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UN Carbon Map just released from Earth Summit in Rio!

In Agenda 21 on March 29, 2012 at 11:41 AM

An interactive, color enhanced, “moving map” with details of how our world is not being sustainable has just been released at the United Nations Earth Summit/Rio+20 Conference in Rio de Janiero, Brazil just hours ago!

A carbon map has just been released so you can now graphically “see” your personal carbon footprint and how many tonnes of CO2 you omit and your ranking against the world!

The Carbon Map!

Cutting edge technology directly from the United Nations out of Rio! Go to the site above and play around with it, listen to the 1:27 minute audio introduction. It’s quite entertaining to see how the US seems to be the reason that all things are bad in the world as most all of the data is configured to show the US in a bad light! An interesting fact from the Carbon Map: We do have the second highest GDP, second only to the European Union!

Our countries successes must be shown in a negative light! Why? Because this is where a great percentage of the UNs money comes from and where heavy EPA fines will be levied against corporations! Our wealth must be distributed equally to promote social justice in the rest of the world to “eradicate poverty!”

Remember, US success and wealth equals more money to the UN and their partner the International Chamber of Commerce using the EPA fines to grow this bear called Agenda 21/SD21!

This map shows me the level of intensity they are approaching this Earth Summit and forewarns of the devastating impact this Rio+20 conference will have on the world.

We are fixing to see a huge concentrated effort post Rio with a definitive plan to push Agenda 21 into every household in the World, real soon!

We must prep our elected leaders for this expected onslaught! We must get the UN out of the US, we must defund them, we must send strong messages to our local leaders who are allowing consultants to use the local Chambers of Commerce and Planners to adopt Growth plans that are straight out of the book written to specifically implement Agenda 21 locally! JUST ENCOURAGE YOUR ELECTED LEADERS TO SAY NO TO THE UN IN OUR COUNTRY!

Enjoy the map and the explanations below of the map!

The Carbon Map!
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Data sources, notes and explanation

Area map

Description: Land area (sq. km)
Definition: Land area is a country’s total area, excluding area under inland water bodies, national claims to continental shelf, and exclusive economic zones. In most cases the definition of inland water bodies includes major rivers and lakes.
Source: Food and Agriculture Organization, electronic files and web site.
World Bank indicator code: AG.LND.TOTL.K2
Notes: Greenland data substituted with figure from data.un.org so that it includes the area under the Greenland Ice Sheet.
Population map

Description: Population, total
Definition: Total population is based on the de facto definition of population, which counts all residents regardless of legal status or citizenship–except for refugees not permanently settled in the country of asylum, who are generally considered part of the population of their country of origin. The values shown are midyear estimates.
Source: (1) United Nations Population Division. 2009. World Population Prospects: The 2008 Revision. New York, United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs (advanced Excel tables). Available at http://esa.un.org/unpd/wpp2008/index.htm. (2) Census reports and other statistical publications from national statistical offices, (3) Eurostat: Demographic Statistics, (4) Secretariat of the Pacific Community: Statistics and Demography Programme, (5) U.S. Census Bureau: International Database, and (6) World bank estimates based on the data from the sources above, household surveys conducted by national agencies, Macro International, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and refugees statistics from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
World Bank indicator code: SP.POP.TOTL
Notes: Data for 2010.
Wealth map

Description: Total GDP (PPP, current international $)
Definition: PPP GDP is gross domestic product converted to international dollars using purchasing power parity rates. An international dollar has the same purchasing power over GDP as the U.S. dollar has in the United States. GDP is the sum of gross value added by all resident producers in the economy plus any product taxes and minus any subsidies not included in the value of the products. It is calculated without making deductions for depreciation of fabricated assets or for depletion and degradation of natural resources. Data are in current international dollars.
Source: World Bank, International Comparison Program database.
World Bank indicator code: NY.GDP.MKTP.PP.CD
Notes: Most data for 2010, but with some infilling of blanks from 2009.
Extraction map

Description: Potential CO2 emissions from extracted fossil fuels
Definition: Potential CO2 emissions from annual fossil fuels extraction.
Source: BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2011, converted to CO2 by Duncan Clark, using the following conversion factors: CO2 figures are based on the following conversion factors: oil, 3.07 tonnes CO2 per tonne; gas, 2.35 tonnes CO2 per tonne of oil equivalent; coal, 3.96 tonnes per tonne of oil equivalent.
Notes: Data for 2010 for significant extractor countries. Data from non-significant extractors have been estimated by diving the remainder for each continent or region between the remaining countries in proportion to their land area.
Emissions map

Description: National CO2 emissions, 2010
Definition: Total emissions of CO2 from fossil fuel burning and cement production in each nation.
Source: Glen Peters et al., Nature Climate Change 2, 2–4 (2012) doi:10.1038/nclimate1332.
Notes: This dataset was updated in March 2010 by Glen Peters. Missing data for countries with low levels of emissions have been estimated by Duncan Clark by distributing unallocated emissions between countries in proportion to their national GDP (PPP, 2010).
Consumption map

Description: Carbon footprint of all goods and services consumed, 2010
Definition: Total emissions of CO2 (from fossil fuel burning and cement production) released in the provision of goods and services consumed in each nation. This is calculated by subtracted the estimated carbon footprint of exports from each nation and adding the estimated carbon footprint of imports.
Source: Glen Peters et al., Nature Climate Change 2, 2–4 (2012) doi:10.1038/nclimate1332.

Notes: This dataset was updated in March 2010 by Glen Peters. Missing data for countries with small footprints have been estimated by Duncan Clark by distributing unallocated emissions between countries in proportion to their national GDP (PPP, 2010).
Historical map

Description: Cumulative CO2 emissions from energy use
Definition: Total emissions of carbon dioxide from energy provision, 1850–2008.
Source: Climate Analysis Indicators Tool (CAIT) Version 9.0. (Washington, DC: World Resources Institute, 2012) (free registration required).
Reserves map

Description: Potential CO2 emissions from fossil fuel reserves
Definition: This dataset estimates how much CO2 would be released if the fossil fuel reserves for each country were extracted and burned. “Reserves” refers to proven oil, coal and gas reserves that could be extracted economically in current conditions.
Source: BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2011, converted to CO2 by Duncan Clark using the standard BP conversion factors: CO2 figures are based on the following conversion factors: oil, 3.07 tonnes CO2 per tonne; gas, 2.35 tonnes CO2 per tonne of oil equivalent; coal, 3.96 tonnes per tonne of oil equivalent.
Notes: Data for reserves as of 2010 for countries listed by BP. Data from other countries have been estimated by diving the remainder for each continent or region between the remaining countries in proportion to their land area.
People at risk map

Description: People exposed to droughts, floods and extreme temperatures in 2010
Definition: A drought is an extended period of time characterized by a deficiency in a region’s water supply that is the result of constantly below average precipitation. A drought can lead to losses to agriculture, affect inland navigation and hydropower plants, and cause a lack of drinking water and famine. A flood is a significant rise of water level in a stream, lake, reservoir or coastal region. Extreme temperature events are either cold waves or heat waves. A cold wave can be both a prolonged period of excessively cold weather and the sudden invasion of very cold air over a large area. Along with frost it can cause damage to agriculture, infrastructure, and property. A heat wave is a prolonged period of excessively hot and sometimes also humid weather relative to normal climate patterns of a certain region. Population affected is the number of people injured, left homeless or requiring immediate assistance during a period of emergency resulting from a natural disaster; it can also include displaced or evacuated people.
Source: EM-DAT: The OFDA/CRED International Disaster Database: http://www.emdat.be, Université Catholique de Louvain, Brussels (Belgium), World Bank.
World Bank indicator code: EN.CLC.MDAT.ZS * population
Notes: Original dataset was % of population exposed in the period 1990–2009. This has been multiplied by the 2010 population to give an estimate of the people currently exposed.
Sea level map

Description: Population living less than 5m above sea level
Definition: Population below 5m is the total population living in areas where the elevation is 5 meters or less.
Source: Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN), Place II dataset.
World Bank indicator code: EN.POP.EL5M.ZS * population
Notes: Original dataset was % of population. This has been multiplied by the 2010 population to give an estimate of the total population currently living below 5m.
Poverty map

