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Georgetown, TN citizens to attend Bradley County Commission vote on zoning request

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Monday, June 4th 2012, 7pm at the Bradley County Courthouse Commission meeting room the citizens of Georgetown Tennessee will attend the vote on an Industrial Zoning request by a local citizen.

Judith Allen has requested 223 acres be rezoned from Forest/Agriculture/Residential to I1, heavy industrial. The request has drawn the ire of many citizens in Bradley County who are not happy with how the rezoning will change the environment for all of Georgetown and for generations to come.

Future Bradley county land use plans of 2011, a map prepared by out of state consultants shows that thousands of more acres will be affected by the zoning request, not just Mrs Allens property. In accordance with the BCC 2035 Comprehensive Growth Plan many changes are ahead not only for Georgetown but all of Bradley County and surrounding regions.

Many citizens and groups in Bradley County have been warning of this invasion of your property rights for several years, we are only now beginning to see the wave of change that has been forecasted.

The Citizens of Georgetown are now saying, not in my community. You are not going to tyrannically take my property as a Government entity or change in my community without my input.

Plan to be there on Monday and show your support for the citizens of Georgetown as they stand for it’s rights. I am included in this group and it makes me proud to stand with this very well organized community as they tell their Government and it’s many NGO (Non Governmental Organizations) to stay out of our community. We happen to love our community minus the manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centers, equipment rental, leasing and storage facilities, asphalt refineries, mixing plants, recycling collection centers and outdoor shooting ranges. Leave our beautiful rural areas rural.

Hope to see you there on Monday. Come early it will be crowded.

Help us say NO to this zoning request!

One of the greatest threats to the good ole boy network is for a group of citizens to gather in large groups and tell them how to vote. Bradley County Citizens are starting to wake up and realize that the secret to overcoming tyranny is a loud well organized group of citizens speaking up for their rights.

On Monday, if the vote ends up in favor of the zoning request, let’s make it clear that their position and future political endeavors are in jeopardy. We will send your bags packing, remove and replace you with someone that will cide with and listen to the citizens of Bradley County.

Source of info:
Committee to preserve Georgetown, JJ Narus Treasurer.

PRENDA fails in US Congress that would have made sex selective abortions illegal, unborn females at risk

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HR 3541, PRENDA, Prenatal Discrimination Act failed in Congress yesterday leaving female unborn children to be selectively aborted so the world does not become overpopulated, discriminately sparing the male child.

Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Zzzzzzzzz! Not a word in the morning, evening or late news. Not a mention of it in the local papers or radio stations. No casual conversation around the dinner table. No bureaucrats notifying the public. No pastor from your church concerned. Only a bleep on an email to me mid morning alerting me to the happenings in our US House of Representatives. A daily google alert I get on the “happenings” of the day in Congress.

Casually written, no urgency in it’s pattern of alert but the news is shocking and the failure of Congress to protect unborn females is an atrocity that rivals Nazi Germany and Red China in it’s genocide endeavors both past and present.

Yesterday, May 31st, 2012, our Congress failed to pass a bill that would have made sexually biased, selective sex abortions illegal in the US of A! A vote narrowly failed and now we can selectively kill the little girls and spare the little boys.

Population control is the game and the US Congress agrees. Hours of discussion led to intense debate on the floor and many feared that many women would be racially profiled or Doctors would be fined or jailed for up to five years for selectively aborting females over males. The other side argued that perhaps Asian Americans would be discriminated against because this is common practice in China or other Asian countries.

The vote last evening clearly shows our moral decline in this country when a matter of life and or death becomes a political battle split by the aisle where they sit all in the name of election year politics.

I don’t usually get involved in social issues but this issue hit me in my heart and is forcing me to side with an opinion. My children, in this case my beautiful daughters being recklessly abandoned by our US Congress is more than I could stand.

Selective sex abortions legal in the US! Who would have thought that those words would roll off my tounge in this day and time.

If a doctor or practitioner somehow is convinced that killing a female baby that may God forbid one day reproduce and bear another female and overpopulate the Earth is now an acceptable practice in the US and he/she can now do so with a confidence vote inside our Congress. God truly bless us for we have stepped past the point of no return.

When as a child, even then I was amazed at the headlines of the day that in the Asian culture within China a boy baby was favored over a female baby and females were tossed into a garbage can after being soaked in an acid solution, killing one race while favoring another. I recall as a child how alarmed I was by this news and how vulnerable it made me feel. The awkward playground conversation that always ended with “it’s a good thing we don’t live in China!”

Today, yesterday, this atrocity became reality in the country that I thought would protect me and future generations. Selective sex abortions can now be performed and continued in the US because the bureaucrats in DC have made this life and death decision political fodder and have mucked it up for the rest of our country because they want to further divide this country and separate the D’s as far away from the R’s as they can.

God bless our country! Please God restore the moral compass that has gone astray and please protect that unborn female from a protected doctor or practitioner that may feel emboldened by this vote failure today to make a decision that will remain unchecked in our community. Hug your child, watch out for the females of our culture, now they have a definite target on their backs.

I am truly sick at my stomach right now. Somehow that childhood false protective barrier I thought existed has been broken down and we again have fallen victim to a runaway government clearly presiding way outside their moral aptitude.

HR 3541: Selective sex abortions

Click to access BILLS-112hr3541rh.pdf

This is how your Congressmen and women voted: Congressmen Chuck Fleischman and Scott DeJarlais both voted for the measure to protect the unborn female child from sex selective abortions.

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