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” 12 month grassroots property tax plan” introduced to Bradley Countians

In Government on December 19, 2011 at 6:21 AM

Ok! I’m going to say what I have ridiculed my teenagers for having said on many occasions, but I will admit now I know why they say it! OMG! Oh My Gosh! For lack of a better word it kinda fits when you really don’t know what else to say!

The Bradley County monthly tax plan to repay your taxes! A “12 month payment plan” has been devised to help you pay your taxes so you will not get behind and lose your home, thus avoiding that lump sum at years end!

They are calling this a grassroots plan, a plan that has no other alternative! When I think grassroots, I generally think about something besides a “government courtesy plan as a way to pay your taxes!” Im odd like that I guess! Oh well!

We thought the airplane or the diesel engine was a good thing? Not hardly! County Trustee Mike Smith has rolled out the highly popular, highly sought after 12 month tax payment plan that is going to save the county from bankruptcy!

Those taxes you owe, guess what? They have become so darn expensive we are going to let you cut it up into 12 monthly payments and make little ole bitty payments so your tax burden won’t seem so large! After all for that tax burden of 1200 dollars a year is NOW only 100 dollars a month! Seems like a real steal when you think of it this way! Who would not rather pay 100 dollars a month instead of that big ole year end payment of 1200 dollars, whew, this grassroots movement is already making my payments manageable! Thank you trustee Smith! I am so glad the government has got my back! (please note if the sarcasm is a little heavy, close the page I guess and read something else)

Just think when that monthly payment gets raised to 150.00 dollars a month you will hardly notice! Who ever said the government is out of touch with the general populace have never seen this plan, duuuuuh!

The reason this “grassroots” movement is so awesome and so largely popular with the taxpayers (less than 300 are enrolled, but growing) is the government can throw in a big ole tax increase and you will barely recognize it, in fact in a few years those monthly 100 dollar payments will seem like a god send when they finally put that debt burden on you to support all the multi billion dollar plans our elected officials have for you, but have no way to pay for them!

Where else but in America can you lose your job at (the current rate for Bradley County close to 10 percent), get an unemployment check and still be asked to take from that measely check or even take from a side job where you put on a roof all day just to sustain life and yet make a monthly payment on your taxes just to keep your home! Think about how helpful the government is being to you with this truly grassroots payment! Taking food from you and your kids mouths (truly a grassroots movement) all the while paying that little bitty 100 dollar tax payment a month! Wow! Thanks guys, you are A OK!

I am starting to get warm all over and my brow is damp with perspiration from the gratitude I feel that this grassroots plan has helped me tremendously! I will never be able to thank you enough! Wow!

Thank God for this “grassroots” movement to allow you to pay in 12 month increments instead of one big payment at years end!

I’m telling you Bradley County, without the local government working with you so diligently and out of respect for your property rights, you might lose that house you grew up in!

Kudos out to all the people in government who are taking care of us! A great big hug to all the government bureaucrats that have “your” best interests in mind! The giving hand of our local government never quits extending that hand of caring! I get goose bumps every time the federal, state or local government wants to help me with paying my taxes!

Thank you Mr Smith for helping me help you reach your year end goal of collecting enough money to meet your year end goal of revenue for the County! I am so glad this grassroots connection is working out for you, of course so you can help all the citizens out who are paying out way too much money already in the form of taxes!

Keep working on all these plans! Someone somewhere is very proud of your effort! Who knows you may even get an award at the end of the year as tax collector of the year, shoot, maybe even a few of our state representatives will then come and ask you for some of that free money so they can build something else in Bradley County to promote something else we don’t want so an ego can be stroked so everyone will feel good around Christmas! For now Bradley Countians enjoy the lower tax burden, because it is fixin to go through the roof! Do you see the pattern? With every hand of assistance you get from the government, it’s one more dollar they want to pull from your paycheck!

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