Description: Population living below $1.25 a day
Definition: Population below $1.25 a day is the percentage of the population living on less than $1.25 a day at 2005 international prices. As a result of revisions in PPP exchange rates, poverty rates for individual countries cannot be compared with poverty rates reported in earlier editions.
Source: World Bank, Development Research Group. Data are based on primary household survey data obtained from government statistical agencies and World Bank country departments. Data for high-income economies are from the Luxembourg Income Study database. For more information and methodology, please see PovcalNet (http://iresearch.worldbank.org/PovcalNet/jsp/index.jsp).
World Bank indicator code: SI.POV.DDAY * population
Notes: Calculated by multiplying the 2010 population total by the % of population living on less than $1.25 in the most recent year for which data is available.
Emissions change shading

Description: Change in CO2 emissions, 1990–2008
Definition: Carbon dioxide emissions are those stemming from the burning of fossil fuels and the manufacture of cement. They include carbon dioxide produced during consumption of solid, liquid, and gas fuels and gas flaring. Data are in million metric tons.
Source: Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Environmental Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, United States.
World Bank indicator code: EN.ATM.CO2E.KT
Notes: Data for some unavailable countries added in based on estimate from Peters et al (see Consumption source above).
Emissions per person shading

Description: CO2 emissions per capita, 2008
Definition: Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per capita are carbon dioxide emissions divided by midyear population.
Source: Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Environmental Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, United States, and World Bank and United Nations population data.
World Bank indicator code: EN.ATM.CO2E.PC
GDP per person shading

Description: GDP per capita, 2010
Definition: GDP per capita based on purchasing power parity (PPP). PPP GDP is gross domestic product converted to international dollars using purchasing power parity rates. An international dollar has the same purchasing power over GDP as the U.S. dollar has in the United States. GDP at purchaser’s prices is the sum of gross value added by all resident producers in the economy plus any product taxes and minus any subsidies not included in the value of the products. It is calculated without making deductions for depreciation of fabricated assets or for depletion and degradation of natural resources. Data are in current international dollars.
Source: World Bank, International Comparison Program database.
World Bank indicator code: NY.GDP.PCAP.PP.CD
Notes: Data from 2010 with limited gap-filling from 2009.
Population growth shading

Description: GDP per capita, 2010
Definition: Annual population growth rate for year t is the exponential rate of growth of midyear population from year t-1 to t, expressed as a percentage . Population is based on the de facto definition of population, which counts all residents regardless of legal status or citizenship – except for refugees not permanently settled in the country of asylum, who are generally considered part of the population of the country of origin.
Source: Derived from total population. Population source: (1) United Nations Population Division. 2009. World Population Prospects: The 2008 Revision. New York, United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs (advanced Excel tables). Available at http://esa.un.org/unpd/wpp2008/index.htm. (2) Census reports and other statistical publications from national statistical offices, (3) Eurostat: Demographic Statistics, (4) Secretariat of the Pacific Community: Statistics and Demography Programme, (5) U.S. Census Bureau: International Database, and (6) World bank estimates based on the data from the sources above, household surveys conducted by national agencies, Macro International, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and refugees statistics from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
World Bank indicator code: SP.POP.GROW

Rio Principles lead way to implementation of SD 21 in U.S.

In Agenda 21 on March 27, 2012 at 10:43 AM

Much like the Rio Principles their predecessor the Stockholm Principles of 1972 are attempting to define Sustainability in the United States and lead the way to implementation of Agenda 21 or SD 21(Sustainable Development for the 21st Century) as it has been called since planning has started for the RIO SUMMITT!

The United Nations seem to be updating their “game plan” in preparation for the backlash by our own government against Agenda 21 in the United States!

In the US we have many new legislative bills and resolutions being passed quickly through the House and Senate in the last few months! Those bills have also been met with great resistance, most recently from Chattanoogas Mayor Ron Littlefield regarding ousting ICLEI and protecting our property rights. One would question his alliance while battling to save our region.

In Bradley County our Mayors Rowland and Davis signed on with Chattanooga to have ICLEI come into our County and take the reigns while pushing a 3 state, 16 county regional growth plan down our throats without one vote cast for it’s approval and without consent of our governing body, the City or County Commission/Council. Turns out their motivator was to blindly accept federal grant money for our sovereignty! Heck, our County Mayor Davis was even offered and accepted a Chairman post on the Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that will be running the show!

The Southeast Tennessee Economic Development Council under the tutelage of Mrs Beth Jones along with Mr Gary Davis, with the financial backing of the Benwood Foundation (Coca Cola Bottling connection) has been given the dutiful task of implementing Agenda/SD 21 into our area!

HJR 587, proposed by our very own Tennessee State Representative Kevin Brooks is one of many moving forward or awaiting sponsors! The passage recently of HJR 587 sends a strong message to our mayors and locally elected representatives that we will no longer cooperate with ICLEI, EPA, HUD, DOT and the United Nations to push Agenda 21 into our area and change our county and city drastically! No longer can we put our citizens at risk by giving our consent to a foreign entity! Let me remind anyone within ear shod of this message, this is unconstitutional and if the Constitution survives this presidency you will be held accountable for your actions!

The United Nations is having a tough time understanding why Americans are not lapping at their feet begging for more forced environmental regulations! They do not understand what it means to be free and have free choice with complete sovereignty! Nothing in this country will ever be 100 percent implemented because we like our rights, among those property rights and the sovereignty that goes with it!

Our Mayors have turned a blind eye to the needs of it’s citizens in exchange for federal dollars! In today’s economy that is such a sad statement and begs me to ask, “where are your alliances?”

Look at these Rio Principles, if the United Nations has their way they will use these principles to gently change and direct your lives! This is no longer a conspiracy!

The United Nations is coming at us full throttle ahead regardless of what we are doing to try and stop them! This tells me one thing! They are pretty confident they will make this work in the US and the world and they may know something I don’t! I can gaurantee the local minions are getting their marching orders from ICLEI or the UN to move this forward regardless of the repercussions! The move us on and will accelerated after the RIO EARTH SUMMIT IN JUNE! It is up to us to stop it!

The environment is rich and we have a fake president that is doing whatever is within his power to ruin and bring the US to it’s knees! This is no longer a joke or a conspiracy! The United Nations is positioning itself to be a world leader and if we continue to allow them we will be a socialist country within the next 4 years! Gauranteed, and I will add we will probably have our last predidential election as a free nation this upcoming election.

Take these principles and study them, look deeply into their meaning and think why in the world would any entity adopt such principles? To control the governments of the world and position the UNITED NATIONS to be the leader in a New World Order! It’s been in the works for a long time! The timing is right!

Principle 1. The role of humans.

Human beings are at the centre of concern for sustainable development. They are entitled to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature.

Principle 2. State sovereignty

States have, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and the principles of international law, the sovereign right to exploit their own resources pursuant to their own environmental and developmental policies, and the responsibility to ensure that activities within their jurisdiction or control do not cause damage to the environment of other States or of areas beyond the limits of national jurisdiction.

Principle 3. The Right to development

The right to development must be fulfilled so as to equitably meet developmental and environmental needs of present and future generations.

Principle 4. Environmental Protection in the Development Process

In order to achieve sustainable development, environmental protection shall constitute an integral part of the development process and cannot be considered in isolation from it.

Principle 5. Eradication of Poverty

All States and all people shall cooperate in the essential task of eradicating poverty as an indispensable requirement for sustainable development, in order to decrease the disparities in standards of living and better meet the needs of the majority of the people of the world.

Principle 6. Priority for the Least Developed

The special situation and needs of developing countries, particularly the least developed and those most environmentally vulnerable, shall be given special priority. International actions in the field of environment and development should also address the interests and needs of all countries.

Principle 7. State Cooperation to Protect Ecosystem

States shall cooperate in a spirit of global partnership to conserve, protect and restore the health and integrity of the Earth’s ecosystem. In view of the different contributions to global environmental degradation, States have common but differentiated responsibilities. The developed countries acknowledge the responsibility that they bear in the international pursuit of sustainable development in view of the pressures their societies place on the global environment and of the technologies and financial resources they command.

