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Corrupt Judicial Branch harasses Van Irion, founding fathers warned of this day

In Government on March 3, 2012 at 9:22 AM

I became nauseous while reading this letter from Van Irion regarding the events of that disappointing day in Georgia regarding Obamas eligibility.

Our country is in a heap of trouble! Our founding fathers wrote the constitution to protect us from such tyrannical and maniacal attitudes toward citizen who attempt to apply the law in order to be represented and have a voice! We no longer have the power of the people. We can no longer assume that because we are American we will get a fair hearing in a high court in this country!

Our goose is cooked, stick a fork in it, we are done, fineesh!

Our dishonorable judges have lost their moral compass and have quickly become a cancer that is spreading to shield our tyrannical Kings and Queens from being accountable to the people within the confines of the Constitution!

The once sacred document, behind thick glass in a museum has been shredded and desecrated! The document exists only as a piece of tattered paper with a passing historical side bar as it’s memory!

We must stand strong with Van to continue this fight! It’s not cheap or inexpensive! He, as a representative of your conservative psyche is counter punching and is leaning back on his heels getting punch drunk from the constant barrage of blows! He is facing the battle essentially alone and is hunkering down for the assault! He is standing in the gap and giving it all he can! But to be honest with you it’s not cheap!

I dont usually do this bit I am asking you to please visit Liberty Legal Foundation website and donate any amount of money to give him and LLF the fuel to continue the fight! Only if it is 5.00 or 5, 000 dollars any amount will make a difference! He is giving his time to the fight of his life, the least we can do is send him a few dollars! Please pass this around to all your friends! Van didn’t ask me to do this but I know how important it is to have a war chest to fight this horrible corrupt regime! Thank you and as he faces these giants he will know he has our support! Please give now and freely if you are able and send around to your friends list and ask them to do the same! Our freedom is dependent on it, our Republic is worth every dime of it!

Read below and see if you will feel exactly as I do! Read this blatant disregard for our laws of this land! Contempt is not good enough. Please read and tell me how you feel in the comments section of this blog. We need to sound off on this epic failure of our government! Get busy patriots!

So much has happened recently demonstrating the lack of honor in our judicial system that I’m now forced to review these incidents in bullet point format:

The President’s attorney dishonors the Georgia Administrative Court by sending a letter directly to the Secretary of State requesting the executive branch of Georgia to take a lawsuit away from the judicial branch.
The President and his attorney dishonor the Georgia Administrative court again by violating that court’s order to appear.
The Georgia Administrative Court refuses to forward Liberty Legal Foundation’s motion for contempt to the Georgia Supreme Court, despite Georgia law leaving the Administrative court no discretion on this matter.
The Georgia Administrative court refuses to even respond to correspondence regarding our motion for contempt.
The Georgia Superior Court fails to comment on the motion for contempt or require the Administrative court to forward records, as required by law.
The Georgia Superior Court Clerk initially refuses to file LLF’s appeal document, then backs down after being instructed on the law.
The Georgia Superior Court Clerk refuses to file LLF’s emergency motion for preliminary injunction because $1 was not included with our filing. Then, when LLF hand delivers $1 to the clerk, the clerk sits on the motion for 10 days and mails it back to LLF claiming that the correct staffer didn’t get the $1. Our plaintiff gave the case number, name of the motion, and name of the staffer, who was literally pointed at in the room. Yet the clerk’s office still claims that that staffer didn’t get the $1. The motion had to be completely re-filed and was then delayed another two days before finally being filed.
The Chief Judge of the Superior Court was made aware of all of the incidents occurring in her Clerk’s office, yet she did nothing to correct the situation.
The President’s motion to dismiss was filed on his first attempt. After three days the Court notified LLF that the Court had shortened the time to file an opposition to that motion, giving us less than a day to file.
Late that same day the Chief Judge signs an order denying LLF’s motion to have Van Irion admitted as a visiting attorney in this case, preventing LLF from filing the opposition that the Court had ordered us to file 6 hours earlier. (Note that I’ve been admitted as a visiting attorney in 5 states and at every level of court, both state and federal. I’ve never been denied admission before. Further, my local attorney sponsor was a sitting member of the state’s legislature, making this denial even more shocking.) Even more outrageous is the timing of the denial, made just hours before a Court-set deadline, after the Court sat on our motion for more than two weeks.
The Georgia Secretary of State has, to date, refused to forward the record of the case to the Superior Court, despite Georgia law absolutely requiring this action and requiring that it be done as soon as possible.
The Superior Court does nothing to require the Secretary of State to forward the record of the case.
Only 90 minutes after our plaintiff files an opposition himself (because LLF was denied the ability to file it for him), the Chief Judge issues a three-page opinion granting Obama’s motion to dismiss our appeal. It seems obvious that the Court’s opinion was written before they asked us to file an opposition. Also, the dismissal was granted while the Court had not even received the record of the hearing held by the lower court. In other words, it ruled without even reviewing the record or reading our plaintiff’s opposition.
Our system of government is based upon an assumption that the people placed in high office are honorable. This is an absolute requirement for the survival of our nation. The Founding Fathers understood that when dishonorable people begin to take high office, the system of government they set into motion would begin to fail. Unfortunately America’s judicial system is proving this principle.

These are just the incidents associated with our Georgia case and we are not discussing the substance of the breathtakingly absurd rulings from any of these courts. Without needing to discuss judicial rulings, the incidents cited here demonstrate the harassment, bias, and lack of honor in the administrative operation of our courts. This bias effectively prevents those on one side of an issue to have basic access to the courts.In other words, the courts are now barring specific viewpoints from entering the front doors of the court. When we do get through we are harassed by means of the timing of orders and one-sided enforcement of procedural requirements.

Georgia is an example of what is happening across our country. Laws are being blatantly ignored by those in high office, while other laws are being used to punish their political opponents. This type of corruption reflects the practices historically found in third world nations, dictatorships, and communist tyrannies. Freedom cannot survive where such practices go unpunished.

Yet it is practically impossible to punish individuals holding high office. This is why such individuals must have honor, allowing them to resist their own selfish temptations. Unfortunately America’s high offices are now populated by corrupt people with no moral compass. Our leaders have no honor. Our Founding Fathers are being proven correct, once again.   

Our opponents are trying to frustrate and exhaust us to the point that we will give up. They don’t want their bias and dishonor to be seen in the light of day.  The corrupt individuals in high office are harassing us for our efforts. This tells us that we are having an effect. Even when we don’t win a legal battle, our efforts shine the light of truth on their corruption. That corruption is responding by lashing out at us.

We will be appealing the Georgia Superior Court’s ruling. But we need your help. We need your help to keep the spotlight on the dishonorable actions of those in high office. Please do what you can to support Liberty Legal Foundation.

In Liberty,

Van Irion, Founder

  1. Sadly Georgia law, any state law and even federal law is not longer being used. We are now ruled by Obama Law. And that law is now the law of the land. Time we wake up and realize our country is almost to the bottom of the free fall. If we do not get Obama out of the White House and EVERY member of his administration and replace him with Ron Paul this country is done for. Once freedom is lost people it can never be regained. Think about the life you have today. Think about what you have. Think about all the soldiers that died so you and your heirs can be free. Now think about how life might be when you are no longer free to own ANYTHING not even your own thoughts. It is coming and it is coming sooner than you think. It is so close that we just might not make it to November.


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