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NIXEL in Bradley County, sharing your personal info with the world

In Agenda 21, Government on December 8, 2011 at 8:27 AM

First of all, let’s establish the connection to and the reason for all this involvement in our community!

Once again it is our elected leaders who are contributing a great deal to the loss of our freedoms here in Bradley County and why our sovereignty is being given away all in the name of a few grants that for some reason they seem to feel is worth the trade off! Our freedoms for a few federal dollars is one of the saddest statements I have made in a long time!

Our elected leaders open participation in TACIR, ICLEI, Southeast Economic Development Council, and the Department of Homeland Security are the crux of our problems. They are not on the board of many of these organizations by accident. They are being usef as useful tools of the government to implement pretty much anything they want on the citizens they represent all for the few dollars that may pass his way! In other words, they are useful idiots, pawns for big government, willing participants for any “useful” programs that will assist the government and the United Nations (the global community) to facilitate a socialist agenda, thus our sovereignty and freedom at what ever cost they think it is worth!

As mentioned earlier, the local newspaper introduced the NIXLE Policing Sysytem to the citizens of Bradley County. All was fine and seemingly benign until a little research revealed a very disturbing trend for our community which is often done in this community and is the sole reason that this news blog was created and that was to give near 10, 000 readers of this blog the opportunty to see another side of the news, that news often left off the headlines of our news papers.

After reading the story and after noticing the “free NIXLE” system that was just given to us because we are such a great community and because we deserve it, after all doesn’t our Mayors have out best interest in mind, sure they do and that is why they think it such a great plan for our community! “It will make our community stronger, able to communicate with first responders and give out information on storms and hurricanes that hit our area! Sounds really good doesn’t it? Until you pull away the layers that so many have either been paid to hide or just blatantly hopes you wouldn’t look!

First layer, the NIXLE system! The NIXLE system is free because it has many components that are missing. NIXLE is only the delivery portion of this policing system it is the ying, the missing portion is the yang for lack of a better word!

The NIXLE system is only that, a policing system, which needs the other components, such as NLETS, INTERPOL and many other systems to connect to that are not “free!”

NIXLE must have a NLET system to operate effectively! NIXLE will get this in our community because our local guys have done their initial job and that was to accept it. Next, we must purchase NLET, then the grants start pouring in! What will the NLET and other systems cost? No telling and to date, I have not been able to confirm how much, but I can bet it will not be cheap!

NIXLE is a notification system asking for subscribers, they ask you to sign up for free, give all your personal info, they upload this into a data bank and the process starts.

It has been rumored on EMA blogs by Rick Wimberly and Lorin Bristow that NIXLE will sell your info to advertisers and in turn sell advertising space on NIXLE! This rumor has to date been squelched by NIXLES CEO and founder Craig Mitnik. Mr Mitnik has stated that he plans to not sell advertising but plans to fund NIXLE with other projects with his customer list of 3600 agencies throughout the nation!

Here is where the “free” part comes into play. Mitnik and company have developed related technology they intend to sell to the private sector. He believes this will be more lucrative than selling to public safety and will help support his public safety efforts, he stresses “that his public safety system and his private sector systems are not commingled!”

“One of these systems is the NLETS system (National Law Enforcement Tech Systems) which has very strict standards for security.

WWW.NLETS.org calls it system the “International Justice and Public Safety Network” this system with the assistance of NIXLE links together and supports every state, local and federal law enforcement, Justice Department and other public safety agencies for the purpose of sharing and exchanging critical information teaming with the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE (USDOJ) to pursue the necessary security measures for enhanced law enforcement sharing.

Furthermore, on their website they answer the question “Who are we?” “We are owned by the states, a 501 (c) 3 non profit company, the use of info is composed of all US and territories, selected international agencies (United Nations) and a variety of strategic partners that serve the law enforcement community, all cooperatively exchanging data.” Types of data shared 1) Motor vehicle and drivers data to Canadian and INTERPOL databases, 2) State criminal history records, 3) Drivers license info 4) Corrections info 5) Photos. This data amounts to over 1 billion transactions a year to over 900,000 personal computers, mobile and hand held devices in the US and Canada at 45,000 user agencies and to 1.2 million individual users! Is this sounding so “groovy and benign” now! You can thank BCN reporting for giving you the other side…….for free of course!