Principle 8. Reduction of Unsustainable Patterns of Production and Consumption

To achieve sustainable development and a higher quality of life for all people, States should reduce and eliminate unsustainable patterns of production and consumption and promote appropriate demographic policies.

Principle 9. Capacity Building for Sustainable Development

States should cooperate to strengthen endogenous capacity-building for sustainable development by improving scientific understanding through exchanges of scientific and technological knowledge, and by enhancing the development, adaptation, diffusion and transfer of technologies, including new and innovative technologies.

Principle 10. Public participation

Environmental issues are best handled with the participation of all concerned citizens, at the relevant level. At the national level, each individual shall have appropriate access to information concerning the environment that is held by public authorities, including information on hazardous materials and activities in their communities, and the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes. States shall facilitate and encourage public awareness and participation by making information widely available. Effective access to judicial and administrative proceedings, including redress and remedy, shall be provided.

Principle 11. National Environmental Legislation

States shall enact effective environmental legislation. Environmental standards, management objectives and priorities should reflect the environmental and developmental context to which they apply. Standards applied by some countries may be inappropriate and of unwarranted economic and social cost to other countries, in particular developing countries.

Principle 12. Supportive and Open International Economic System

States should cooperate to promote a supportive and open international economic system that would lead to economic growth and sustainable development in all countries, to better address the problems of environmental degradation. Trade policy measures for environmental purposes should not constitute a means of arbitrary or unjustifiable discrimination or a disguised restriction on international trade. Unilateral actions to deal with environmental challenges outside the jurisdiction of the importing country should be avoided. Environmental measures addressing transboundary or global environmental problems should, as far as possible, be based on an international consensus.

Principle 13. Compensation for Victims of Pollution and other Environmental Damage

States shall develop national law regarding liability and compensation for the victims of pollution and other environmental damage. States shall also cooperate in an expeditious and more determined manner to develop further international law regarding liability and compensation for adverse effects of environmental damage caused by activities within their jurisdiction or control to areas beyond their jurisdiction.

Principle 14. State Cooperation to Prevent environmental dumping

States should effectively cooperate to discourage or prevent the relocation and transfer to other States of any activities and substances that cause severe environmental degradation or are found to be harmful to human health.

Principle 15. Precautionary principle

In order to protect the environment, the precautionary approach shall be widely applied by States according to their capabilities. Where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage, lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason for postponing cost-effective measures to prevent environmental degradation.

Principle 16. Internalization of Environmental Costs

National authorities should endeavour to promote the internalization of environmental costs and the use of economic instruments, taking into account the approach that the polluter should, in principle, bear the cost of pollution, with due regard to the public interest and without distorting international trade and investment.

Principle 17. Environmental Impact Assessments

Environmental impact assessment, as a national instrument, shall be undertaken for proposed activities that are likely to have a significant adverse impact on the environment and are subject to a decision of a competent national authority.

Principle 18. Notification of Natural Disaster

States shall immediately notify other States of any natural disasters or other emergencies that are likely to produce sudden harmful effects on the environment of those States. Every effort shall be made by the international community to help States so afflicted.

Principle 19. Prior and Timely Notification

States shall provide prior and timely notification and relevant information to potentially affected States on activities that may have a significant adverse transboundary environmental effect and shall consult with those States at an early stage and in good faith.

Principle 20. Women have a Vital Role

Women have a vital role in environmental management and development. Their full participation is therefore essential to achieve sustainable development.

Principle 21. Youth Mobilization

The creativity, ideals and courage of the youth of the world should be mobilized to forge a global partnership in order to achieve sustainable development and ensure a better future for all.

Principle 22. Indigenous Peoples have a Vital Role

Indigenous people and their communities and other local communities have a vital role in environmental management and development because of their knowledge and traditional practices. States should recognize and duly support their identity, culture and interests and enable their effective participation in the achievement of sustainable development.

Principle 23. People under Oppression

The environment and natural resources of people under oppression, domination and occupation shall be protected.

Principle 24. Warfare

Warfare is inherently destructive of sustainable development. States shall therefore respect international law providing protection for the environment in times of armed conflict and cooperate in its further development, as necessary.

Principle 25. Peace, Development and Environmental Protection

Peace, development and environmental protection are interdependent and indivisible.

Principle 26. Resolution of Environmental Disputes

States shall resolve all their environmental disputes peacefully and by appropriate means in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.

Principle 27. Cooperation between State and People

States and people shall cooperate in good faith and in a spirit of partnership in the fulfilment of the principles embodied in this Declaration and in the further development of international law in the field of sustainable development.

SD 21: An ominous updated plan by the United Nations

In Agenda 21 on March 26, 2012 at 12:46 PM

Sustainable Development in the 21st century (SD21)

We again are under attack! The giant has awakened and is making his needs known! The bear is hungry, has eaten his meal and is looking for more!

The United Nations in preparation for the Rio+20 Summitt and unlike the other Rio Summitts and even the Stockholm Summitt which yielded a weak, often disputed set of principles, they intend to get it right this time!

SD21 and the Rio Principles, as you will eventually become aware, is just one of 4 or 5 documents that is being prepared for Rio and portrays their interpretation and plan for the perfect environment for the United States and the rest of the world!

The perfect Environmental utopia is the plan! A world where you and or the business that “inflicts harm” will pay dearly for your carbon footprint by hefty fine, penalties or loss of property or business!

The last Rio Summitts, even by the UNs own admission have been slightly off target and lacking focus, often missing stated goals by 5 or 10 years. Goals not met to the UN means failure, goals not met to me means you are relying on false scientific data to make your claims which leads to your poor results!

The United Nations is in many words trying to get their game on! In other secular words, trying to get their spit (misspelled purposefully, not an auto correct problem).

They have seen great success getting the “grassroots” portion and it’s tough to use grassroots with the UN, but at the local level they have done a pretty good job working with the NGOs to bypass the will of the people! As in Bradley County, Tennessee, as in many local counties throughout the Nation they have implemented the proposed plans which has been fairly easy to do! Just promise a planner or a mayor a yum yum in their pocket and they are soon rocking their world like a teenager trying to get to first base!

Presumably, the courtship with these characters are pretty uneventful as they see bringing in federal grant money as the caveman clubbing and dragging home his prize bison carcas for the family of simple undeveloped minds to devour! Needless to say the quest didn’t measure up to the satisfaction of a full tummy and bowel evacuation.

The UN, for lack of a better phrase, is putting on their A-Game! They have and are stating they are learning from their past mistakes and are formulating a concoction of evil they feel will catapult them into the equivalent of an environmental climax.

These 4 or 5 suggested “soft laws”, “treaties”, legal heavy “hard laws”, “international laws” are going to be introduced shortly after this Rio Summitt! The talk in UN nation as evidenced by much chatter on their websites is they are attempting to what boils down to a circumvention of our Constitution! They can’t seem to understand why Americans just want take their hand and allow them to do whatever they want!

The thought that they are completely unaware that we know we are a sovereign and free country is beyond my comprehension. Basically, in a nutshell we like our freedom without interference of an international entity telling us what to do!

The UN has had great success in socialist, Monarchial, third world type countries because for one the constitution is not there with authentic freedom loving people, secondly they hand several million dollars to a starving country, they will put a windmill and a solar roof anywhere they want and as fast as they want!

The new game by the UN is to make International law accepted in the world! The bottom line is eventually the UN will run the world! The way they will do it and they have yet to ratify it, but they need our lawmakers to make it happen!

They have got a fake president to do it and be would sign on anything they want! I’m not so sure they will find a way but i am not so sure the fake president will somehow bypass the will of the people and all lawmakers and give them the green light anyways while upholding and honoring international law!

They need our congressmen, Senators, and governors to sign on and ratify or accept International Law as the law of the land! This is the bottom line, our last defense against a total socialistic threat! If our elected leaders cave to their desires, grab your ankles and hum “you are my sunshine.”

