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Occupy this!!!

In Uncategorized on October 21, 2011 at 9:53 AM

I can stay quite no longer! Let me say it and say it loudly!!! I hope it bounces off what little freedom we have left! THE OCCUPIERS OF OUR COUNTRY ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS!!!

Too many are being fooled by this latest movement, we have been lulled to sleep by these communist, socialist, marxists and or anarchist! Obama and the left are laying it all on the line! I feel this is only a precursor to a leftist communist takeover and revolution! The left is luring many liberty minded folks into the fold of communisms trap! Many are approaching these rats of our Republic as if they are something to be supported! Mistakes are being made as the ” consensus” is being blurred!

The planks of communism are being fulfilled and some are looking at it like it is a movement to secure our liberty! Many are approaching these pigs as if they have something to give to society! LET ME TELL YOU NOW, the OCCUPY movement wants to destroy America! They want us to believe that we are docile robots that should be supporting them!

I have been personally disappointed at the groups in the area and the US that have been fooled by these masters of the game! It blows my mind when such educated folks tell me they may get some votes and they may have something to offer us! Yeah, a snake has venom to offer, but that doesn’t mean I want play with it!

This is the deception that many in the area have fallen into and to be so easily manipulated is beyond my reasonable thoughts! Masters of the game have fooled many on the right to join their cause, many have hijacked the GOP presidential flock and are trying to pass this off as some kind of “freedom movement.” Please folks wise up and realize you are being called out as “pseudo freedom fighters” shame on you leaders who have tried to sway support into your communist snares!

We have been hijacked! Very legitimate groups have been co opted, look at the connections along with actions! I have to admit they are pretty good, they have fooled people long enough! They have raised their head just enough and exposed just a little too much! Marching side by side with these communist is more than I can stand!

I see so clearly today based on the actions of a few! I sleep at night knowing that I make my decisions based in my gut and mostly go with that feeling! I am not a patsy for any group! America is seeing these communist, union type as the thugs they are! Where there was a blurred line, it is now crystal clear! The light has been turned on in this town and country! The planks of communism have been exposed and their leaders need to be further called out and their associations to these goons needs to be magnified!

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