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“PALESTINE” BECOMES A MEMBER OF UNESCO (Same group initiating IB at Walker Valley High)

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You don’t think we are in trouble in Bradley County Tennessee and the United States when the UNITED NATIONS has the influence to drive policy and destroy Bradley County and destroy Israel at the same!!!

Bradley County, this is no longer funny! Pam Geller an acquaintance of mine is and has been giving us multiple warnings as to the influence of the UN, UNESCO and Islam on our “modern global world!”

Many want to see us fail epically and there is currently an all out assault on our country/county and it begins as I mentioned with our children in Bradley County and reaches all the way to Israel and it’s ultimate destruction and recognition as a strong US ally!

I promise you if Israel falls at the hands of the UNITED NATIONS, so do we, the two last symbols of religious freedom and democracy in the free world!

Israel destroyed is the US destroyed! That simple! Both are happening even as we speak! The UN accepting Palenstine into its World covenant seals Israels death and assures Palestine legitimacy as an entity, empowering Iran and it nuclear program, severely weakening our alliances, our sovereignty and puts us at great risk of self destruction!

My dear sweet grandmother used to sit in a chair in front of the Grandkids on peaceful Sunday afternoons after church and warn us of these days and the assault on Israel that was coming! I looked upon her sincerity of the subject as warning to the next generation! She was prophetic in her delivery and planted in me a seed to pursue knowledge of this futuristic world event, thanks Nana, you were way ahead of your time!

What I find of particular interest in our country and in Bradley County is that the “religious, church going, bible thumping, holier than thou” people are the ones that are turning their heads to this reality and are being the catalyst for our eventual demise! Embracing the UN and tolerating their influence in our town and on our children! That is the real disaster and why should I be surprised, they are the same types that held Hitlers hand as he delivers Mein Kampf and his plans to takeover the world!

Listen closely as Pam Geller explains- These are the monsters created in Obama’s post-American world. The idea that a terror statelet whose entire reason for being is annihilation and genocide would be voted a member of the UN cultural and educational agency says more about the state of the UN today than anything.
“Palestine” is the stolen name of the state of Israel. Its sole contribution to humanity is the scourge of modern-day terrorism. It is also now a full member of The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Just last week, the leaders of the PA said that they would never recognize the Jewish state, and as their reward? Full membership in UNESCO. You just can’t make this stuff up.
This is clearly the work of the modern universal caliphate, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Thanks again to Obama, who has successfully rendered America impotent in these matters. What a horror he is.
Every single penny of American freedom-loving, life-loving dollars should be withdrawn from the UN immediately.
This is one to watch. The Republicans should relentlessly beat the O-campaign over the head with this one. Is someone in the GOP making a list of his monstrous failures? Obama has singlehandedly done more to diminish American influence and dismantle the power structure in the world that was in favor of the good and the free than any of our enemies ever could. It is, in a word, breathtaking.

Source: Atlas Shrugged and Pamela Geller
November 12th, 2011

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