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Bradley County Courthouse cleared out because of anthrax scare

In Government on December 8, 2011 at 12:01 AM

Ok, we have a nut clearing the Bradley County Courthouse this afternoon! Anthrax, hope to God it is not true! Talcum powder, please hope that is the case! If only the courthouse gets exposed to only talcum powder, inconvenient but it spellS relief!

Someone spent the time to send talcum powder but thank God the end result was powder instead of a terrible disease that could spread to many very quickly and have a very devastating effect on many!

I have many friends within the courthouse and am so glad that many have gone unharmed as they file into Skyridge MedicalCenter this afternoon! God bless them all and may God be with them as they complete this decontamination, all will be healthy when they return to their homes and families!

Many nuts try to grab the spotlight with a sad attempt to get someone’s attention! I am so glad that many of us civilized folks choose not to take the path of a nut, instead to respect the position of our elected leaders!

Although I disagree with many things our elected leaders do, that does not mean we wish them harm! I hope every servant walked out of the courthouse with the reassurance that although a republic is at risk, the people peacefully have the right to speak peaceful and without enforcing harm! God bless you civil servants, may your jobs be plentiful and may your days be many! We must continue the debate and our county must continue with debate and that is my resolve! Please, as this case is investigated may you have gods speed In solving this dilemma! Thank you for all you do! The respect is there, I may not always agree with you but harm is never intended your way! God bless you and thank you for standing in the gap! You have my respect for your position! Rest well civil servants as you have my respect! Let’s go forward as a civil society, let’s wish you safety! God bless you!

The Constitution never intended harm to replace those we disagree with but to be thankful for the position to ask for change without harm! Thank you for your resolve! I thank you for the opportunity to debate change and reform without harm! Have a great day!

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