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Support Gibson Guitar rally this weekend in Nashville

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Gibson Rally Info

Fellow Constitutionalists,

This Saturday a rally will be held to support Gibson Guitar and Liberty Legal Foundation will be there. If you haven’t heard the story, in brief here is what happened:

Last month federal agents raided Gibson Guitar factories in Memphis and Nashville because they were unknowingly violating an obscure federal regulation. Under the pretense of being in violation of India’s wood export law, Federal officers entered the Gibson facilities with weapons drawn and seized property. To this date, no charges have been filed against Gibson. No proper notice was given. The Federal agents used much more force than necessary to accomplish any legitimate law enforcement goals. Obviously, Tennessee citizens are outraged.

What is even more frustrating is that all of this could have been prevented. Last session, Liberty Legal Foundation co-drafted and lobbied hard to get nullification bills introduced into the Tennessee Legislature. The first bill, SB620, would have set up a committee to review EVERY Federal law currently on the books and recommend nullification by the TN legislature of ALL Fed laws that violate the Constitution. The second bill, SB1108/HB0959, would have re-established that TN Sheriffs have ultimate authority over arrests in their county. It would have required Federal Agents to obtain written permission from the county sheriff before arresting anyone in his county, authorized the sheriff to arrest any agent not complying, and most importantly, would have repealed all current TN laws that authorize Fed agents to arrest without sheriff’s authorization.

Had these bills been passed, the Federal agents raiding Gibson would have had to go to the local Sheriff first for permission. The Sheriff would have seen that the Federal agents had no legal leg to stand on to support such a raid. If these bills had passed this travesty would not have occurred in the state of Tennessee. Unfortunately, both of our bills were killed in committee. We are working to have them re-introduced next January.

To show our collective outrage for this heavy handed treatment by Federal agents, a rally has been planned for this Saturday afternoon with speakers, music, and food. TEA Party, Constitutionalist, and Liberty groups from Tennessee and surrounding areas are sponsors. Citizens from the Southeast will be coming together not necessarily to support Gibson, but to protest this ridiculous abuse of power.

All the events details can be found at: http://www.gibsonrally.com.

If you can, please attend and show the Fed that we won’t tolerate overreaches of power any longer.

In Liberty,

Van Irion
Co-Founder, Lead Counsel

U.S. Chamber of Commerce and large corporations dictating agenda for 112th Congress

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U.S. Chamber’s Agenda
Echo Chamber: How the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Top Corporate Funders Dictate the Agenda for the 112th Congress

We are seeing the country being run by large corporations and their representatives the Chamber of Commerce! With them being the number one lobbyist spending near 150 million last year on essentially paying people off it is no wander our country and it’s sovereignty are almost gone! The Chamber and it’s allowed influence over our towns and nations is stifling the economy and is leading us definitely in the wrong direction! Influencing elections and dictating agendas for Congress, please where is our representation in Washington? Who is going to stand in the gap for us if our elected officials are being bought and paid for by the Chamber of Commerce and it’s minions? Something has got to give! Information must get out to the “naive” public! Please read this article and you may have to go to the site to read the full article, which I highly recommend! You can go to Chamber Watch at http://www.fixtheuschamber.com

In the upcoming days, the Republican leadership will produce its legislative agenda for the 112th Congress, an agenda they’ve already started planning. It wasn’t hard for them to create this agenda: the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which pledged to spend more than $75 million in anonymous corporate money to influence this fall’s elections, provided an agenda for them, driven by and for the sixteen companies that provide more than half of the U.S. Chamber’s contributions. The U.S. Chamber has already developed the talking points and plans to implement that agenda. Now that its election war chest has rented it a Congress, look for an agenda from the newly minted Republican-led House that reflects the U.S. Chamber’s priorities – which in turn reflect the interests of the member corporations that make the largest contributions to the Chamber’s coffers.

The bottom line: the handful of corporations that secretly fund the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are influencing national policy, and spent millions of dollars to elect congress members that will pursue their agenda. Here are the top five priorities the U.S. Chamber’s corporate Congress can be expected to pursue.

H.R. 1: The Extension of the Bush Tax Cuts: Keeping Corporate CEOs Rich
H.R. 2: “Personalize” Social Security: Putting Earned Income Programs at Risk to Pay for Bush Tax Cuts
H.R. 3: Repeal/Weaken the Affordable Care Act: Protect Insurance Companies
H.R. 4: Protect Tax Benefits for Outsourcers: Keep Jobs Overseas
H.R. 5: Gutting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Choosing Big Banks on Wall Street over Small Business and the Rest of Us

Chamber Watch for more detailed reports, very informative

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