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SB 2122- Sen. Rand Paul needs our help fighting Agenda 21 in Bradley County!

In Agenda 21, Government on March 12, 2012 at 10:28 PM

I hear every day that I wish we knew of a way we could stop Agenda 21! Well, here is how! We now have Senators, State Representatives and a few local guys fighting this with all they got! We must show our support for these patriots who are putting it all on the line! Many are indeed getting backlash when they make this stand! The Chamber of Commerce comes down on them, the Mayors chew on them and the little minions of all come after them for not towing the line!

One thing that is evident with these that are making a stand is they are doing it for their country not for their stinking party! We have done party favors to the point of nausea!

Karen Bracken, a patriot friend of mine is driving this effort! She seems tireless in her fight! Let’s stand with her and Rand and make this town hall a success! Register at the sites below! I’m sorry you have to paste and copy the addresses! My blog site is free so it doesnt come with all the bells and whistles!

Enroll now and let’s listen to Rand map out his plan for his bill to hopefully disable the EPA and the United Nations and halt their involvement in our very fortunate country! We have worked very hard to make our country great and we at not about to go down without a fight!

Senator Rand Paul needs our help.  I know you will all agree that Senator Paul has been a true advocate for liberty and has been a true ally to the grass roots movement.  It is now time to show our appreciation and help Senator Paul.  He has written a bill (S.2122) and if passed it will put a crimp in the overreach of the EPA.  I have attached the entire bill, a one page summary and a section by section summary.  

JOIN the Telephone Town Hall:

Senator Rand Paul Town Hall Registration Link:


The Town Hall is on March 13th at 6pm Pacific Time/9m Eastern Time. Please help us get as many people on this call as possible!!! We need Patriot Groups across the country to get on this  call!!!

Senator Paul will explain the importance of this bill and how we can help him get this bill passed.  So be ready to put a plan of action in place to help support Senator Paul.  We all have worked so hard at a local level trying to stop the assault on our property rights and the tenants of Agenda 21.  How many times have we heard/said  “If only DC would help us?”  Well we have a chance to show DC the Tea Party is alive, well and stronger than ever while at the same time we can be a part of history and take the EPA down a peg or two.

The conference bridge has unlimited call in ports so spread this to everyone you know.  Lets make this TOWN HALL invitation go VIRAL.  PLEASE send the Town Hall flyer to EVERYONE you know.  Post on Facebook, Twitter and as an event in your MeetUp/Website.  Please send to your entire membership.  

NOTE:  The number you use during the registration will be the number used to connect you to the Town Hall.  If you miss the call you will not be able to join the Town Hall.

Senator Rand Paul Town Hall Registration Link:


  1. Karen Bracken supports Independent and white supremacist, Rick Tyler, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, who owns the Whitewater Grill in Ocoee, Tennessee. Karen is the Polk County Commissioner. Her support of Rick Tyler puts her in league with racism, polygamy, and heresy. Her failure to stand against these doctrines is a stance in favor of them.


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