of these individuals, as well as veterans, have sworn to support and defend the Constitution. That necessitates that these people be good citizens who are supportive of government functioning within its lawful role. So much for Conservatives being ‘anti-government’.

All Conservatives adhere to the basic underlying ideals with which the Forefathers worked. Namely, and most importantly for this discourse, being law abiding, peaceful, self improving, and community minded. These are as much a part of who we are, as is the blood that flows in our veins. We then must consider that number of Conservatives who are also religious. They possess as part of their beings their soul imprinted ideals about the hereafter, commands to ‘render unto Caesar” and to obey the authorities set above us. These absolutely negate any possibility of there being violent, anti-government, Conservatives. The notion is an abjectly absurd oxymoron.

Socialists will try to paint Conservatives with those colors. They must to have any hope of presenting a veneer of legitimacy. It’s a tool that they use. Hitler’s “brown shirts’ burned the Reichstag. But because they were able to pin the crime on a political opponent Hitler was able to work his way into his dictatorship. We as Conservatives simply must be careful of what we say, as we foreswear violence, even while keeping to the high road, and teaching the facts of history. We simply must so that we can stop the Socialists cold in the only legitimate way possible, the voting process.

Tennessee among five states that may lose AAA credit rating

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Moody’s Investor service has warned us that the credit ratings for five states will be downgraded if the federal government dictates.
We, along with Maryland, New Mexico, South Carolina and Virginia have been placed on review to downgrade our triple A bond ratings.
A triple A rating is the highest for debt and tells investors an institutional borrower presents a minimal credit risk.

We, Tennessee, Bradley County wer put on notice last week as the White House and Congress continues to battle it out over the debt ceiling.

As many of you know the federal government met its borrowing limit in May. The Us Government will default if there is not some type of agreement by August 2nd , 2011.

If you have noticed the trend in Bradley County is that if a dollar comes from DC it flows to BC (Bradley County) pretty quickly in the form of a “loan” to us secured often in bonds and TIF financing and the likes.

Our locally elected leaders much like our appointed leaders in DC have the spending disease that is bankrupting our country as well as our community.

The trend is causing the Department of Treasury to “review” or “reassess” the states credit risk or the credit worthiness and their ability to pay back these bonds, these loans if you will.

We have borrowed too much, that trickle down effect has caught up with us, much like our own family budget, we can only spend so much till we are broke, then we go belly up or cut back or some combination of both!

A potential downgrade would raise interest rates on US Treasury bonds, increasing the interest that taxpayers pay those who buy those bonds. It will also push up rates for mortgages, car loans and other debts that are linked to treasury rates.

The biggest impact would be on the states that depend mostly on those that rely on Federal revenues and those with more federal workers, contracts and Medicaid expenditures among other things.

The federal government recognizes the fact that Bradley County and the state of Tennessee has assumed a great deal of debt and that cutting back on the credit rating will also affect our local economy negatively.

In this deal the federal government will also cut back on programs that benefit the state such as medicaid, the states budget and finances which will eventually trickle down to Bradley County.

The bottom line is lower credit ratings can affect the states ability to issue debt, by making it more expensive to do so and if it is more expensive to deliver that credit the cost gets passed on to the taxpayer in the form of higher taxes.

Our local government and the state need to reign in our spending, we are broke, no way of mincing words. In a down economy and we continue to spend as we do we are being very irresponsible in our efforts.

We in Bradley County are facing tens of billions in “growth” which should be interpreted as “debt”

We must stop this onslaught of receiving federal grants, forming alliances with large corporations and robbing peter to pay Paul with the many bonds and TIF programs.

We are doing our community a disservice by continuing to spend as if we have an endless supply of capital, we don’t, we only have credit, a bond rating and that gift horse is about to be bridled by taking the credit ability away.

I cannot spell our counties and states failure any better than we have just ruined our credit rating, we are a risk now, we have spent ourselves here by accepting the millions from the state via the Tax and Spend tactics of the Obama Administration.

No amount of warning could have stopped the spending express which is our local Bradley County and city governments. We are the recipient of some very poor decisions, now we must pay the piper!

Contributing source: The Chattanooga Times Free press

Sign petition to stop BCC 2035 Joint Strategic Growth Plan

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Dont wait! Dont hesitate! We need loads of signatures to present to our elected officials! Vote now Bradley County!!!

Thanks for your participation!

GO TO: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/nobccgrowthplan/

North Cleveland, Farmers Beware! City coming after you!

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Our community will soon be in a state of change that will change us forever with serious side effects that will leave us broke and possibly bankrupt. We are on the fast track to an irreversible road to nowhere if we don’t wake up and look at what the BCC 2035 Strategic Growth Plan entails.