What we do? “We are dedicated to diligently growing the network….at the lowest possible cost. Also, wea are a proving ground for information sharing technology and we are a trusted source for GRANTS (your tax dollars) to develop breakthrough programs which NIXLE owns that support the men and women who need the right info 24/7/365!

Grants, NLET is very proud of one of our flagship programs, GRANTS! Nearly 10 million dollars in grants acquired thus far! “Because we are a not for profit organization, owned by the states, we can obtain grants from the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY (thanks Mayors and your connections) Science and Technology Directorate and the National Institute of Justice. It is nice to also note that NLETS retains approximately 25 percent of the grants (their profit share) but the rest is awarded to the states, then NLETS contracts it’s services to the individual states, ie BRADLEY COUNTY TENNESSEE, to get the work done! They go on to boast on the website that the best part of the business model of NLETS is that they do all the work so it is not necessary for the states to procure the grants for themselves, but my assertion is that if the states procured this money themselves their would be 25 percent more to go around, just thinking out loudly again, shame on me! But NLETS is going to do all the work for you as long as they get their 25 percent cut of your tax dollars! Right? It’s the American government way, right?

NLETS further mentions it’s companies strong connection to public private partnerships, you know those Non Governmental Organizations (NGOS) that bypass your local government and implement all those wonderful programs in our communities without a single vote cast by elected officials that represent you.

NLETS also mentions it silent partners that work closely with them to make sure you are safe of course…..traffic enforcement, red light, speed and toll violation camera companies, local, state, federal and international agencies such as DHS, INTERPOL, and other international agencies like the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) and the UNITED NATIONS! These agencies combined help track down violatora which increases revenue and helps with information sharing! Each time a law enforcement (listen closely, it gets good here) official sends a registration or drivers license query beyond their state borders it transmits across the NLETS NETWORK and back in less than a second 100 million times a month, “without the officers realizing it!” Law enforcement officers use the NLETS NETWORKS every time they send a query out of state, which is often the case with traffic violations, and they don’t even realize it! This data is not only used by local, state and federal agencies, “it is used by the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY, INTERPOL and other international bodies such as the UNITED NATIONS AND WHO”, the World Health Organization, really?

This is really starting to warm my heart! The innocent sharing of all my personal info with the whole world from little ole Bradley County Tennessee is really making me feel special! What else can this harmless little system called NIXLE/NLETS do for me?

Glad you asked! The pictures taken from the traffic/speed cameras (we had them just a few months ago, till they were femmes not cost efficient and citizens such as myself started law suits against them and they were taken down) yep those same cameras that took 1000s of pics of your license plates, well guess what else this system can do? They can create a thumbnail of your license plate from the photo of you vehicle, upload it into the NLETS system and wallah, it is shared with international agencies, your name, age, birthdate, residence, social security number, car make and model. This information is permanently stored in some vault at the UN archives, for your safety of course and for any other use they may find necessary and expedient!

Once the local law enforcement guys are able to communicate nationally and internationally (thanks to our elected Mayors), the DHS, NIXLE and NLETS recieves this information and it is then uploaded to INTERPOL, a “strategic partner” with the UNITED NATIONS! “This then allows them the opportunity to deter crime at the international level! INTERPOL (international police) then relies on current technology and maintains a range of global databases such as criminal and suspected individuals, search requests for wanted persons, fingerprints, photos, DNA profiles, list and stolen travel documents, stolen vehicles and illicit weapons related to criminal cases.

Through this system the United Nations and INTERPOL join together for International police peacekeeping….of course, it’s all about world peace and loving one another, never a thought of tracking every thing you do and everywhere you go, just in case you turn out to be a domestic terrorist, remember SB 1867?Recently that bill gives the military unilateral authority to detain “suspected domestic terrorist” and whisked off to another country and tried by a military tribunal only on suspicion of questionable activity! Yes while you were sleeping your senators voted for this bill, this week!

