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Hr 658: FAA Reauthorization and Reform Act of 2011, Use of drones on US Citizens

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Voting for HR 658 in Tennessee

Aye TN-1 Roe, Phil [R]
Aye TN-2 Duncan, John [R]
Aye TN-3 Fleischmann, Chuck [R]
Aye TN-4 DesJarlais, Scott [R]
No TN-5 Cooper, Jim [D]
Aye TN-6 Black, Diane [R]
Aye TN-7 Blackburn, Marsha [R]
Aye TN-8 Fincher, Stephen [R]
No TN-9 Cohen, Steve [D]

Every single Republican in congress in our state has voted “yes” to this horrendous bill! HR 658! Giving the US the authority to fly 30,000 drones around the US!

They will be able to monitor every level of activity you will ever perform! 50 states and 30,000 drones that is 600 per state! Big states not as much coverage, small states that’s a drone just about for every 1 to 2 counties! Are you kidding me? 2 drones per county in states like Tennessee?

Think of the surveillance one of those suckers could reign down on the average citizen! The average flight time of one of them is around 50 hours! 2 days straight! 600 hundred drones per state, 50 hours per flight! That’s 30,000 hours of surveillance every two days, almost 600 surveillance hours per hour!

Why? Why must Our government be able to survey your private property 600 hours every hour that you exist? What information is so valuable that we must be watched this much! That little outhouse or storage building that you didn’t get that permit for? That garden that didn’t get the ok to sell those veggies at the end of your drive? For Gods sake this is what we used to kill Osama Bin Laden! Are we going to have them used against us when the stuff hits the fan?

Why did Comgressman Fleischmann and Dejarlais vote for this bill that will complement NDAA? What? Huh? NDAA? Yes! Perhaps this bill just passed while you were sleeping has a higher motive? Do we quietly stand by as our Congressmen lie to us once again and tell you this is a good thing? Do we turn our heads as we are once again held to someone else’s standard of what it means to be American? Do I wait for the rest of the world to say that we voted partisan to better protect you?

In Europe, the drones flying just got the ok to asssist the regulatory agencies to monitor farmers and their crops from abuses such as having hay stored openly on their property to feed the cattle and to keep track of the cattle! You know the US says now you must have your hay stored in bins to cut down on methane exposure!

Why must we watch as our government plots out your property with multiple thousands of hours of surveillance a day? What is it that is so interesting that must be recorded!! What is so divisive that HR 658 split right down party lines? I know some people will say, why are you getting so worked up over a little drone flying around your house? It is only the beginning folks, it’s one more freedom, one more liberty given away! It’s one more thing the government must do to a free society that takes it one step closer to not being a free society! I’m looking down the road a bit! That’s why it bugs me and if America continues to sleep and remain passive on these things, the America we know now in a few years we will not be able to recognize her! That’s why!

The deeper reason is the further eroding of your property rights! The continuous watching of big brother over your property to make sure you comply! A sad day indeed!

God forbid we continue to accept this behavior from our elected officials!


The FAA is also required under the bill to provide military, commercial and privately-owned drones with expanded access to U.S. airspace currently reserved for manned aircraft by Sept. 30, 2015. That means permitting unmanned drones controlled by remote operators on the ground to fly in the same airspace as airliners, cargo planes, business jets and private aircraft.

Currently, the FAA restricts drone use primarily to segregated blocks of military airspace, border patrols and about 300 public agencies and their private partners. Those public agencies are mainly restricted to flying small unmanned aircraft at low altitudes away from airports and urban centers.

Within nine months of the bill’s passage, the FAA is required to submit a plan on how to safely provide drones with expanded access.

If you decide to get a little sideways give your elected officials a respectful call and say very calmly! STOP THE MADNESS!!!

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