The influences that are dictating the change in our community belongs to the Chamber of Commerce, The Industrial Development Board, SSD Gang, TACIR, and our elected officials at both the local and state levels.

The Growth plan for Bradley County is positioniong itself to change the way you live in Bradley County.

Sure, the professionals paint this as a “beautiful opportunity” to improve, grow and position ourselves to be viable into the 21st Century. Sound like a commercial for the Chamber of Commerce, but I am not.

When a professional politician, many of whom “run this town” say something is to good to be true, look over their shoulder and see who is doing a full reach around and padding their pockets.

Im not talking always of the illegal, scratch mine, Ill scratch yours mentality, which is another topic for another day, but the Federal drop it in your lap, oozing with love from Obama dipping deep into the taxpayer base and calling it a stimulus something or another and then putting on a pretty dress and sacheting across the floor as the “professional politicians lose their breath as Obama and his neatly wrapped stimulus package makes its way around the room, spinning you into the web of desire and deciet”. That sounded sort of like my honeymoon but that is another story also, I think you see the point.

We are seeing a plan being delivered even as we speak, regardless of the cries from the public to “STOP THE MADNESS!”

Our local leaders are setting the stage to transform our community into a global outreach community that will decrease our quality of life by taking your inalienable rights deemed to you by your creator within the Constitution and stands to be taken away with a constant barrage of Non Governmental organizations and politicians willing to take it all away.

Your personal property rights and personal rights are on the way out and will be in jeopardy. Your land may not be yours forever. When my Dad passed his property down to me and my siblings, he did so when his father passed it down to him and so on that one day we could all enjoy the frugalities and sacrifices of our fathers to somehow pass along the legacy that would include the “family farm.”

Sounds a little ominous and bleak, but we are facing a future of increased regulations and taxes that may not lend you the ability to hang on to that farm. You want to truly feel empty, lose your Great, great great granfathers “farm” to the federal government.

I was told as recently as this month by one of our County Commissioners that if the Federal Government offered him the right money for the “farm” he would sell it in a heartbeat! What about his legacy? What about those grandchildren he has that would benefit from this land acqusition from an heir that has tooled and worked this farm for years. This is the shame of it all! We have no concept of the next generation and what we are doing to them.

The Urban Growth Boundaries will be severely affected by this growth plan. Your farm will face many new international land use regulations that will stop you in your tracks. You now have a choice of what you can do with your property, soon you will not!

There are even plans to use a portion of your farm to “sustain” others that the government feels you should feed, clothe and shelter according to their guidelines.

This will include incentives for you to put a high rise apartment on your property, grow your garden and feed all the people that will live on your property. Look up Greenbelt Properties on the web, it is suggested in the Growth Plan to better sustain our farms and urban areas. It will surprise you that this has been offered in our growth plan.

Aside from your property taxes rising (as the hired consultants, many times suggested) every tax at our disposal will have to be increased just to make ends meet to foot the 10 billion dollar plus growth plan.

Public private partnerships being orchestrated by NGOs like the Chamber of Commerce, the Industrial Boards and the SSD (Southside Development) Gangs are killing our economy by interfering with the concept of the free market and no one is saying “STOP THE MADNESS!”

As you sleep, there are consultants surveying your property for land development, combing over sattelite maps for the best way to use the land that is yours. The 65-10 rule is a tool they are using in the Santa Cruz area of California under the label of sustainable development. 65 % of your property can be designated as a portion of government property that can be used at their discretion if the economy demands it. And you don’t even get to decide which 65% you can use.

There is also a greater plan through a cooperative international efforts that our local communities must abide by and our local governments are buying it hook, line and sinker.

When,not if, the government chooses to own your property there is a plan to “herd” every one into the urban areas to “control the population” to decrease the “sprawl” and make for a “sustainable community” and the property you used to own will be converted to a “federal reserve, wilderness area” closed off to the public to never even be allowed to re-visit the land again that was once yours.

North Cleveland will soon be annexed into the City and it doesnt stop there, there are plans to expand into many more municipalities and take over. There will be one great big city, “metropolitan in nature.”

To quote the United Nations, “The only way to preserve lifes biological diversity is to make sure all species have appropriate habitat, for many species that means true wilderness.”

Managed Growth Areas that are in trouble and will soon be a part of the City, yes I said it, The City will soon be so big that the County will only be a small portion of the big picture. County Commissioners take note! Metropolitan Government is on its way and is a goal and dream of our current City Mayor! Voting your self out of a job!

Managed Growth areas:
1) City of Cleveland and Charleston
2) Freewill
3) Hopewell
4) Bellfount
5) Climer
6) Chestuee
7) Union Grove
8) McDonald

Page 35 of the plan discusses this transformation well and is chocked full of information. I live in this area and to date no one in these areas has any idea that they will soon be a part of the City paying both County and City taxes.

