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Bradley County, Chattanooga region receive their “Death, Color Zone” designations

In Agenda 21 on April 3, 2012 at 5:30 PM

This is an urgent notice to all citizens living in Bradley County and the Chattanooga Region. Your Mayors have voluntarily taken the necessary steps to place you into a specified “Death Color Zones! Your property rights are at extreme risk! YOU WILL EVENTUALLY LOSE YOUR PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS!

The Mayors of 16 surrounding counties in 3 States have knowingly, willingly and covertly placed you into your very own “Death, Color Zone!” Their willing participation to sign on with the Chattanooga Regional Growth plan with ICLEI, a well documented component in the implementation of Agenda 21, has put us at great risk and will have a long lasting effect on our county and region for generations to come.

Because of recent actions of a collective of Mayors at the direction of The Southeast Tennessee Economic Development Council, its Board Chairman, Bradley County Mayor Gary Davis and Cleveland Mayor Tom Rowland we have now have the Chattanooga Region ready for “Color Zone” designation. The “Biodiversity Simulation Map” or “Death Map” is being used as a guide!

Bradley Counties URBAN GROWTH BOUNDARY, the designated area being appointed by the Counties growth plan, will result into a herding of all citizens into these designated areas known as “Black Zone” color to include Hamilton County as another “black” zone!

This “Black Zone” color designation means this will be a population area only! The “Red Color Zone” is reserved for the more rural areas and will be uninhabitable consisting of mostly National Parks, forests and recreation areas!

You can clearly see Polk County and other counties in the region fall into the “Red Zone!” The “Red Zones” and it’s citizens will eventually be displaced into “Black Zones” better known as the Urban Growth Boundaries! If you are doubting this plan, does it surprise you that every county in the US has a “Comprehensive Growth Plan” of some kind with a specific Urban Growth Boundary! The reason for that is explained in this article.

The Wildlands Project and UN Convention on Biological Diversity Plan to Restore Biodiversity in the United States!

See the map and the following paragraph on this site! See where your home will fall within the “death zone!”

You may purchase an 11″ X 17″ laminated print of this map for $13.00
The Wildlands Project would set up to one-half of America into core wilderness reserves and interconnecting corridors (red), all surrounded by interconnecting buffer zones (yellow).

No human activity would be permitted in the red, and only highly regulated activity would be permitted in the yellow areas. Four concerned conservative activists who now make up the board of Sovereignty International were able to find UN documentation that proved the Wildlands Project concept was to provide the basis for the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.

They used this information and this map produced by Dr. Michael Coffman, editor of Discerning the Times Digest and NewsBytes and CEO of Sovereignty International, to stop the ratification of the treaty an hour before its scheduled cloture and ratification vote. (See Congressional Record S13790)

Since the treaty was stopped, tens of thousands of Americans have used this map to expose environmentalist’s efforts to implement this diabolical agenda piecemeal local(plan), just as President Clinton did by setting aside millions of acres of public and private land. © 2000 Discerning the Times Digest and NewsBytes. 

Taken From: The United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, Article 8a-e; United Nations Global Biodiversity Assessment, Section; US Man and the Biosphere Strategic Plan, UN/US Heritage Corridor Program, “The Wildlands Project”, Wild Earth, 1992,. Also see Science, “The High Cost of Biodiversity,” 25 June, 1993, pp 1968-1871 and the Border 21 Sidebar of NAFTA. The very high percentage of buffer zone in the West is due to the very high percentage of federal land.

With the assistance of clumps of HUD housing and grants in the multiple millions this will much more easily be a reality. Your recent MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) signed by our region, will use millions of tax payers dollars to herd them into Urban Growth areas! Your willing participation with HUD, the EPA and DOT along with other NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) while forging Public Private Partnerships with the Chamber of Commerce, you are willingly putting everyone you represent at great risk!

Look below, and see where your decisions today will leave the many people you represent!

Agenda 21 and the United Nations and many “green movements” and many “useful idiots” of our elected conglomerate have a plan that moves people into zones and the 2035 BCC Strategic Growth Plan clearly recognizes this and gives it several names, but the death map demonstrates this designation as “Color Zones which reflect property owners being forced from their property and into a “human Settlement” within a “Rural, urban or designated growth area represented as a color designation on the map.
The Counties you represent will fall into these ominous colors and represent a redistribution of our populace to make it in their minds the most “sustainable.” After all, “Urban Sprawl” is a formidable enemy to sustainability and its goals that come with it!

The color zones are recognized by color schemes and their designations are in parentheses as how it will fall on the Biodiversity Map after our counties are manipulated according to this Agenda 21 plan and the will of our negligent self saving Mayors!

