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North Cleveland Beware! Growth plan and the City Coming after you!

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Our community will soon be in a state of change that will change us forever with serious side effects that will leave us broke and possibly bankrupt. We are on the fast track to an irreversible road to nowhere if we don’t wake up and look at what the BCC 2035 Strategic Growth Plan entails.
The influences that are dictating the change in our community belongs to the Chamber of Commerce, The Industrial Development Board, SSD Gang, TACIR, and our elected officials at both the local and state levels.
The Growth plan for Bradley County is positioniong itself to change the way you live in Bradley County.
Sure, the professionals paint this as a “beautiful opportunity” to improve, grow and position ourselves to be viable into the 21st Century. Sound like a commercial for the Chamber of Commerce, but I am not.
When a professional politician, many of whom “run this town” say something is to good to be true, look over their shoulder and see who is doing a full reach around and padding their pockets.
Im not talking always of the illegal, scratch mine, Ill scratch yours mentality, which is another topic for another day, but the Federal drop it in your lap, oozing with love from Obama dipping deep into the taxpayer base and calling it a stimulus something or another and then putting on a pretty dress and sacheting across the floor as the “professional politicians lose their breath as Obama and his neatly wrapped stimulus package makes it s way around the room, spinning you into the web of desire and deciet. That sounded sort of like my honeymoon but that is another story also, but I think you see the point.
We are seeing a plan being delivered even as we speak, regardless of the cries from the public to “STOP THE MADNESS!”
Our local leaders are setting the stage to transform our community into a global outreach community that will decrease our quality of life by taking your inalienable rights deemed to you by your creator within the Constitution and stands to be taken away with a constant barrage of Non Governmental organizations and politicians willing to take it all away.
Your personal property rights and personal rights are on the way out and will be in jeopardy. Your land may not be yours forever. When my Dad passed his property down to me and my siblings, he did so when his father passed it down to him and so on that one day we could all enjoy the frugalities and sacrifices of our fathers to somehow pass along the legacy that would include the family farm.”
Sounds a little ominous and bleak, but we are facing a future of increased regulations and taxes that may not lend you the ability to hang on to that farm. You want to truly feel empty, lose your Great, great great granfathers “farm” to the federal government.
I was told as recently as this month by one of our County Commissioners that if the Federal Government offered him the right money for the “farm” he would sell it in a heartbeat! What about his legacy? What about those grandchildren he has that would benefit from this land acqusition from an heir that has tooled and worked this farm for years. This is the shame of it all! We have no concept of the next generation and what we are doing to them.
The Urban Growth Boundaries will be severely affected by this growth plan. Your farm will face many new international land use regulations that will stop you in your tracks. You now have a choice of what you can do with your property, soon you will not!
There are even plans to use a portion of your farm to “sustain” others that the government feels you should fedd, clothe and shelter according to their guidelines.
This will include incentives for you to put a high rise apartment on your property, grow your garden and feed all the people that will live on your property. Look up Greenbelt Properties on the web, it is suggested in the Growth Plan to better sustain our farms and urban areas. It will surprise you that this has been offered in our growth plan.
Aside from your property taxes rising like the shuttle on it last voyage, every tax at our disposal will have to be increased just to make ends meet to foot the 10 billion dollar growth plan.
Public private partnerships being orchestrated by NGOs like the Chamber of Commerce are killing our economy by interfering with the concept of the free market and no one is saying “STOP THE MADNESS!”
As you sleep, there are consultants surveying your property for land development, combing over sattelite maps for the best way to use the land that is yours. The 65-10 rule is a tool they are using in the Santa Cruz area of California under the label of sustainable development. 65 % of your property can be designated as a portion of government property that can be used at their discretion if the economy demands it. And you don’t even get to decide which 65% you can use.
There is also a greater plan through a cooperative international plan that our local communities must abide by and our local governments are buying it hook, line and sinker.
When,not if, the government chooses to own your property there is a plan to “herd” every one into the urban areas to “control the population” to decrease the “sprawl” and make for a “sustainable community” and the property you used to own will be converted to a “federal reserve, wilderness area” closed off to the public to never even be allowed to re-visit the land again that was once yours.
To quote the United Nations, “The only way to preserve lifes biological diversity is to make sure all species have appropriate habitat, for many species that means true wilderness.”
Managed Growth Areas that are in trouble and will soon be a part of the City, yes I said it, The City will soon be so big that the County will only be a small portion of the big picture. County Commissioners take note! Metropolitan Government is on its way and is a goal and dream of our current City Mayor! Voting your self out of a job!
Managed Growth areas:
1) City of Cleveland and Charleston
2) Freewill
3) Hopewell
4) Bellfount
5) Climer
6) Chestuee
7) Union Grove
8) McDonald
Page 35 of the plan discusses this transformation well and is chocked full of information. I live in this area and to date no one in these areas has any idea that they will soon be a part of the City paying both County and City taxes.
As development pressures increases in these areas they will be see the biggest changes and see the biggest changes to their character…transforming from mostly rural to suburban and even urban in some areas. Moving the city and all of its many unique qualities to the country could be very interesting.
The plan goes on to say “it will be important to manage this change to respect existing communities and promote development forms and types that are appealing to new residents, while still maintaining fiscal and environmental sustainability!” I have grown to hate 4 words!
These areas will be most sensitive to the need to balance efficient growth patterns with land rights and resource preservation/protections.
I don’t know about you but all that legal speak and mumbo jumbo somehow seems to me I will be losing something, sounds like I will be giving something up for this growth plan, sounds like you and me are gonna be looking for a new place to live……….a high rise apartment downtown with a 16:1 dwelling unit ratio per acre, yes the plan also calls for 16 families on one acre in the urban areas. Can you imagine?
Can you see an air of talking at you instead of to you. Sort of like you are not even in the conversation. The land and the urban growth area they speak of is YOUR LAND! Not vacant land! Not land that is not owned! Not a prior reserve area protected from the 60’s under a different President.
This is your land and they are planning on taking it. How else can you interpret this? This land is now in the minds of an overreaching government their land, thus the phrase land grab!
All this will be made possible because of executive orders, soft laws and treaties that progressive professional politicians have fashioned with international bodies to pursue your personal and property rights under the guise of “sustainable growth”, “smart communities”, Sustainable communitues” and the 2035 BCC Joint Strategic Growth Plan.
The next step is if your County Commission in concert with the City vote YES on the growth plan! Is this something you want? Is this how you want to lose the farm, your property and personal rights?

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