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Emergency Injunction Filed with Georgia Supreme Court over Obamas eligibility

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Emergency Injunction Filed with Georgia Supreme Court over Obamas eligibility

Georgia held its Presidential Primary election Tuesday. Obama’s name was on the ballot. But they haven’t won this battle yet. Today Liberty Legal Foundation filed an appeal with the Georgia Supreme Court challenging the absurd ruling that dismissed our case from the Georgia Superior Court. (In Georgia the Superior Court is a mid-level court. The Supreme Court is the highest Court in Georgia.)

We also filed an emergency motion for preliminary injunction with the Georgia Supreme Court. Since it’s too late to have Obama’s name removed from the primary ballots, we’re asking the Supreme Court to prohibit the Secretary of State from certifying the results of the Democratic Presidential Primary election. Typically it takes about a week for the Secretary of State to certify an election. The results of an election are not official until he certifies. So, if the Supreme Court grants our motion the results of Obama’s Georgia primary election will be on hold pending the outcome of our lawsuit.

This may be our final test for an uncorrupted portion of the justice system in Georgia. As you can see by reading our filings on our website, the Georgia Supreme Court has no excuse for denying our motion. We are not asking for anything that would harm Obama in the short term in any way. We’re not asking for anything that would cost the Georgia taxpayers a dime. All we’re asking for is to have the Secretary of State wait to certify the Democratic Primary election until the Georgia Supreme Court can hear our case. If we lose our case, Obama will still get the Georgia delegates at the Democratic National Convention. But we will have been successful in getting the Court to hear the substance of our case. If we win, we will have upheld Georgia state law and the U.S. Constitution.

My point is this: because the relief we’re asking for in our motion will hurt no one, there is no reason for the Georgia Supreme Court to deny it. It SHOULD be a “no brainer.” It hurts no one to grant our motion and it hurts everyone to deny it. So, now we wait to see if the Georgia judicial corruption goes all the way to the top. Please pray with me that instead we will find an honorable Judge that will follow the law.

Van Irion

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