Finished! We will be! The flood of International
bodies will descend on our untouched virgin soil with their version of a perfect world and we will be ruled with a steady unfamiliar hand of a dictatorship we have never known!

Let the “conspiracy” monickers fly! Thats ok with me! People within my world saw me as a “kook” and a “madman” with scare tactics, but as soon as 2 weeks ago state legislators were passing resolutions to stop the UN from touching our state! I relish the prospect of figuring out a plot before it unfolds!

My grandmother had an uncanny way of putting the puzzle pieces together! I would sit on her lap as a child and listen to her read the bible and discuss the very times we face now! I didn’t completely know of everything she spoke of but as she has passed and I review her many notes and numerous cassete tapes she left it all sounds oddly familiar!

We must as a nation must not subject our great country to this attack! We are fighting for our freedom, friends, family and our sovereignty! Outside of that their is very little left to the good ole US that I would care to stay around and enjoy!

Get involved with your elected officials and make a statement to them and say it loudly, “GET THE UN OUT OF THE US AND KEEP THEM AND THEIR INTRRNATIONAL LAWS OUT OF IT!”

Here is the SD21 goals taken directly from this UN website! Kinda ominous seeing this before it us actually introduced!

Objectives and Goals

The overarching objective of the project is to construct a coherent vision of sustainable development in the 21st century, which will contribute to the success of the Rio+20 conference.
The project, funded by the European Commission – Directorate-General for Environment, aims to provide a high quality analytical input to the Rio+20 conference.

The specific objectives of the project are the following:

Prepare a substantive contribution to the debate in the UNCSD in 2012, which takes stock of the changes having occurred since the Earth Summit in 1992 and provide a clear vision and way forward for the international community, national governments, partnerships and other stakeholders in implementing the sustainable development agenda in an integrated manner.
Construct a coherent vision on sustainable development in the 21st century and analyse feasible pathways to sustainability.
Synthesize analytical and applied policy work regarding menus of policy options for a more sustainable, green growth that consider the specific economic, social, environmental and institutional context of countries in different stages of economic development.
The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD), which will gather UN member states and other stakeholders in Brazil in 2012, is a key occasion to take stock of 20 years of action at all levels to promote sustainable development, and to provide a clear vision and way forward for the international community, national governments, partnerships and other stakeholders in implementing the sustainable development agenda in an integrated manner.

Knowledge must inform action – knowledge of what has and has not worked for sustainable development in the past 20 years, knowledge as well of important changes and new challenges that have emerged in the past generation. Only on this basis can we develop a clear vision of sustainable development for the 21st century. That vision needs to incorporate and build upon the rich output of various global assessments – including climate change, water, energy, and ecosystems – as well as the policy lessons from experience, respond to the evolving nature of the challenges, and draw upon the latest research on integrating sustainability and development into a common agenda. It also needs to recognize and motivate the contribution of all inhabitants of planet earth.

The SD21 project is built around a series of studies that will inform a synthesis report, “Sustainable development in the 21st century” (SD21). The SD21 body of studies is expected to become an important analytical and political contribution in its own right. Studies under the SD21 project will cover the following topics: assessment of progress since the Earth Summit; emerging issues ; long-term sustainable development scenarios; tools for managing sustainable economies; national and international institutions for sustainable development; and sector assessments.


SD21: The new Agenda 21 plan to roll out at RIo+20 Summitt in June

In Agenda 21 on March 25, 2012 at 1:22 PM

Here it is! I believe a new plan to enhance Agenda 21 has been uncovered and about to be rolled out for implementation at the RIO+20 Summit in Rio de Janiero, Brazil in June 2012 as leaders from 179 countries of the world descend upon her to discuss ways to make our world more sustainable!

The New Agenda 21 plan as we have never seen it! Not a single blog about it that I could find! Not a single conservative blog written about it to date! This plan is in its earliest stages! ONLY A FEW DAYS OLD!

The new Agenda 21 plan is seemingly being called SD21! A definite spin off of the Agenda 21 plan that we have heard so much about since 1992 and beyond!

The movement to secure a New World Order is shifting into place and the puzzle us coming together!

This newly discovered (at least new to me and I believe the world) plan is moving into the final implementation phase of Agenda 21! I personally think their is an accelerated effort being exerted lately because our Nation as well as our elected officials are starting to wake up and realize this plan is sinister and is way more expansive than we ever once thought!

I am only beginning to read the 412 page document, 39 chapter plan with emphasis on 39, (it used to be 40) (attached as a link below) and my full understanding of it is limited at the time of the blog but I feel it is chocked full of information about our eventual slide into a Socialist utopia!

The European Union it seems is influencing the UN and the International Chamber of Commerce to be a willing pawn to fully implement this newly named Agenda 21 program known to the world now as SD21!

The International Chamber of Commerce has committed to the implementation through a document called the ICC Business Charter for Implementation of Agenda 21 or as it is called now SD21 (Sustainable Development for the 21st Century)!

As we approach the RIO + 20 Summit in June 2012 in Brazil, they have developed a set of 27 principles called the “RIO PRINCIPLES” that the ICC and the European Union will use as a guide to implement SD21 onto our world!

I am also seeing papers written as it relates to the upcoming RIO Summit that the United Nations will be asking all 179 countries to contribute 0.7 percent of their GNP or more to finance this SD21 venture as it goes forward!

That is 100s of billions of dollars and the US Treasury and Geitner seem to be cooperating! Our present GNP is around 15.2 trillion and the European Union is around 17.4 trillion, you can see with approximately 75 percent of the Worlds GNP why it is so important to get these two entities fully involved in SD21/AG 21!

The ICC’s new business Charter and the 27 Rio Principles has seemingly also laid out a well thought out plan with these new objectives!

The two objectives above will use successful business implementation even as we have see locally in the form of tax breaks etc! Then once these willing businesses are brought from other countries, often socialist in their nature, they are built up and made successful by local COC’s then they are handed over to the EPA and other regulatory forces and forced into compliance and the revenue generated to bring about fulfillment of the 27 principles or at least the Economic portion of the 3 E’s as applied to the ICC’s Business Charter for Sustainability!

The information is young and admittedly my full understanding of it will develop as I sink my head into this document but I believe I have uncovered the plan for a New World Order!

The plan on this link takes the old Agenda 21 plan a step further and even includes a plan to implement and a way to overcome obstacles!

For months, I have seen papers where the United Nations has become frustrated at the lack of progress of Agenda 21 here in the US! I feel this RIO Summitt going forward is a deliberate attempt to rectify their faults of the past and go forward while focusing on the environment and business to bring along the social issues that can be addressed with the big money generated from a successful business! The three E’s recognized and the capital to do it!

I am going to be busy reading and hope this will get alot of you thinking that if we want to jeep America free we must inform others to act and get your elected representatives at all levels to step in the gap and halt the grip the United Nations has on our sovereign nation!

I emailed Henry Lamb the moment of discovery of this new plan! I hope to share his view of it soon!

Keep on fanning those flames of liberty, it only takes a few willing to create a fire!
Prepare to be shocked! Please don’t read if you are taking anti anxiety pills already! May not be able to keep it together!

Click to access SD21_Study1_Agenda21.pdf

Here is a copy of my email to Henry just a few minutes ago! He is probably having a good chuckle at my “youthful” enthusiasm! Haha!

Hey Henry! Hope all is well! I am tingling right now all over at my find while searching the many sites associated with Agenda 21! Going forward to the RIO +20 conference the NEW 412 page, 39 Chapter Agenda 21 plan complete with implementation plans, updates and plans to move forward for implementation has been found! The old one was getting stale and now they have updated it!  This new objective is called SD21 (Sustainable development for the 21st century) under the leadership of the European Union! The international Chamber of commerce has developed a business charter for implementation of SD21 and have developed a set of implementation principles, 27 to be exact called the RIO Principles! This is all in preparation for the Rio Summitt in June and are meeting now! Please read over this! This is scary stuff! The real deal and its now getting serious! The bear us waking from it’s slumber!! I have always wandered how they were going to get it done! I have no doubts anymore! The Chamber of Commerce is the main tool linking with the European Union! Wow! The New World Order is shifting into place! I am a firm believer that the success of our businesses bypassing the free market and the appointment or selection of businesses to survive will be the greatest financier of Agenda 21! I think the Chamber of Commerces role in Agenda 21 has been underestimated! I have been blogging about their involvement for years! Think about it, the UN is asking every company, nation to contribute 0.7 percent of each countries GNP! this is the way to finance this thing! Hundreds of billions of dollars! Then environmental controls and fines combined with land control and regulations will make it grow well into the future making it an animal with no way to cut its head off! The rio + 20 and what comes out of this Summitt in June 2012 will be our death nail! Sorry about my enthusiasm spewing out on paper! I feel like a kid at Christmas! What do you think about this? Gotta get a blog out on this I feel like I am the first to discover it! You are the first person I thought of when I found it! 