As development pressures increases in these areas they will be see the biggest changes and see the biggest changes to their character, transforming from mostly rural to suburban and even urban in some areas(a direct quote from the Growth Plan). Moving the city and all of its many unique qualities to the country could be very interesting.

The plan goes on to say “it will be important to manage this change to respect existing communities and promote development forms and types that are appealing to new residents, while still maintaining fiscal and environmental sustainability!” I have grown to hate 4 words!

These areas will be most sensitive to the need to balance efficient growth patterns with land rights and resource preservation/protections.

I don’t know about you but all that legal speak and mumbo jumbo somehow seems to me I will be losing something, sounds like I will be giving something up for this growth plan, sounds like you and me are gonna be looking for a new place to live………a high rise apartment, perhaps, downtown with a 16:1 dwelling unit ratio per acre, yes the plan also calls for 16 families on one acre in the urban areas. Can you imagine?

Can you see an air of talking at you instead of to you. Sort of like you are not even in the conversation. The land and the urban growth area they speak of is YOUR LAND! Not vacant land! Not land that is not owned! Not a prior reserve area protected from the 60’s under a different President.

This is your land and they are planning on taking it. How else can you interpret this? This land is now in the minds of an overreaching government their land, thus the phrase land grab!

All this will be made possible because of executive orders, soft laws and treaties that progressive professional politicians have fashioned with international bodies to pursue your personal and property rights under the guise of “sustainable growth”, “smart communities”, Sustainable communities” and the 2035 BCC Joint Strategic Growth Plan.

The next step is if your County Commission in concert with the City votes YES on the growth plan!

Is this something you want?

Is this how you want to lose the farm, your property and personal rights?

To help help stop the BCC Growth Plan go to http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/nobccgrowthplan/ and place your vote!

Obamas new Gun Regulations affect 4 states, Bradley County TN. could be next

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OBAMA wants to take your guns away, period!

The NRA and the National Shooting Sports Foundation are planning to file separate lawsuits challenging the Federal Governments authority to enforce new gun regulations. The groups are seeking immediate court orders blocking the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms from implementing new reporting requirements.

The new requirement gives the ATF the authority to require federally licensed firearm dealers to submit information regarding firearms sales. In this case, the ATFs demand exceeds its authority and is prohibited under federal law.

Attorney general Eric Holder said this past Wednesday that “ the action we have taken is consistent with the law.” The measures that we are proposing are appropriate ones to stop the flow of guns from the United States to Mexico”, he told reporters in Washington.

Hello! Mr Holder, Mr Obama and the ATF, didn’t you just recently get caught with your gun in your hands? (Ex-Military know what I am referring to here) . Operation Fast and Furious? Wasn’t that long ago! The controversial “sting operation” you botched and sold many weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels. Even killed a Border Patrol Agent with one of your given away, I mean, sold weapons.
Wait a minute! Was this another one of those plans where you make it appear that druglords are buying our rifles and you need to crack down on all Americans, just didn’t expect to get caught doing it, did you? Or did you? I am seeing very clearly tonight!

A top DOJ official said that the ATF are to focus on several areas one of which is on multiple sales of “semi automatic” rifles with calibers no more that .22 and the ability to accept a detachable magazine. In particular, federal authorities in Arizona (figured on that one) California, New Mexico, and Texas should be notiified when multiple purchases are made within a five day period.

There is growing concern that the ATF will continue to expand its authority and expose more legitimate buyers to government notification.

The Shooting Stars Foundation is concerned these new requirements will make it “more difficult for the 8,500 gun dealers affected to assist law enforcement. Illegal firearms dealers will simply alter their schemes to avoid and evade the reporting requirement, making it more difficult for retailers to report suspicious activity.

The NRA reports that they, the gun dealers will suffer economic loss because they will have to tie up many employees to jump through the legal red tape, so to speak. Or will simply lose business from gun owners who would have bought certain rifles but have been dissuaded to do so, to protect their privacy rights.

I am sickened by the atrocities that are turning America into a Socialist Nation. I along with many other veterans have fought and shed blood for our country and one President with the appropriate personnel in place are willing and able to change the very country that I used to recognize.

The one thing that keeps America free and the enemy at bay the clearest is our ability to own a gun or as many as we like and to defend our own family and property till the death according to the Constitution.

The stored weapon in an empty room with thousands of rounds is the only wedge, I believe, that keeps our country free at this point and keeps our President from taking all our freedoms away.

That one little threat that many may rise up if you mess with the good ole US of A and our God given rights protected under the banner of the ripped and torn Constitution that keeps the pure socialists out of neighborhoods at present!

God Bless America and the one leg she still stands on. Stand strong America! We are under attack from within our own White House!

Contributing source: Fox News

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