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Chamber of Commerce says “Don’t buy American”

In Government on December 28, 2011 at 9:41 AM

You go and buy your Christmas presents, each dollar you spend at least I do, I say if I could possibly buy this product, is it possibly made in America? Am I able to make America stronger, simply by buying American made products? After all am I not American? Don’t we need to support our own economy? Support the thousands of entrepreneurs who put it all on the line to make a product that many will buy?

I look over the packaging and granted these days you find alot of stuff made in the Phillipines or in China! For the most part let’s say I try to buy American, just because it’s………..American! Right?

The Chamber of Commerce has said differently in the last few years and recently! They are encouraging Americans not to buy American! This is no joke! Really! They are saying that if we buy American, we are cutting major countries out of capital they need to survive! What? Really? We are taking money away from other countries such as China! They are convinced that by buying American they may retaliate and not buy our products! Reducing our fair trade, not sharing the wealth!

Let’s pretend we buy this hogwash. Let’s pretend they cry a little and decide they don’t want to buy anything of ours and and Americans are buying only our products! Is this not the perfect storm? Are we not creating a perfect storm? We help ourselves and they make no money off of Americans? Our negative ratio of export to import is ridiculously high! Sure, some may say it will drive cost and we will pay more at the store. Ok, but if I am buying and all money is staying in the US instead of billions going to China or elsewhere! Are we not creating jobs within our own country? I’m no economist but it seems to make sense to me? Buy here, it stays here! Right? Demand stays so high that we have to create more and more product, doesn’t that produce more jobs? Let’s let China and the other countries discover how to make it off their own dime instead of getting wealthy on our dime. Makes perfect sense to me!

The Chamber of Commerce has killed more jobs in America than Hitler killed Jews! There philosophy of outsourcing the very jobs they are supposed to be creating is robbing Ametica of it’s true life! The continued sentiment they keep echoing that we should not “buy American” is absurd to me! Why would an organization as huge and influential in every County in the US encourage you not to buy American? Only one clear answer comes to mind, keep in mind, I am only a blogger trying to make sense of it all. I am a very simple person who happens to like to write! That simple equation gets me in over my head at times, but with enough research I usually end up putting it all together and spurting out something ingenious at times or just spurting it out, which often is the case! But, not buying American being spit out of the Chamber of Commerces mouth does not seem right to me! This company boasts that it represents millions of successful companies and entrepreneurs it is beyond me why we would place international interest over our own! I have said for months now! Something is afoul when the largest lobbyist group in Washington is encouraging us to not buy American in America! Guess time will only tell if this strategy will work, perhaps it is not supposed to be successful, then that leads us into another blog! Good day, enjoy, spread the News around that doesn’t always make it to the front page! Keep supporting, its working and the word is getting out to thousands, I am humbled by your support

The supporting story!

Source: Globe and Mail Update, Thursday, Jun. 11, 2009 03:24PM EDT

A major U.S. business group has joined Ottawa in pushing the Obama administration to loosen Buy American purchasing restrictions that have shut many Canadian companies out of lucrative U.S. contracts.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce said Thursday it will urge the U.S. Office of Management and Budget to give government agencies, states and cities greater freedom on where they buy products as the United States deploys billions in economic stimulus cash.

U.S. businesses and local governments are quickly waking up to the reality that Buy American restrictions are likely to cause them substantial harm, particularly if countries such as Canada retaliate with protectionism of their own, said Myron Brilliant, the chamber’s senior vice-president of international.

“We could be at risk for billions of dollars and we’re very concerned about those numbers,” Mr. Brilliant told reporters in Washington.

Read more: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-investor/us-chambe… /


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