Donny Harwood

Agenda 21: 40 Chapters of Sustainability

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I thought it would be interesting to just show the softer gentler side of Agenda 21 that has emerged from the recent Rio2012 meetings on sustainable development! I don’t think anyone would say we don’t want cleaner air and water, that is a no brainer. The way that it will limit your freedoms and what it will force you to give up enforced by international bodies is the downside of making our environment more sustainable. We give up our sovereignty we don’t get to keep our freedoms, period! This is my beef in a nutshell with Agenda 21.

Read the short introduction to agenda 21 below and look at the title of the different chapters within Agenda 21 and you soon realize this is no small project and has huge implications and they are using our local governments to get it done!

Agenda 21


This is from their website above! Now that they are detected and exposed they have to once again change their stripes!

Agenda 21 explains that population, consumption and technology are the primary driving forces of environmental change. It lays out what needs to be done to reduce wasteful and inefficient consumption patterns in some parts of the world while encouraging increased but sustainable development in others. It offers policies and programmes to achieve a sustainable balance between consumption, population and the Earth’s life-supporting capacity. It describes some of technologies and techniques that need to be developed to provide for human needs while carefully managing natural resources.

Agenda 21 provides options for combating degradation of the land, air and water, conserving forests and the diversity of species of life. It deals with poverty and excessive consumption, health and education, cities and farmers. There are roles for everyone: governments, business people, trade unions, scientists, teachers, indigenous people, women, youth and children. Agenda 21 does not shun business. It says that sustainable development is the way to reverse both poverty and environmental destruction.

We currently gauge the success of economic development mainly by the amount of money it produces. Accounting systems that measure the wealth of nations also need to count the full value of natural resources and the full cost of environmental degradation. The polluter should, in principle, bear the costs of pollution. To reduce the risk of causing damage, environmental assessment should be carried out before starting projects that carry the risk of adverse impacts. Governments should reduce or eliminate subsidies that are not consistent with sustainable development.

A major theme of Agenda 21 is the need to eradicate poverty by giving poor people more access to the resources they need to live sustainably. By adopting Agenda 21, industrialized countries recognized that they have a greater role in cleaning up the environment than poor nations, who produce relatively less pollution. The richer nations also promised more funding to help other nations develop in ways that have lower environmental impacts. Beyond funding, nations need help in building the expertise— the capacity— to plan and carry out sustainable development decisions. This will require the transfer of information and skills.

Agenda 21 calls on governments to adopt national strategies for sustainable development. These should be developed with wide participation, including non-government organizations and the public. Agenda 21 puts most of the responsibility for leading change on national governments, but says they need to work in a broad series of partnerships with international organizations, business, regional, state, provincial and local governments, non-governmental and citizens’ groups.

As Agenda 21 says, only a global partnership will ensure that all nations will have a safer and more prosperous future.

All 40 Chapters! Ever looked at them all? Very huge plan for you and me!

Chapter 1:Preamble
Section One: Social and Economic Dimensions
Chapter 2: International Cooperation
Chapter 3: Combating Poverty
Chapter 4: Changing Consumption Patterns
Chapter 5: Population and Sustainable Development
Chapter 6: Protecting and Promoting Human Health
Chapter 7: Sustainable Human Settlements
Chapter 8: Making Decisions for Sustainable Development
Section Two: Conservation and Management of Resources
Chapter 9: Protecting the Atmosphere
Chapter 10: Managing Land Sustainably
Chapter 11: Combating Deforestation
Chapter 12: Combating Desertification and Drought
Chapter 13: Sustainable Mountain Development
Chapter 14: Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development
Chapter 15: Conservation of Biological Diversity
Chapter 16: Environmentally Sound Management of Biotechnology
Chapter 17: Protecting and Managing the Oceans
Chapter 18: Protecting and Managing Fresh Water
Chapter 19: Safer Use of Toxic Chemicals
Chapter 20: Managing Hazardous Wastes
Chapter 21: Managing Solid Wastes and Sewage
Chapter 22: Managing Radioactive Wastes
Section Three: Strengthening the Role of Major Groups
Chapter 23: Preamble to Strengthening the Role of Major Groups
Chapter 24: Women in Sustainable Development
Chapter 25: Children and Youth in Sustainable Development
Chapter 26: Strengthening the Role of Indigenous People
Chapter 27: Partnerships with NGOs
Chapter 28: Local Authorities
Chapter 29: Workers and Trade Unions
Chapter 30: Business and Industry
Chapter 31: Scientists and Technologists
Section Four: Means of Implementation
Chapter 32: Strengthening the Role of Farmers
Chapter 33: Financing Sustainable Development
Chapter 34: Technology Transfer
Chapter 35: Science for Sustainable Development
Chapter 36: Education, Training and Public Awareness
Chapter 37: Creating the Capacity for Sustainable Development
Chapter 38: Organizing for Sustainable Development
Chapter 39: International Law
Chapter 40: Information for Decision-Making

Community gives growth plan thumbs down, police called, tyranny reigns in Bradley County!

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As I stood watching the endless line of bureaucrats file into the Cleveland Bradley Public Library with the familiar easel, rolled up maps, worn out suits and clip boards listening to the steady beat of size 12 leather hills tapping the library granite corridor floor like a desperate prisoner chiseling his way out of prison! Perhaps this was none of the above and it was simply the melodious thump of a well orchestrated drum line! I couldn’t help but sense a sinister coup was in full operation mode while unknowingly the ill-informed citizen lurks outside, quietly foiling their lonely existence. We were about to see the covert operation unfold right before our eyes. I was there and no one invited me!

I soon realized that the fate of our county was being handed to these bureaucrats of a greater scheme! One thing that was overwhelmingly missing from that long line of mostly self-appointed dignitaries was that there were only a few, if any “regular, Joe Schmo citizens” filing into the room!

They all say “well, I am a citizen too!”, “right?” Of course you are, but a citizen that has either been appointed to a board, a commission, a review panel or a growth panel yielding influence or persuasion about a multi billion dollar project no longer qualifies you as a “regular citizen” that is not connected to the steam roller that is running over the people and taking away their rights! Sorry, but that is how we roll! If you are on one of the many numerous boards or commissions that yield the opinion or vote, your presence in the room no longer qualified you as an unbiased citizen. I saw 3 and I was 1!

If not for a very alert informant, we could have missed this potential consensus party! Had the two other citizens not been informed when we were this would have been one big communal love fest orgy of planners and bureaucrats yielding their proverbial wands to each other for the ultimate compliment and certain approval!

Can you imagine how one-sided this meeting could have gone and been accepted if those darn citizens hadn’t gotten in the way and raised legitimate questions about property rights and our sovereignty? Whew!

I was a little hurt that I didn’t get a formal invite or email notification about this party! But hey, I’ve been left off invitation lists before! There was this one time while in DC Ronald Reagan left me off the guest list, never mind! Wasted trip, another blog! But you get the drift!

I am now the red-haired step child of the local leftist Socialistic, Democratic planning movement! You know, that guy with no date to the prom, sorta shy and not quite cute enough to score the prom queen, ok, lets save that for another blog too! I have been saying that alot lately! Maybe, I am under the spell of the planners in BC! Oh well, save that one………..for another…… Oh you know……..blog!