RED- No human presence!
YELLOW- Buffer zone around Red area with very controlled limited access!
BLACK DOT- Where people in red and yellow areas will be relocated (human settlements)
Polk County (red)
Bradley County (Red and Yellow)
Cleveland (Black dot)
Hamilton-Chattanooga (Black Dot)
Bledsoe (Red and Yellow)
Rhea (Red and Yellow)
McMinn (Mostly Yellow)
Marion (Mostly Red)
Sequatchie (Red)
Meigs (Red)


Jackson County (Red)
Dekalb (Yellow)


Catoosa (Red and Yellow)
Murray (Red and Yellow)
Walker (Yellow)
Dade (Yellow)
Whitfield (Yellow)

Notice where the Black Dots fall! Who are the noticeable recipients that will receive the bulk of the population growth? Yes, Chattanooga/Hamilton and Cleveland/Bradley County and the appointed leaders, Mayors Rowland, Davis and Littlefield and their local Chambers of Commerces!

The plan is in place!

It is the will of the people who should stop this madness!
We are the tenants of a Republic protected and guided by the Constitution!
We are not willing participants in our demise and we must not allow this to be a reality, God help us!
We are in this battle for the long haul.
Mayors and all willing participants in this scheme, you are being placed on notice! A very concerted effort to remove you from office either by recall or at the election ballot box will be inevitable.
The decision is yours!
Your political fate is in your hands! Your deciisions are now affecting millions! The public is becoming informed and an informed public makes very wise decisions on the fate of their county!

Deciding to join with ICLEI out of Chattanooga shows very poor judgement as this Non Governmental Organization is a direct component of the United Nations and shows that you have now stepped up as a willing participant and placed the people in a death zone!

  1. Looks, feels, smells like post Hitler Germany. I can almost smell the “sour-kraut” now.


    • I agree notdecieved! We are in the midst of a terrible reformation and many “players” are in the mix! I honestly think most are unknowing participants at present who will eventually see the light if their ways but in the meantime I still hold them responsible because they can do their own research instead of condemning those of us who have! We can no longer excuse these people just because they have faith in a broken system!! We are beyond that and I honestly feel we are heading into our final election as a totally free and sovereign nation! I believe the tide will turn drastically in the next 4 years! All those that continue to participate in this socialist takeover of our country should and will be held accountable!


  2. Have you ever read the Hunger Games? if not you SHOULD! It is spooky the way it eerily looks like our FUTURE … divided into 13 areas where the food is regulated and people are born into areas and people are allowed to STARVE to death while working int he fields to feed the “CAPITOL” inhabitants!! The Hunger Games were established to “KEEP the uprisers in check!!!” REALLY sounds like where we are going!!!


    • Exactly! I have watched and it does sound like it! My 10 year old daughter watched with me and was scared that this was going to be her world and she asked me for reassurances that this would not happen to her.I honestly told her that she had nothing to worry about but told her that if it went down the way it was depicted in that movie, we would be ok!


  3. I fear if this was implemented in 1992,&just find information on it 20 years after,we have all been screwed,Clinton,W,&Obama all were privy to thus &not to mention countless members of Congress, if this is absolute, none are worth a pinch of monkey shit&that ain’t worth much,ill e still chilling in the red zone,sitting on my big bag of seeds,clinging to my guns&Bible, talking to the great sky God, in my last words will be that that’s was heard by the 300,COME TAKE THEM!!!


  4. I almost didn’t notice the date of this post. However, the 16 county plan has changed its name to Thrive2055. Go there and see the updated version of this crooked behind the scenes takeover. Also the link you posted in your article was broken. I have seen that biodiversity map before and you are correct. I have attended several of their public info gathering sessions over the last several years and it is so heavily ran by delphi’ites that it matters not what your answers and comments are, they maneuver them into your agreement with what they and the Stakeholders have decided for the future of our region. Makes one sure that we are all being played by some fascist or communist organization intent on transforming our world into some dreamland. Remember one of the goals of Agenda 21 is to reduce the world population to 1 Billion. That means at least 6 Billion needs to be ground up for fertilizer. I am thinking Soylent Green! Thanks for the reminder!


    • Thanks Ron. It was a reblog and one of my most popular entries. I love to hear peoples response to this. I introduced it to my family and they said it sounds like the “Hunger Games.” I told them they were correct. I have other articles also. Feel free to look around with keywords Agenda 21, growth plan, mayors, Thrive 2055, United Nations etc. Thanks for your input. Please send me any new info you got. Have a great day.


      • I cannot find the original blog so I could answer you there. So here it is! You as well, my friend. Agenda 21 and its smaller counterparts such as Thrive2055 are out to get Americans!

        Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2015 02:33:49 +0000 To: ronadcox@hotmail.com


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