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Across America- A cross in every yard!

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“ACross America” is a work-in-progress and a vision of a local Bradley County resident. The vision is to see white crosses in yards across our community, other counties and states, until a cross stands in every yard throughout this country as a personal witness of faith, and to unite this nation so that it once again stands as one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all. How powerful it would be to see tens of thousands of yards bearing witness to the only One who can bring true hope and change to the individual, to the family, to the nation, and to His church giving Him the Glory!
“ACross America” began earlier this year and made its first distribution of over 1000 crosses at Cleveland First Baptist Church. Since that time, this local project has made, painted and distributed an average of 1000 crosses a month. ACross America is supported solely by donations which 100% goes into the next production of crosses. These crosses are made, painted and distributed by  faithful volunteers.  
It is said that America is no longer a Christian nation. Even our current President has repeatedly made this reference. As Christians, we are challenged at every turn, and our voices are being silenced.  Past and present decisions and levels of “tolerance” have blurred our society into a shameful, nearly unrecognizable state.  We have allowed our values to become so compromised, until those values have little to no value today.  
Project Background
Two years ago in a small town in Michigan an atheist was successful in having crosses removed at a bridge.  With the support of other activist he tried to have other crosses removed from public view.  At that point the residents decided enough is enough, and hundreds of residents made simple white crosses and placed them in their front yards. That expression of faith resulted in all opposition leaving the town. Those simple white crosses still stand in the yards of Christians in Frankenmuth, Michigan.
Just as the small community in Michigan stood strong in their expression of faith, ACross America invites everyone to stand strong as a witness to their faith. Rather than ‘chasing someone out of town’, ACross America is ‘inviting SomeOne into town’.
Please pray for this vision to spread across our land…touching the lives of those who pass by as well as those who occupy the home where a cross is planted. Let’s make the ACross America project EPIDEMIC!
Pray for others to be encouraged and motivated to make and distribute crosses until the view from the heavens appears as a field of crosses as testimony to our Creator and In Whom We Trust.


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