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SD 21: An ominous updated plan by the United Nations

In Agenda 21 on March 26, 2012 at 12:46 PM

Sustainable Development in the 21st century (SD21)

We again are under attack! The giant has awakened and is making his needs known! The bear is hungry, has eaten his meal and is looking for more!

The United Nations in preparation for the Rio+20 Summitt and unlike the other Rio Summitts and even the Stockholm Summitt which yielded a weak, often disputed set of principles, they intend to get it right this time!

SD21 and the Rio Principles, as you will eventually become aware, is just one of 4 or 5 documents that is being prepared for Rio and portrays their interpretation and plan for the perfect environment for the United States and the rest of the world!

The perfect Environmental utopia is the plan! A world where you and or the business that “inflicts harm” will pay dearly for your carbon footprint by hefty fine, penalties or loss of property or business!

The last Rio Summitts, even by the UNs own admission have been slightly off target and lacking focus, often missing stated goals by 5 or 10 years. Goals not met to the UN means failure, goals not met to me means you are relying on false scientific data to make your claims which leads to your poor results!

The United Nations is in many words trying to get their game on! In other secular words, trying to get their spit (misspelled purposefully, not an auto correct problem).

They have seen great success getting the “grassroots” portion and it’s tough to use grassroots with the UN, but at the local level they have done a pretty good job working with the NGOs to bypass the will of the people! As in Bradley County, Tennessee, as in many local counties throughout the Nation they have implemented the proposed plans which has been fairly easy to do! Just promise a planner or a mayor a yum yum in their pocket and they are soon rocking their world like a teenager trying to get to first base!

Presumably, the courtship with these characters are pretty uneventful as they see bringing in federal grant money as the caveman clubbing and dragging home his prize bison carcas for the family of simple undeveloped minds to devour! Needless to say the quest didn’t measure up to the satisfaction of a full tummy and bowel evacuation.

The UN, for lack of a better phrase, is putting on their A-Game! They have and are stating they are learning from their past mistakes and are formulating a concoction of evil they feel will catapult them into the equivalent of an environmental climax.

These 4 or 5 suggested “soft laws”, “treaties”, legal heavy “hard laws”, “international laws” are going to be introduced shortly after this Rio Summitt! The talk in UN nation as evidenced by much chatter on their websites is they are attempting to what boils down to a circumvention of our Constitution! They can’t seem to understand why Americans just want take their hand and allow them to do whatever they want!

The thought that they are completely unaware that we know we are a sovereign and free country is beyond my comprehension. Basically, in a nutshell we like our freedom without interference of an international entity telling us what to do!

The UN has had great success in socialist, Monarchial, third world type countries because for one the constitution is not there with authentic freedom loving people, secondly they hand several million dollars to a starving country, they will put a windmill and a solar roof anywhere they want and as fast as they want!

The new game by the UN is to make International law accepted in the world! The bottom line is eventually the UN will run the world! The way they will do it and they have yet to ratify it, but they need our lawmakers to make it happen!

They have got a fake president to do it and be would sign on anything they want! I’m not so sure they will find a way but i am not so sure the fake president will somehow bypass the will of the people and all lawmakers and give them the green light anyways while upholding and honoring international law!

They need our congressmen, Senators, and governors to sign on and ratify or accept International Law as the law of the land! This is the bottom line, our last defense against a total socialistic threat! If our elected leaders cave to their desires, grab your ankles and hum “you are my sunshine.”

Finished! We will be! The flood of International
bodies will descend on our untouched virgin soil with their version of a perfect world and we will be ruled with a steady unfamiliar hand of a dictatorship we have never known!

Let the “conspiracy” monickers fly! Thats ok with me! People within my world saw me as a “kook” and a “madman” with scare tactics, but as soon as 2 weeks ago state legislators were passing resolutions to stop the UN from touching our state! I relish the prospect of figuring out a plot before it unfolds!

My grandmother had an uncanny way of putting the puzzle pieces together! I would sit on her lap as a child and listen to her read the bible and discuss the very times we face now! I didn’t completely know of everything she spoke of but as she has passed and I review her many notes and numerous cassete tapes she left it all sounds oddly familiar!

We must as a nation must not subject our great country to this attack! We are fighting for our freedom, friends, family and our sovereignty! Outside of that their is very little left to the good ole US that I would care to stay around and enjoy!

Get involved with your elected officials and make a statement to them and say it loudly, “GET THE UN OUT OF THE US AND KEEP THEM AND THEIR INTRRNATIONAL LAWS OUT OF IT!”

Here is the SD21 goals taken directly from this UN website! Kinda ominous seeing this before it us actually introduced!

Objectives and Goals

The overarching objective of the project is to construct a coherent vision of sustainable development in the 21st century, which will contribute to the success of the Rio+20 conference.
The project, funded by the European Commission – Directorate-General for Environment, aims to provide a high quality analytical input to the Rio+20 conference.

The specific objectives of the project are the following:

Prepare a substantive contribution to the debate in the UNCSD in 2012, which takes stock of the changes having occurred since the Earth Summit in 1992 and provide a clear vision and way forward for the international community, national governments, partnerships and other stakeholders in implementing the sustainable development agenda in an integrated manner.
Construct a coherent vision on sustainable development in the 21st century and analyse feasible pathways to sustainability.
Synthesize analytical and applied policy work regarding menus of policy options for a more sustainable, green growth that consider the specific economic, social, environmental and institutional context of countries in different stages of economic development.
The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD), which will gather UN member states and other stakeholders in Brazil in 2012, is a key occasion to take stock of 20 years of action at all levels to promote sustainable development, and to provide a clear vision and way forward for the international community, national governments, partnerships and other stakeholders in implementing the sustainable development agenda in an integrated manner.

Knowledge must inform action – knowledge of what has and has not worked for sustainable development in the past 20 years, knowledge as well of important changes and new challenges that have emerged in the past generation. Only on this basis can we develop a clear vision of sustainable development for the 21st century. That vision needs to incorporate and build upon the rich output of various global assessments – including climate change, water, energy, and ecosystems – as well as the policy lessons from experience, respond to the evolving nature of the challenges, and draw upon the latest research on integrating sustainability and development into a common agenda. It also needs to recognize and motivate the contribution of all inhabitants of planet earth.

The SD21 project is built around a series of studies that will inform a synthesis report, “Sustainable development in the 21st century” (SD21). The SD21 body of studies is expected to become an important analytical and political contribution in its own right. Studies under the SD21 project will cover the following topics: assessment of progress since the Earth Summit; emerging issues ; long-term sustainable development scenarios; tools for managing sustainable economies; national and international institutions for sustainable development; and sector assessments.


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