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Just throw those extra soldier body parts in the landfill, if you don’t mind!!

In Government on December 12, 2011 at 9:10 AM

I am sick at my stomach today! I have been reading of fallen soldiers being delivered to Dover Air Force base in Virginia for a proper burial and they are tossing them into a local landfill like trash!

This infuriates me and someone should be held responsible for their actions and punished to the full extent of the law!

Dover Air Force officials have admitted to tossing nearly 300 soldiers and remains, consisting of nearly 3000 body parts “being chopped up, incinerated” and thrown into a public landfill like a piece of trash!

What in the world is wrong with people these days when a soldier, somebodies child, someone’s little boy or girl can go off and fight in a war, be killed, returned home to rest and end up in a dump! This is beyond anything I can imagine!

What have we become? A society of robots with no conscience? A society where our morals and values have been pushed aside with no feelings of remorse? How can we be so inept at protecting and honoring our fallen soldiers? What happens when we as a society all take on this attitude? Do we kill babies and the spare child because we can no longer afford to feed them? How about all the poor people? The elderly? The handicapped? When we get done with them do we sink hot pokers into their brains or perhaps poor battery acid on them and watch them suffer a horrible death? Why don’t we just put our spare infants into a dumpster and walk away because they no longer fit into our busy lifestyles?

Come on people! We can no longer afford to be numb to this in our society! We have the greatest nation on Earth and we have 100s of thousands of soldiers willing to die for our country! Have a little back bone and say enough is freakin enough!

Stop with this nonchalant passive jelley spined, apathetic outlook on everything that is sacred! Instill in the next generation the value of life and teach them if the bells of liberty are to continue ringing we must treat our warriors with the respect they deserve!

God bless our country if we forget the ones who gave all! If we forget and have no ability to distinguish right from wrong, we will soon be only a remnant of what we once were!

The Tea Party of Bradley County and several citizens of Bradley County have already spoken to Congressman Chuck Fleischmann 3rd District and he is checking into the details of this tragedy and will be providing us with answers soon!

Please, if you feel any sense of pride and empathy for these soldiers and their families, please call your local Congressman and let them know that this will not be tolerated in the USA as long as there are still American Patriots and living soldiers that can stand in the gap for every soldier that was flown home, disrespected and dishonored by the very people who should have held their burial sacred and honorable!

If you care to call and demand someone be held responsible, call the main Capitol Hill Switchboard, ask for your Congress person and demand answers at (202) 224-3121!

News source link: NY Daily News

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