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Candidate training postponed in Bradley County

In Uncategorized on January 10, 2012 at 12:08 PM

A new date has been set! February 25th, 10 am to 4 pm at the Cleveland Public Library! Hope to see you there!

American Majority has postponed the Candidate training!

An emergency surgery of our speaker for the evening had forced us to postpone the seminar on Saturday, January 14th at the library!

We are still trying to pound out another date and at present we are looking to February 25 th, Saturday, 10 am to 4pm at the library in Cleveland, Tn as a tentative next date! Will let you know for sure in the upcoming days!

I am so sorry about this inconvenience! It was beyond our control!

I was told by American Majority that a refund will be offered to all registered participants to date or you may have the option to float the registration till te next date! That is your option!

We can make this unfortunate cancellation a positive by taking advantage of the extra time to contact many others and get them registered!

American Majority can be contacted at http://www.Americanmajority.org if you gave any questions!

Thank you for your patience!

  1. Looks like February 25th is the new date! Look forward to seeing everyone there! Same time and place!


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