I guess when you invite a regular concerned citizen, you might get a few questions asked and God forbid that happen when consensus is trying to be obtained! How better to gain consensus than to make sure no citizens were at this perceived public meeting! Silly me! Maybe my expectations were too high! I consider myself a pretty alert and informed kinda guy! I was left out of the plans! I was left out! Wait! Dejavu! Prom all ov er again! You know that potential night with high expectations that is one unanswered proposal from wearing a tux, a bow tie and a silly grin with deteriorating lamb skin rotting away inside his wallet! They disguised this one well! They hid this one well!

They were almost successful pulling this meeting off without one uninvolved citizen that wouldn’t benefit from the implementation of this growth plan!

I strolled in behind the only other two citizens Karen and Dan and we sat among the modest crowd of Bradley County “Elite!” You know those people that only their momma could love! That was a joke! I can hear now ” and that Blogger called me ugly too!”

Meeting the other two citizens in the room was brief and we went to meeting the other “decision makers!” Lets see to look around the room. There is Commissioners Mel, Woods, Caywood, Rominger, Greg Dale and his associates, Mayor of Charleston, the usual group of Chamber of Commerce rulers, planners galore, old, young, past and present and in between, various suits with Clarion clipboards, Emily, chairmen of the planning commission, wives and girlfriends of those people, oh yeah and don’t forget the old grey haired lady on the front row that has the police on speed dial who happens to be on one of the planning commissions! (that’s another story for another blog) but you see the plan!

Notify every one but the people that will be affected by the plan who will ultimately be footing the bill with their hard earned tax dollars were in the room or so it seemed!

0915 approached and the crowd of 40 to 50 fully involved citizens filed to their seats! The intros were short and the slides were popping!

After a brief introduction by Greg Dale of consultants McBride Dale and Clarion he handed it off to his able bodied comrade, Emily!

The very first slide, reportedly, a compilation of the top desires of the different breakout tables from the last meeting on January 30th! You know, those things that concerned citizens would like to hear more about! Property rights, impending plan costs, not implementing the growth plan, new taxes! Those things that concerns the everyday struggling citizen!



Not having to drive your car everywhere, getting a bicycle and riding everywhere! More Greenways! Putting all of our house on a pin head and have your bank, grocery store dry cleaners and everything at the bottom of your high rise so we can cut down on Green house gases, electric outlets for electric car? Does this sound like something brought up by the concerned citizens of Bradley County! Give me a break!!! This is from a planners playbook and a cookie cutter recipe that is shown by our consultants all over the United States! There was no “new slide” made up for just Bradley County! I would bet and I bet there are slide presentations out there with the exact same things on it from the exact same consultant!



Quality of life?

The list went on and on! The crowd was complicit and the speaker lulling us into a deep sleep of acceptance, the planners drool was now pasted onto my shirt. The subliminal messages were streaming from the speaker system, the fresh scent of brewing coffee now lingered over the doughnuts in the back of the room. A complete whitewash, a steady current of blah blah blah was now all I could hear and the crowd of dignitaries were proud of the work their consultants had done on compiling the data!

What about property rights? Sleepy heads and partially confused men turned to me as if I had just awakened them! What about our property rights? A huge component was missing on your compiled data? Tables 7, 8 and 9 were all very concerned about property rights and not a single mention of it on your slides? Eminent domain, tearing down buildings, new land use regulations, building codes, cost, new taxes, decreasing urban sprawl, firing the consultants, devising our own plan, promoting the free market. Those are the things we were concerned about and none of them got in the board! Why not?

Mr Dale speaks up and gently nudges the speaker back as she is more or less yelling and very confrontational at this point!

Property rights! We are concerned about property rights. We will be putting together more data with that information in it! I essence, he told me these were manufactured cookie cutter slides and we didn’t put them on a new slide because frankly we only want to show you what we want you to see and take your half million or more fee to blow smoke right up your behinds!

Every slide was presented as if it was the first time the room had heard it! The speaker became more and more agitated ad the presentation went on and the questions kept pouring in!

At one point, Mr Dale, said to the 3 citizens in the room “are you going to let this meeting go on or are you going to keep asking questions?” The immediate response was “uh NO, we have questions!” Commissioner Caywood, much like Commissioner Woods in the last meeting chimed in against the people asking legitimate questions, he pipes in and says and I paraphrase “I came here to learn about this, I have a family, a business and I’m giving of my time to be here so citizens with legit questions, shut the heck up!” he went on to sat “Majority rules in America, in a democracy!” Let me correct you here Mr Caywood, Majority does rule in a democracy, but we are a Republic and every vote counts! We are not yet a colony once again under the rule of kings, close but not yet! Commissioner Woods, was silent this round of tyranny and attempts at squashing our first amendment rights! Somebody must have read her the constitution, you know the part where we can challenge our government to make sure they don’t get too big for their britches! Restraint is a good fit Commissioner, shows maturity!

The spirited banter intensified and just as our founding fathers began to smile, just like clock work, the partially blonde/grey haired old lady, just as the last time steps out into the hallway and fires up her cell phone and calls for police backup because the three unwelcome guests were “gettin rowdy!” The full court press to squelch the voice of the people was on and the “people were bobbing and weaving to counter the proverbial punch of a government run amuck!

Two policemen follow her into the room and she sits beside the familiar man just as before with a Cheshire grin that could have taken on the trophy for her kennel! Success! Escort them out please! They have spoken and we all know commoners don’t dare speak in the presence of royalty! Bow to me young man and your two disobedient and irreverent scribes! Fetch my coat, I must relieve myself of these swine!

The funny thing about calling the police and she soon realized was, they are and have been on the side of the people. This is constitutionally what a sherrif and his deputies are sworn to do

Fortunately, at least most of them are here to serve and protect the peoples rights! They tell me as I sauntered to the back of the room, ” We are not going to arrest anyone that challenges or asks questions of an elected official or appointed board in a public meeting!” They think it is hilarious that our local government wants to squash it’s peoples rights! The Sherrifs in this town have made it no secret that they are here to serve and protect the people, not be a strong arm for the representatives of government or the selfish desires of an old woman! Whatever this woman is trying to do here, this is not Chicago or DC! We are well represented by our law officers and they are watching out for our well being!

Old lady do as you please, it is your right to be tyrannical , but remember in America at least for now, is not against the law! The Constitution still gives me the right to peacefully address my government and hold them accountable for their actions! So lay off the 911 calls for dignity sakes! It makes you look so pretentious and smug!

As I said clearly in the meeting, I respect the uniform and the position, but I do not fear standing up and speaking up in a public meeting!

Public facilities?

Did I go to the same meeting? The meeting I went to was so bombarded with citizen concerns that they hardly had time to discuss any of the plans! Some of my high faluting friends tell me this is what you call a fix! Consensus! Where you stay on course regardless of the questions and concerns, then it looks like everyone is in agreement!

For real? Public facilities, bathrooms and a Tom Rowland Convention Center is the most pressing thing on the table? Really? We are paying these consultants to tell me the same thing they tell every community! In fact when I asked Greg Dale this question he said and again I’m paraphrasing, he said that many communities have the same concerns, thats why all these sound the same from community to community!

We have just called you out on your same old outdated slides and you want me to buy your spill and let you implement a growth plan that will tax me well into the next century and burden my great grand children! Are you kidding me?

The meeting came to a sudden halt and once again we were broken off into 3 groups and discussed bringing everyone into our Urban Growth boundary and decrease sprawl in the rural areas, give everybody a bike and tell them to walk on the greenway under the guidance of the EPA, HUD, UN and the

The meeting like the others did not meet consensus or even get close! The meeting from my observation was a failure! We have a plan for growth that is being poorly presented by consultants that are highly overpaid and have a very sinister under belly to them! We have reporters on this issue and we are collaborating some very disturbing trends!

What we have here is big government trying to get bigger! We have our taxes going up as a result! We have a few in government who are overreaching in their powers!

A citizenry that is being bypassed by a group of bureaucrats that feel they know better and are being briskly tugged by the almighty dollar in the form of multiple federal grants!

