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Chamber of Commerce assists United Nations in implementing Sustainable Development in Bradley County and the U.S.

In Agenda 21 on September 19, 2011 at 8:30 AM

The Chamber of Commerce is being influenced by the United Nations to implement Agenda 21, Sustainable Development and Growth in about every town in our nation and in Bradley County, Tennessee!

The United Nations is directing our local officials to create an environment to “grow our communities to eventually control you, your property and every aspect of your community.” This is no longer a “conspiracy” that permeates from the bowels of conservatism and grassroots organizations. This is well documented, slowy coming to fruition with the plan being perfected with the eagerness of our locally elected officials. This is now reality, this is Agenda 21 in action.

Lets call it Socialism, lets call it one step away from Communism with a sprinkle of Marxism! Why not? It is time we face these demons and quit hiding behind the conspiracy label because we are afraid we are going to be labeled as out of the mainstream by so called, want to be elitists with too much of a self assigned power trip to recognize our town is being consumed by Islands of Socialism. The insidious “creeping” of Socialism into our society is at times overwhelming. To digest the degree of influence the United Nation and Socialists have at present on our own county is unpalatable at best. When our country is being destroyed from the inside by clusters of socialists dead set on destroying this country, it is time to do the out of step maneuver and say enough is enough and this madness must stop.

Many self serving politicians will be quick to dismiss this claim I am making in this article and I cant say I dont blame them in some way or another. If I was a participant in the Countys demise and was decieving a great number of people and ruining their future generations of a quality of life, I too would find a way to discredit the information being printed in this blog. I believe this is natural and is an expected response from the so called “well intended leaders!”

I believe our local state, county and city leaders are at one of two points of view when it comes to witnessing this influx of Socialism into Bradley County! We are either in denial or all knowing in our approach to the dealings of our County. We are at a crucial crossroads in our discovery of this creeping of Socialism!

We must fight or surrender for the last of our liberties from an encroaching United Nations. Our mindset is one of “it cant be, because our leaders are good people and they wouldnt make bad decisions or let this happen to us.” I believe this also, we do have some good people in our local government, but we also have a few sinister human beings that have sold our town to the devil and are participating, as I said, in the know or in denial of our recognition of the United Nations influence on our community.

We are seeing a very deliberate plan pulled off here and it is disguised in the form of Sustainable Development, Social and Economical Justice. Look at the signs, the signs are waving you and must stand and recognize this plan. We must stop this insurgence into our daily lives. Sure it looks kind, Christ like, caring and thoughtful on the outside, but believe me it is quite the opposite.

Lets begin to peel the layers off! This may take a few articles to unfold this diabolical plan, but we must start somewhere!

Understanding the role of the Chamber of Commerce in the World, Internationally, in the United States and at the local level while realizing that all are intertwined and are all working in sync to accomplish United Nations Objectives and Goals.

Defined: The Chamber of Commerce in the US is an American lobbying group representing the interests of many business and trade associations. It is not an agency of the United States Government, which makes it a United Nations created NGO or Non Governmental Organization. This means they are not a governemnt entity but carry out and work closely with governments to accomplish UN goals with little to no accountability to the tax payer citizen and all the power of the Federal Government.

The Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest lobbyist groups in the U.S spending more money than all othe organizations on a yearly basis. Some of the Chambers biggest members and donors are Goldman Sachs, Chevron, Texaco and Aegon. There is also ongoing debate and investigations that a great protion of their money is coming from foreign countries such as India, the Soviet Union and China!

Positions of the US Chamber on issues include: Supporting Corporate Globalization, opposes financial regulation, opposes healthcare reform, opposes action on climate change, supports the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, neutral on abortion and gay marriage, opposes mandatory immigration status checks by employers, and supported allowing corporations to spend unlimited sums on electioneering.

The Chamber spent 91.7 million lobbying in 2008 and 144.5 million in 2009. The Chambers lobbying expenditures in 2009 were 5 times higher than the next highest spender Exxon Mobil at 27.4 million. In that year the Chamber had more than 150 lobbyist from 25 different firms working on its behalf in 2009.

As of 2010, the Chamber had a worldwide network of 115 American Chamber of Commerce affiliates located in 108 countries. The Chamber maintains that it uses no “foreign monies” to fund lobbyist that drive policy in DC, but boasts of many multinational affiliations for many years and boasts annual revenues of 200 million dollars. An interesting note the Chamber is not required to produce records of its coffers or fundraising, so this at the very least suggests that it would be very simple to hide the fact that foreign donations are buying votes in Washington DC.