Please now refer to the YOU TUBE videos from your recliner and place of comfort. Please view the next videos to show the connection of the UNITED NATIONS to INTERPOL which links NIXEL and NLETS to Bradley County! “policy matters more than ever before” and “UN and INTERPOL join together for international police peacekeeping”

In these two videos the international police, the UN and member states began drafting an action plan through NIXLE, INTERPOL and NLETS to implement this doctrine at the UN! At a ministerial meeting they both agreed and the action plan was enacted at the INTERPOL General Assembly in 2010!

WWW.scribd.com/mobile/documents/1 page 6 states NLET worked with INTERPOL to provide states direct access to INTERPOL databases and Interpol message keys were developed to enhance greater communication. Strategic partners such as American Traffic solutions, lojack, NIXLE, ONSTAR, vision air, Red Flex traffic systems, laser craft, datamax, ALS state and local solutions.

NLETS business model also calls for the following plan and is how they plan to make money off of you and your data with the cooperation of our Mayors and local law enforcement officers.

The following link establishes this info http://www.scribd/…/NLETS-DMVs-interp , NIXEL is accepted into the communities, NLETS is purchased and identifies potential funding sources, applies for funding, extends funding to the staff via their vendors, aids the states/vendor in planning and execution, and then monitors the continued success of the project!

NLETS has recently recieved federal grants from the US Dept of Justice, Department of Homeland Security to demonstrate the viability of exchanging interstate drivers license photos and recently recieved a grant from the National Institute of justice for geospatial info capabilities! Satellite photos!

Other sources for this info can be found at http://www.justice.gov/usbcb/initiatives/index.php , http://www.justnet.org/lists/…/1073/Locke.ppt , http://www.hendanpub.com/resources/…/details.asp

With this information shared it still leaves a lingering question. Do you think the seemingly sinister introductions of sovereignty stealing programs like NIXLE and NLETS are intentional moves to destroy our freedoms or are they sincerely being done to devise an international plan to eventually turn our communities into socialist Gestapo type regimes?

Are our leaders simply useful idiots, with the naievete of a child watching innocently as our country is being destroyed? I would like to think the latter, but a part of me thinks otherwise!

If our leaders are that naive then maybe they don’t need to be placed in a position of authority with the ability to make decisions for the citizenry! Maybe it high time to be out with the old and in with a new form of responsible leadership!

Bradley County Courthouse cleared out because of anthrax scare

In Government on December 8, 2011 at 12:01 AM

Ok, we have a nut clearing the Bradley County Courthouse this afternoon! Anthrax, hope to God it is not true! Talcum powder, please hope that is the case! If only the courthouse gets exposed to only talcum powder, inconvenient but it spellS relief!

Someone spent the time to send talcum powder but thank God the end result was powder instead of a terrible disease that could spread to many very quickly and have a very devastating effect on many!

I have many friends within the courthouse and am so glad that many have gone unharmed as they file into Skyridge MedicalCenter this afternoon! God bless them all and may God be with them as they complete this decontamination, all will be healthy when they return to their homes and families!

Many nuts try to grab the spotlight with a sad attempt to get someone’s attention! I am so glad that many of us civilized folks choose not to take the path of a nut, instead to respect the position of our elected leaders!

Although I disagree with many things our elected leaders do, that does not mean we wish them harm! I hope every servant walked out of the courthouse with the reassurance that although a republic is at risk, the people peacefully have the right to speak peaceful and without enforcing harm! God bless you civil servants, may your jobs be plentiful and may your days be many! We must continue the debate and our county must continue with debate and that is my resolve! Please, as this case is investigated may you have gods speed In solving this dilemma! Thank you for all you do! The respect is there, I may not always agree with you but harm is never intended your way! God bless you and thank you for standing in the gap! You have my respect for your position! Rest well civil servants as you have my respect! Let’s go forward as a civil society, let’s wish you safety! God bless you!

The Constitution never intended harm to replace those we disagree with but to be thankful for the position to ask for change without harm! Thank you for your resolve! I thank you for the opportunity to debate change and reform without harm! Have a great day!

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