We are doomed and we have the deck stacked against us! The people’s voice in Bradley County is no longer! The republic and what it stands for is diminishing by the assistane of planners in a very finance rich environment that are using the crutches of government to fulfill their edicts from DC!

It is a sad day for our country! Our representative form of government is the ruling word in our world. The hell with the people! They are just in the way?

Our founding fathers laid out the framework, the people enforce the constitution and government resets it’s own set of rules and yet tyranny prevails!

I’ll save this next thought for another blog!

HJR 587 passes, Brooks hands off to Bell in State Senate

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Just wanted to let you know that the Tennessee Legislature passed HJR587 today sponsored by Representative Kevin Brooks. It passed by a huge margin with a 72 to 23 vote.  

Senator Mike Bell will now take the ball as the sponsor of the Senate version. The next step is to get Mike Bells HB3572 passed. Give him a call and tell him to step out boldly and face what will certainly be a room full of giants!

PLEASE EVERYONE call Representative Brooks office and thank him for his hard work and dedication in getting this resolution passed. I knew eventually Representative Brooks would step up and he has! Let’s use his expertise now to get rid of some of the harmful bills.

We need to work hard to get bills with even more punch passed and to repeal or nullify bills on the books that are having negative affects on our property rights and state sovereignty.

We have already found one such bill.  Passed in 2009 during the 106th session.  SB1919. We are looking for more!

Here is list of those that voted Yes and those that voted No.


Representatives voting aye:

Alexander, Brooks H, Brooks K, Butt, Campbell, Carr, Casada, Cobb, Coley, Curtiss, Dean, Dennis, Dunn, Elam, Eldridge, Evans, Faison, Floyd, Ford, Forgety, Gotto, Halford, Hall, Harrison, Hawk, Haynes, Hensley, Hill, Holt, Hurley, Johnson C, Johnson P, Keisling, Kernell, Lollar, Lundberg, Maggart, Marsh, Matheny, Matlock, McCormick, McDaniel, McDonald, McManus, Miller D, Montgomery, Niceley, Pitts, Pody, Powers, Ragan, Ramsey, Rich, Roach, Sanderson, Sargent, Sexton, Shepard, Shipley, Sparks, Swann, Tidwell, Todd, Watson, Weaver, White, Williams K, Williams R, Windle, Wirgau, Womick, Madam Speaker Harwell — 72.

Representatives voting nay:

Armstrong, Brown, Camper, Cooper, DeBerry L, Favors, Gilmore, Hardaway, Jones, Miller L, Moore, Naifeh, Odom, Parkinson, Pruitt, Richardson, Shaw, Sontany, Stewart, Tindell, Towns, Turner J, Turner M — 23.

It makes you wonder what in the world would make anyone vote NO on such a strong issue as getting the United Nations and ICLEI out of Tennessee! It is beyond me! To have any NOs on a sovereignty issue begs me to ask them with whom are they aligned? When they took that oath of office, to whom were they swearing their allegiance? I guess only time will tell!

Bradley County property tax or wheel tax as only solution? Are you kidding?

In Government on March 15, 2012 at 3:59 PM

Commissioner Caywood and Councilman Estes state we need a Property tax if not a Wheel tax!

When does it stop? Why is it that the first solution for our elected officials is to go deep into the pockets of it’s citizens?

Bradley Countians and Clevelanders are suffering and our current leaders are turning us around and putting the proverbial tax knife in the center of our backs!

In sure from their vantage point they don’t see the people hurting! I know personally families that are one check, one more tax from being homeless and on the street! The financial burden of this and more taxes in the horizon are going to place many in our county on the road to a socialist utopia, welfare and total dependence on the governement for cheese and a loaf of bread!

The fake president is doing it in DC, why not continue that effort at the local level! Many in Cleveland/Bradley County are at or below the poverty level! Every school, but one is a Title 1 program, meaning that we are at a certain poverty level in our community to accept federal grants!

We gave just suffered two of the strongest tornado disasters in our history with more than 600 homes destroyed and countless others ruined and many dead! Now, as we are awakening out of this disaster the people begin looking up and all we can see on the horizon is a Wheel Tax or a Property Tax ? You have got to be kidding me?

When will out elected officials get the message? I recently encouraged one of our commissioners to take me up on a challenge! Everywhere you go today, downtown, grocery store, in your community simply ask everyone you come across for 32 dollars! All ages, sizes, income levels, ask them for 32 dollars! See just how hard it would be for most to cough up that 32 dollars, being the equivalent of the Wheel Tax! I told the Commissioner that by the end of the day he or she would be crying and a Wheel tax would no longer be on the table!

Guys we are facing one of the toughest times in our country economically and instead of our elected officials from Mayor to Mayor, from City Council to County Commission making it easier on you, they are deciding that as a plan B, if the Wheel Tax gets turned down by the people, a Property tax will be levied upon you with the additional risk of losing your home on the line! God forbid? Where is the human side to all these decisions by our locally elected officials?

At one point do we say enough is enough! For all accounts and purposes the Property tax can be put to a referendum also! The will of the people can and will be enforced!

Another proposal out there and will be touched on in another blog is this! I feel there is a conflict of interest between certain members of our elected body and their connections to the local school system! The boards, council and commission are stocked full of people with a vested interest in their decisions! You know who you are and you are many, pull your self out of the tax talk. I believe a conflict of interest resides within our governing bodies! Pull your self out of the debate as you should! Taxing the citizens with a bias is not good practice! Hmmm food for thought!

A quick solution to our problems may be to ask the people who don’t belong in the current school zone area they are attending to politely go to the area they are zoned for! I hear this will take care of the overcrowding problem! I hear 200 to 300 kids are in our system that belong to systems outside the county and even the state! That would solve the overcrowding issue and nullify the need for 8 pods at a local high school! Just thinking out loud here in blogger world! Hate to discuss and perhaps over step my blogger boundaries!

Read the article below and look at the interactions between them! Absolutely not one person speaking up for “Joe Citizen!”

Take a look at the picture I’m guessing was taken at Lake Forest, with the cabinet door taken off and dangling from particle board! Think it is high time a group of citizen volunteers take up hammer and nail and fix those 40 million dollar cabinets! How about it? A citizen repair and maintenance team is on the way! Sound good ? Contact me or comment below if you have cabinet repair skills?


CLEVELAND, Tenn. — Members of four Bradley County elected bodies met over lunch Wednesday to hash out how to pay for about $38 million in immediate schools needs.

The Bradley County Schools system has a short list of needs that amounts to about $26 million.

“We have building needs, and one of them is Lake Forest [Middle School],” said county school board Chairman Charlie Rose, who taught at Lake Forest for 30 years. “It is a maintenance nightmare.”

The school, which opened in 1976 and was built for elementary and middle school students, includes 17 buildings. County officials want to replace the academic buildings with one large classroom building and keep the remaining buildings, including the gymnasium and cafeteria.


They also want more space at Walker Valley High School. Built for 1,200 students, it now has more than 1,500. And officials want to replace Blue Springs Elementary School, lost in the 2011 tornadoes, Rose said.

Members of the Cleveland City Council, the Bradley County Commission and the city and county school boards talked about the needs during the roundtable at the Mountain View Inn.

“This is one issue where we are really joined at the hip,” Cleveland Mayor Tom Rowland said in his opening remarks.

Fast population growth is fueling the immediate need for another elementary school in the city system, Director Martin Ringstaff said.

“Rezoning is not the answer,” he said. “You can’t rezone overcrowded schools into other overcrowded schools.”

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Should Bradley County have a wheel tax?
vote results
Push for wheel tax

County Commission Chairman Louie Alford said the solution is passage of a $32 wheel tax in August by county voters.

“If that goes through, it should give us some additional money for some of these projects and pay down the school debt,” Alford said.

Commissioner Jeff Morelock said a $32 wheel tax will not generate enough income to do all that.

A property tax increase of a few cents would be cheaper for taxpayers and generate the needed money, City Councilman Bill Estes said.

In response to a question about what would happen if voters turn down the wheel tax, Alford said, “There is no plan B.”

Commissioner Terry Caywood said the next alternative is a property tax increase.