Many large Corporations have withdrawn from the US Chamber of Commerce over assertions that foreign monies were used to influence votes. A few of those companies are Exelon Corp, PG&E, PNM Resources, Apple and Nike. Although Toyota threatened to leave at present they are still a part of the Chamber.

Hilary Rosen, former CEO of the Recording Association of America stated that “their aggressive ways are out of step with a new generation of business leadership who are looking for a more cooperative relationship with Washington”, NIKE added “they feel that they can better influence the policy by being part of the conversation.

The ICC- International Chamber of Commerce- The Worlds only truly global business organization responds by being more assertive in expressing business views. ICC activities cover a broad spectrum, from arbitration, dispute resolution to making the case for open trade and the market economy system, business self regulations, fighting corruption or combating commercial crime. ICC has direct access to national governemnts all over the world (although they boast they have nothing to do with governments) through its national committees. The organizations Paris based secretariat feeds business views into governemntal organizations that directly affect business operations.

A few issues the ICC supports are as follows: The ICC International Arbitration courts are expanding by 500 or so cases per year, makes reccomendations to the World Trade Organization (WTO), Speaks for World Business on issues as imtellectual property rights, transport policy, trade law or the environment. meets with Leaders at the annual G8 summit, at the United Nation summits on Sustainable Development (Agenda 21) financing for development and the information society, ICC spearheads the business contribution. ICC IS THE MAIN BUSINESS PARTNER OF THE UNITED NATIONS AND IT AGENCIES! Source (page 1 on the ICC website under “what is it” tab 14th line down) Next paragraph down, Together with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) ICC helps with some of the worlds poorest countries.

A year after the United Nations was formed in 1945, the Chamber of Commerce ICC was granted the highest level Consultative status with the United Nations and its specialized agencies giving them the power to negotiate and implement United Nations while discussing with G20 and G8 participants the goals and objectives of the UN. (To see a further link of the UN to ICC to the USCOC please read the article by Erical Carle, dated October 2005, titled The Chamber of Commerce-Part 1 Its power and Goals, 2nd paragraph)

I hope by now you see the enormity of this Organization and its influence on our communities and states via the UN and the ICC to the US Chamber of Commerce. The setup was needed as I doubt few know that a Chamber of Commerce exist beyond our local community. I think when you see how large it is in the scheme of things I think you will be able to see the bigger picture and the direct influence the United Nations has on our daily lives and the plan that is being unfolded and driven by the individual “small Chambers.” Agenda 21 is a very complex plan and it is being delivered by a very skillful clan of ruthless, untiring and consistent enemy.

Now, the rubber must hit the road and I am going to encourage you to do your own research as well, based on the information you have recieved by me. In no way can you simply read along and expect to become an educated expert without doing further research. This report will only scratch the surface but the main theme I want you to think about and apply is if you step away with nothing, take this nugget with you.

I think you can agree that something is awry in the US and the world and the United Nations has a big hand in it! If there is not a concerted effort by a “higher power” to change the way you live, then what is it?

What is driving all this sustainable development especially in a down economy and near total collapse of our economy and social structure?

Why is there “sustainable development” in just about every town in the United States and why is it being called Agenda 21 or Sustainable growth if it were not a piece of a bigger plan.

Open your mind for a few minutes! This is not a joke!

Real events are happening and the United Nations is within our borders using the Chamber of Commerce and elected officials to drive this bigger plan. If you look around, read, it will slowly start coming together and you will see that a bigger animal than us is loose on our community.


  1. I would like to add that there are many good people in the chamber that have no idea what the true goals are of this marxist/globilist ngo! I think that many of them just think that the CC is a good (local) group to get involved with to help them promote there business and maybe give them a bit of an edge on there competition, and either never look any deeper or feel that the membership has given them that edge that they were looking for and so even if they see these problems with the CC they just look the other way. But let the light shine forth and lets expose this ngo for what they are and what they are is not good for Bradley county or the USA. In Liberty Dan


  2. Yes Dan you are very correct and often times we will dismiss the truth when we are faced with something that is so large and something we can’t quite wrap our hands around and instead if taking it at face value, we have a natural tendency to say that can’t be true cause I don’t believe it! And often those people stand up and are the first to yell “conspiracy”, kook, or not credible! Many think that all this happening around us is just happening because it is the natural flow of things when in fact it is much bigger than that and has sinister roots!


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