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Bradley County News- If for a moment you think that our leaders are the least bit concerned about your constitutional rights and well being in Bradley County, please think again!

Our elected leaders, currently our City and County Mayors are using lofty positions within “federal organizations” such as the Department of Homeland Security and Southeast Economic Development Council to give away your rights for grant money! As witnessed in this weeks Cleveland Daily Banner and the recent implementation of NIXLE policing systems into our community, we once again see the international connection to the United Nations and no one, I repeat and no one is alarmed by it or are simply too lazy and complacent to investigate it!

As soon as I heard “free NIXLE service” to our area, sirens and flashing lights went off! This is often the lure of grant money in the millions as in the case of the implementation of NIXLE!

Please stay tuned to the next few articles as my research has revealed a very sinister plan again for the lure of grant money, your tax dollars that every one in government thinks is their money and somehow it is free!

Below my buddy Tom Deweese, a friend and email consultant of mine on issues that relate to agenda 21 and the United nations. I have let him kind of break the ice and I will follow up with some of my own research and share on this venue in the next coming days! Please stay tuned the reveal will astound you and make you wonder “what the heck is going on in Bradley County?”

By Tom DeWees

For years I have been issuing warnings about the growing government surveillance state. REAL ID and E-Verify have been sold as weapons necessary to stop illegal immigration and the threat of terrorism. Now, Congress says it has improved those weapons by creating the PASS Act.

Yet, while insisting these straight jackets for all citizens are needed to protect us, the government has refused to do the one thing that would actually reduce these threats – secure the borders. Homelandsecuritynewswire.com reports that the government has set a goal of capturing only 29% of people and goods entering our borders illegally. That’s it. As I have warned, the mindset of the government is that it’s much more efficient to put us all in chains than to try to actually catch the bad guys.

And so, the government is spending its resources (your money) spying on Americans, from monitoring our Face book pages to our credit card purchases. To make its intentions even clearer, The Department of Homeland Security has issued reports profiling nearly all Americans as potential domestic terrorists. And now, Barack Obama says he is considering “preventive detention” for those the government deems dangerous but are not yet ready to arrest. The government is now using biometric identification to monitor those who attend TEA Parties and other protests. Our right to object is being destroyed. This is government by intimidation. No free society can withstand it.

Yet, still, many Americans who profess to support limited government and individual liberty, allow themselves to be pulled in by those who tell you REAL ID, E-Verify and (NIXLE) will make us safer and freer. They refuse to understand that THEY are the target – not illegals. What will it take America, to finally convince you? When will you begin to understand you are not being protected – YOU ARE BEING HUNTED!

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