Commissioner Jeff Yarber then noted that the City Council “has the power to raise its own property taxes.”

Others said all four elected bodies should get behind selling the wheel tax to the public, and Councilman Dale Hughes said each should approve a resolution saying that.

But those resolutions should tell voters exactly how the money would be spent, whether on immediate needs or to pay down the county’s $65 million school debt, city school board member Dawn Robinson said.

Commissioner Adam Lowe said some voters in his district see paying down the debt as an immediate need, too, .

Contact Randall Higgins at rhiggins@timesfreepress.com or 423-314-1029.

HJR 587- Anti Agenda 21/ICLEI resolution passes another hurdle, on to floor today

In Agenda 21 on March 15, 2012 at 2:05 PM

HJR 587 jumps another hurdle on it’s way to final approval! Another vote will take place today, awaiting results! I know State Representative Kevin Brooks has been all over this resolution as it has gained greater than 30 sponsors in a short amount of time!

The United Nations Agenda 21 is being recognized as the evil plan that it is! In Bradley County we have in less than a year gone from “you are out of your minds” to a resolution being passed in the State Legislature to get it and ICLEI out of our community!

The RNC has made this effort their number one concern for 2012 and have also endorsed legislation to get the UN out of TN and the country! They were even as bold as to say that if you do not make a stand against Agenda 21 they would not endorse you for office next election! That is a very bold statement and has gained and spurred many bills and pieces of legislation to be created!

Our Bradley County,Cleveland City Mayor, city and county planners along with consultants McBride Dale and Clarion, commissioners and councilmen need to realize that their efforts beyond this date are futile. State and RNC legislation should be followed! We are done with our expensive and expansive growth plan and all the “green” efforts that are being implemented without the peoples approval!

We are no longer alone in this process! We now have teeth and we are asking our local leaders to jump on the bandwagon and stop looking beyond the will of the people! Stubbornness and thoughts of that’s the way we have always done things are no longer the status quo! At this point, you are alone and acting as if their are no stop gap measures in place. Continued action is irresponsible and possibly illegal. We keep hoping they will do the right thing, but we will see!

Listen to the sweetness of this resolution below sponsored by State Representative Kevin Brooks! It really is music to my ears and sends a definitive message to the local press that mocked us for daring to make this an issue long before any one knew about it. I’ll reserve my judgement for another day! The following resolution was created by a State Representative that dared to step out and act while others were hiding under mommas skirt tale too scared to stand up with the will of the people!

An email from Kevin Brooks!

A good morning fellow patriots,

This morning HJR 587 passed Calendar & Rules and was placed
on the Regular House Floor Calendar for Thursday, March 15th.

I am very grateful for the support and co-sponsors of this HJR.

Please spread the word to contact your Legislators to vote YES
on HJR587 on Thursday morning, March 15, 2012.  

For Liberty!

Kevin D. Brooks
Assistant Majority Leader
State Representative Dist. 24
104 War Memorial Building
Nashville, Tennessee 37243
(615) 741-1350
(800) 449-8366 x11350        

HJR 587, by K. Brooks

A resolution relative to United Nations Agenda 21.
Whereas, the United Nations Agenda 21 is a COMPREHENSIVE PLAN of extreme environmentalism, social engineering and global political control that was initiated at the United Nations conference on Environmental and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992 and

Whereas, the United Nations Agenda 21 in being covertly pushed into local communities throughout the United States of America through the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) through local “sustainable development”, polices such as Smart Growth, Wildlands Project, Resilient Cities, Regional Visioning Projects, and other “green or alternative” projects and

Whereas, the United nations Agenda 21 plan of radical so called “sustainable development” views the American way of life of private property ownership, single family homes, private car ownership and individual travel choices and privately owned farms all as destructive to the environment and

Whereas, according to the United nations Agenda 21 policy, social justice, is described as the right and opportunity of all people to benefit equally from the resources afforded us by society and the environment which would be accomplished by socialist/communist redistribution of wealth, and

Whereas according to the United Nations Agenda 21 policy, national sovereignty is deemed a social injustice, now, therefore, be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the one hundred seventh general Assembly of the State of Tennessee, the Senate concurring that the general Assembly theat the General Assembly recognizes the destructive and insidious nature of United Nations Agenda 21 and hereby exposes to the public policy makers the dangerous intent of the plan.

Be it further resolved, that neither the United States government, nor any state or local government is legally bound by the United Nations Agenda 21 treaty in that it has never been endorsed by the United States Senate,

Be it further resolved, that the Federal government and State and Local governments across the country be well informed of the underlying harmful implications of implementation of United Nations Agenda 21 destructive strategies for “sustainable development” and we hereby endorse rejection of its radical policies and rejection of any grant monies attached to it.

Breathe in deeply Bradley County and the rest of Tennessee! We now have a representative that is willing to stand in the gap!

Next step, based on the recommendation of our own State Legislature let’s take our reps resolution and demand legally that the Regional, Comprehensive plan, the BCC 2035 Growth plan are dead in it’s tracks!

Let’s tell the consultants hired by ICLEI out of Chattanooga that are currently directing our local growth plan to go home! You are fired! We do not want you here no more! Your outdated, cookie cutter plan has already cost us too much money!

Mayors, commissioners, councilmen and the Chamber of Commerce you no longer legally have the right to keep implementing this Agenda 21 plan in our community!

We can develop our own growth plan! We do not need the United Nations, the Chamber of Commerce or a group of ICLEI led Consultants spending billions of our tax dollars on sustainable development and placing the burden on me, my grandchildren and beyond!

SB 2122- Sen. Rand Paul needs our help fighting Agenda 21 in Bradley County!

In Agenda 21, Government on March 12, 2012 at 10:28 PM

I hear every day that I wish we knew of a way we could stop Agenda 21! Well, here is how! We now have Senators, State Representatives and a few local guys fighting this with all they got! We must show our support for these patriots who are putting it all on the line! Many are indeed getting backlash when they make this stand! The Chamber of Commerce comes down on them, the Mayors chew on them and the little minions of all come after them for not towing the line!

One thing that is evident with these that are making a stand is they are doing it for their country not for their stinking party! We have done party favors to the point of nausea!

Karen Bracken, a patriot friend of mine is driving this effort! She seems tireless in her fight! Let’s stand with her and Rand and make this town hall a success! Register at the sites below! I’m sorry you have to paste and copy the addresses! My blog site is free so it doesnt come with all the bells and whistles!

Enroll now and let’s listen to Rand map out his plan for his bill to hopefully disable the EPA and the United Nations and halt their involvement in our very fortunate country! We have worked very hard to make our country great and we at not about to go down without a fight!

Senator Rand Paul needs our help.  I know you will all agree that Senator Paul has been a true advocate for liberty and has been a true ally to the grass roots movement.  It is now time to show our appreciation and help Senator Paul.  He has written a bill (S.2122) and if passed it will put a crimp in the overreach of the EPA.  I have attached the entire bill, a one page summary and a section by section summary.  

JOIN the Telephone Town Hall:

Senator Rand Paul Town Hall Registration Link:


The Town Hall is on March 13th at 6pm Pacific Time/9m Eastern Time. Please help us get as many people on this call as possible!!! We need Patriot Groups across the country to get on this  call!!!

Senator Paul will explain the importance of this bill and how we can help him get this bill passed.  So be ready to put a plan of action in place to help support Senator Paul.  We all have worked so hard at a local level trying to stop the assault on our property rights and the tenants of Agenda 21.  How many times have we heard/said  “If only DC would help us?”  Well we have a chance to show DC the Tea Party is alive, well and stronger than ever while at the same time we can be a part of history and take the EPA down a peg or two.

The conference bridge has unlimited call in ports so spread this to everyone you know.  Lets make this TOWN HALL invitation go VIRAL.  PLEASE send the Town Hall flyer to EVERYONE you know.  Post on Facebook, Twitter and as an event in your MeetUp/Website.  Please send to your entire membership.  

NOTE:  The number you use during the registration will be the number used to connect you to the Town Hall.  If you miss the call you will not be able to join the Town Hall.

Senator Rand Paul Town Hall Registration Link:


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